Is Succession on Amazon Prime? Where to Watch Succession?

Is Succession on Amazon Prime?

Inheritance is not directly available for streaming on Amazon Prime. In the US, however, you have the option to buy the HBO Max add-on to access HBO content, including Inheritance, through Amazon Prime Video. This add-on gives you access to HBO’s extensive library of shows and allows you to watch Inheritance along with other HBO series and content.

While it’s not included with a standard Amazon Prime subscription, this option gives viewers the flexibility to enjoy Succession through Amazon Prime Video and get a free trial of the HBO Max add-on. This method allows you to stream episodes and explore all that HBO has to offer, for those who prefer to use Amazon Prime Video as a streaming platform while enjoying HBO’s critically acclaimed shows like Succession , which is a convenient option.

Where can I watch Succession?

Inheritance is available on HBO’s Max platform, which is available in the United States and select international territories, including Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Poland, Portugal and the Netherlands. Additionally, you can find Succession seasons 1-3 on a variety of subscription platforms, making it easy for viewers to catch up on previous seasons.

For those looking to catch season four, the show will also be available on Max and other platforms including NOW TV, Foxtel, Binge and Crave, ensuring fans have multiple options for enjoying the latest episodes. While confirmed on those platforms, availability on OCS, Canal Plus, or Spectrum TV is still uncertain.

For viewers who prefer to purchase or rent individual episodes or seasons, Succession can be found on platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu and Amazon Prime (US). This wide availability ensures that fans can choose the platform that suits their preferences and geography to enjoy the critically acclaimed series.



“Succession” is a satirical comedy series produced by Jesse Armstrong that will hit HBO screens from June 3, 2018 to May 28, 2023. The series delves into the turbulent world of the Roy family, owners of global media and entertainment giant Waystar. Roy & Co. Their fierce struggle for control of the group is unfolding against a backdrop of uncertainty about the health of the family patriarch.

The stellar cast includes Brian Cox as the formidable Logan Roy, Jeremy Strong as the ambitious Kendall, Kieran Culkin stars as the irreverent Roman and Sarah Snook as the razor-sharp Siobhan (“Shiv”). Matthew Macfadyen plays Shiv’s husband and Waystar executive Tom Wambsgans, and Nicholas Braun plays Logan’s great-nephew Gray Greg Hirsch, who was embroiled in a corporate conspiracy. Alan Ruck plays Logan’s eldest son Connor, and Hiam Abbass plays Logan’s current wife Marcia Roy.

Succession garnered critical acclaim in its fourth season for its stellar writing, stellar performances, deep humor, evocative score, meticulous direction, and deep exploration of thematic territory. It is considered one of the best TV shows of all time, winning numerous accolades, including a Golden Globe and a Primetime Emmy. Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, and Sarah Snook’s performances were particularly noteworthy and award-winning, while Jesse Armstrong’s writing was also bolstered by multiple Emmy wins. recognized.

successor cast



brian cox

Logan Roy

Jeremy Strong

Kendall Roy

Kieran Culkin

Roman Roy

Sarah Snook

Siobhan “Sif” Roy

Matthew Macfadyen

Tom Wamsgans

Nicholas Braun

Greg Hirsch

Alan Rooker

Connor Roy

Hiam Abbas

Marcia Roy

Peter Friedman

Frank Vernon

Natalie Gold

Rawal Roy

Rob Young

Yi Yang Qianxi

Dagmara Dominczyk

Carolina Novotny

Ariane Moyed

Stuy Hosseini

J. Smith Cameron

Gerry Kelman

Justin Lupe

Vera Ferreira

David Rush

Carl Muller

Fisher Stevens

Hugo Baker

Alexander Skarsgard

Lucas Mattson

inheritance diagram

The Roy family is a powerful dynasty that controls Waystar Royco, the world’s largest media and entertainment conglomerate, with operations spanning various industries and global territories. The mysterious patriarch, 80-year-old Logan Roy, founded and still leads the vast empire. Despite widespread expectations that Logan might retire and name a successor from among the descendants, Logan has steadfastly stuck to his leadership role and shown no inclination to resign.

This status quo unsettled his ambitious children, three of whom were eager to take control of the massive company. As a result, a fierce power struggle began within the family, exposing their unscrupulous nature and cruel methods. Morality takes a back seat as the Roy family and those around them engage in Machiavellian intrigue and betrayal, revealing a complex and morally compromised network of characters.

In this ruthless battle for supremacy, viewers are drawn into a gripping story that illuminates the dark underbelly of ambition, power, and family dynamics at every turn, charting a riveting descent into a world of moral darkness. story.

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