Is Brie Larson in Scott Pilgrim Anime? Who does Brie Larson Play in Scott Pilgrim? Does Brie Larson Sing in Scott Pilgrim Takes Off?

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is a cool animated TV show you can watch on Netflix. It is based on the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel by Bryan Lee O’Malley. The show’s blend of action-adventure, fantasy, and romantic comedy makes it a fun and exciting show to watch.

The story follows the adventures of Scott Pilgrim and his friends, much like the graphic novel and 2010 film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Sequels and remakes. You’ll be happy to know that the film’s stellar cast, including Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Chris Evans, will once again voice their characters from the animated series.

The first season of the show has a total of 8 episodes, each episode is approximately 26 to 29 minutes long. The animation is top-notch, thanks to the work of talented people like director Abel Gangora and cinematographers Hikaru Ito and Yoshihiro Sekiya.

The series also has cool music, composed by Joseph Trapanese and the band Anamanaguchi. Necry Talkie’s opening theme song “Bloom” set the tone for the show.

“Scott Pilgrim Takes Off” was released on November 17, 2023 and is loved by people! Critics praised the series for its brilliance. So if you like action, fantasy, and romance, this animated show is definitely worth watching on Netflix.

Is Brie Larson a character in the Scott Pilgrim animated series?

In the Pilgrim Scott animated series Pilgrim Scott Takes Off, Brie Larson is one of the cast members, reprising her role as Scott’s ex-girlfriend of the fictional alternative rock band Devilhead Clash. frontman envy adams. However, there’s an interesting twist when it comes to Envy Adams’ singing part in the series.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Netflix made changes to Envy Adams’ singing voice. Brie Larson provided her character’s lines, and her singing parts were sung by Canadian rock musician Emily Haynes. Emily Haines is the lead singer of the band Metric, and interestingly, Metric wrote the song “Black Sheep,” which Brie Larson sang in the movie “Pilgrim Scott.” song.

The decision to have Emily Haines sing a part in the animation seems to be a nod to Metric’s connection to the Scott Pilgrim series and the influence of their song “Black Sheep.” This choice could also be a way to pay tribute to the band who played a role in making the series memorable. Overall, even though Brie Larson didn’t sing in the Scott Pilgrim animated series, her character, Jealous Adams, still plays an important role in the show, Emily Hine Si also participated in the singing. provides a comprehensive guide to the world of entertainment including celebrities, movies, series, animation, comics and novels, so dive into our entertainment section.


Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Episode

Set in the vibrant Canadian city of Toronto, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is like a fresh iteration of Scott Pilgrim’s original graphic novel series. Picture this: Scott Pilgrim is the bassist in a cool indie band who has a crush on mysterious delivery girl Ramona Flowers. Sounds cute, right? But here’s the thing – Ramona comes with some baggage, her seven evil exes.

Now, just like in the original story, Scott is faced with these exes, but this is where things get interesting. Things took a surprising turn when Scott lost his first fight with Ramona’s original evil ex, Matthew Patel, and it looked like he was done for. Everyone’s lives, especially Ramona’s ex, take a crazy turn after this unexpected failure. This is a game changer.

But wait—there’s a twist in the story. Ramona discovers that Scott may not be as gone as everyone thought. Out of curiosity, she decides to delve deeper into the mystery of his disappearance. So the plot weaves through unexpected battles, changes in people’s lives, and Ramona’s quest to find out if Scott is still playing football. It’s a roller coaster of romance, action and mystery set against the backdrop of Toronto’s vibrant scene. Get ready for a wild ride with Scott Pilgrim Takeoff!

Scott Pilgrim steps down

Here are the tabular columns for the main voice cast of “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off”:


voice actor

scott pilgrim

Michael Serra

teen scott pilgrim

Finn Wolfhard

old scott pilgrim


Even the older Scott Pilgrim


ramona flower

mary elizabeth winstead

old ramona flower

mary elizabeth winstead

even older ramona flowers

mary elizabeth winstead

Matthew Patel

satya baba

Wallace Wells

Kieran Culkin

wallace wells sr.

Kieran Culkin

Lucas Lee

chris evans

stacey pilgrim

Anna Kendrick

Natalie “Jealous” Adams

Brie Larson (voiced by: Emily Haynes)

Kimberly “Kim” Pine

Alison Pill

Julie Powers

Aubrey Plaza

Todd Ingram

Brandon Routh

Gideon Graves/Gordon Goose

Jason Schwartzman

“Young” Neil Nordgraf

Johnny Simmons

stephen stills

Mark Webb

Roxanne “Roxie” Richter

Mae Whitman


Huang Ailun

Kyle and Kataliuken

Julian Chichi

Sandra and Monique

Kristina Pesik and Ingrid Haas


Shannon Woodward

Edgar Error

Kevin McDonald


Stephen Root

Lucas’ agent/actress in the movie

Kirby Howell-Baptiste

actor/butler/valet in movies

Griffin Newman

first ad

Tony Oliver

slate girl

Ryan Simpkins

documentary director

nelson franklin

Envious Fans #4

Michael Bacall

TV gossip

Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers

Studio safety

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

lawyer for matthew patel


documentary announcer

“Weird Al” Yankovic

they themselves


Who does Brie Larson play in Pilgrim Scott?

In the animated series Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, Brie Larson plays Envy Adams, Scott Pilgrim’s ex-girlfriend and the lead singer of the band Devilhead Clash. However, a recent update revealed a twist – Larson is voicing Envy, with Metric frontman Emily Haines taking on the vocals. This is different from how Larson sang the character in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World , adding a unique touch to the Netflix adaptation.

Existing information speculates on the reasons behind this change, sparking people’s curiosity about the character’s appearance in the play. Despite this unexpected turn, Larson returns as Jealous Adams in the animated world of Pilgrim Scott, adding to the beloved character’s presence in Pilgrim Scott Takes Off Adds a fun layer of color.

Does Brie Larson sing in “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off”?

Brie Larson reprises her role as Jealous Adams in Netflix’s Scott Pilgrim Takeoff , adapted from the Brian O’Malley comics. However, fans were in for a surprise when Metric frontman Emily Haines took over Envy’s vocals. Larson sang “Black Sheep” in “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” while Haynes lent her voice to Sarah McLachlan’s “I Will Remember You” on the Netflix series.

This unexpected twist adds a metric flavor to the scene, making it a highlight of the show. Available information speculates on the series’ departure from the original storyline, and hints at the possibility of seeing these characters again. Whether Larson will sing in future episodes depends on the show’s success, leaving fans curious about what will happen in “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off.”

Where to watch Scott Pilgrim take off?

You can watch the animated series Scott Pilgrim Takes Off on Netflix. It’s available to stream on Netflix, and you can choose to watch on regular Netflix and Netflix Basic with ads. So, if you’re looking for an animated adventure from Scott Pilgrim and his team, just head over to Netflix and start enjoying the show. Whether you have the Basic or Regular plan, you can dive into the world of “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off” on the popular streaming platform.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off trailer

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