Is Cable Girls Based on a True Story? Cable Girls Plot, Cast and Trailer

Is “Cable Girls” based on a true story?

“Cable Girls” is not based on a true story. While the show is set in the 1920s and depicts the challenges women faced in that era, it is a work of fiction. The play is set in 1920s Madrid and the history of the telephone company, with four protagonists working at the telephone company, exploring themes of friendship, love and the changing role of women in society. While it incorporates elements of the era, including social norms and the struggles women faced, the characters and their specific stories are fictional.

Although not based on a true story, “Cable Girls” effectively captures the essence of the era and provides a window into the past, revealing the experiences of women in an ever-changing world. Although the play is a work of fiction, its depiction of these women’s determination, courage, and their struggle for freedom adds depth and inspiration to the narrative.

Cable Girls cast list



Blanca Suarez

Lydia Aguilar

On Gonzalez

Francisco Gomez

Ana Fernandez

Carlotta Rodriguez de Senilosa

Nadia de Santiago

Marga Suarez

Anna Porvorosa

Sarah Milan

Nico Romero

Pablo Santos

Martino Rivas

Carlos Cifuentes


doña carmen

Maggie Cervantos

Angeles Vidal

Angela Claremont

Elisa Cifuentes


Miguel Pascual

Antonio Velazquez

Inspector Cuevas

Kitty Manville


Sergio Moore

Mario Perez

ilia del rio

Carolina Moreno

Tina Saynes

Dona Lola


Cable girl drama

The Girl on Cable is a fascinating series set in the changing Madrid of the late 20s. At its core, the play revolves around the intertwined lives of four remarkable women. Alba Romero plays Lidia Aguilar, bringing an air of mystery and intrigue to the story, setting off events that will change everyone’s lives. Ángeles Vidal represented the hard-working women of her time who worked as a switchboard operator and had a family to support. Carlotta Senilosa longs to escape social expectations and seeks refuge from upper-class life, while Marga Suárez dreams of personal growth and independence.

They forge an unbreakable bond of friendship and embark on a journey together while navigating the challenges of a male-dominated society. The show deftly portrays the harsh realities and constraints faced by Spanish women in the 1920s, shedding light on their struggle for rights. Cable Girls delves not only into their careers, but also their emotional journeys, including love, dreams, and aspirations. Against the backdrop of this rich tapestry, the play weaves a compelling narrative that reflects deeply on themes of friendship, independence and the relentless pursuit of women’s rights in a rapidly changing world.

Where can I watch Girls on Cable?

The riveting series Cable Girls is streaming on Netflix. The hit show, which explores the lives of four dynamic women in Madrid in the 20s, is easily accessible on the Netflix platform. With a compelling narrative, strong character development, and a profound exploration of female struggle and empowerment, Girls on Cable has earned a loyal fan base around the world.

cable girls trailer

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