Is One Piece Available on Crunchyroll? Where to Watch One Piece Anime?


One Piece is a famous Japanese manga series created by Eiichiro Oda that has captivated audiences since its serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in July 1997. The story revolves around Monkey D. Luffy and his brave crew (the Straw Hat Pirates). They embark on a thrilling adventure to find the legendary treasure “One Piece”.

Luffy’s ultimate goal is to become the next One Piece. As of July 2023, the series has been compiled into a staggering 106 separate volumes, demonstrating its enduring popularity and rich storylines. One Piece has also been adapted into anime series, feature films, TV specials and original video animation (OVA), making it a cultural phenomenon in the manga and anime world.

Is One Pie on Crunchyroll?

Yes, One Piece is easily available to watch on Crunchyroll, a well-known platform loved by anime lovers for its extensive library of animated content. Viewers from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa can immerse themselves in “One Piece” dubbed in English on Crunchyroll.

The platform has generously offered a large library of episodes, including the 14th season of Voyage 8, which contains exciting episodes 989 to 1000. Additionally, Crunchyroll occasionally offers special perks to its loyal fanbase, such as the chance to watch key episodes (e.g. the 1000th episode). Free on its official YouTube channel.


Where can I watch One Piece anime?

In addition to Crunchyroll, fans have the opportunity to binge-watch the One Piece anime on Netflix, another well-respected streaming giant in the anime space. Netflix offers a wide variety of series, providing convenient options for viewers eager to binge-watch. Additionally, One Piece’s availability on various other streaming platforms may vary based on geography. With multiple avenues for Luffy and his intrepid crew to embark on a thrilling journey, navigating the treacherous waters of the Great Route in pursuit of the fabled One Piece, there are indeed too many options for fans.

One Piece anime streaming on Netflix

Netflix offers fans of One Piece a huge collection of episodes of the anime series. Through approximately 400 episodes, viewers can immerse themselves in the fascinating world of Monkey D. Luffy and his fearless Straw Hat Pirates. The show is presented in original Japanese audio with English subtitles, allowing fans to experience the authentic voices of their favorite characters.

Also, Netflix offers more than just episodes, but a selection of One Piece movies that offer standalone and interesting storylines that stand apart from the main plot. This wealth of content on Netflix ensures that fans can enjoy this beloved series in a convenient and immersive way anytime they want to embark on a thrilling journey with Luffy and his team.

What’s so special about One Piece episode 1072?

One Piece Episode 1072 is a compelling and highly anticipated episode of the series. Central to its appeal is the thrilling showdown between the indomitable Luffy and the mighty King of Beasts, Kaido. What’s really special about this episode is the introduction of the Gear 5, a transformative power that Luffy unlocks after awakening his Devil Fruit powers.

Gear 5 takes Luffy’s fighting abilities to unprecedented levels, enhancing his rubber physique and giving him superior fighting skills. The Gear 5 isn’t just about raw power, however; It introduces a unique and humorous fighting style that adds depth and excitement to combat scenes. Fans have eagerly awaited this moment, and the episode exceeded expectations, delivering an epic conflict full of surprises and excitement. Episode 1072 is a testament to the continued excitement and innovation that One Piece continues to bring to its loyal fan base.

A piece of intricate story

The One Piece manga is a masterclass in storytelling. Eiichiro Oda weaves a complex narrative filled with rich characters, intricate plots, and profound lore that will keep readers spellbound. The story tells the story of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, traveling across the Grand Line in search of the legendary treasure known as the “Pirate King”.

Along the way, they encounter powerful enemies, form powerful alliances, and uncover the mysteries of the world. What makes this comic unique is its ability to seamlessly blend humor, heartbreaking moments, and epic battles. Oda’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that each panel is a treasure trove of information and foreshadowing, inviting readers to engage in discussions and theories about the future of the series.

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