Hurry! Find the watermelon thief in 8 seconds!

Picture Puzzles – One of the most popular activities on the internet today is a picture puzzle challenge.

In this activity, a picture is shown to the reader and there will be a certain question based on the picture.

The user must answer the question by studying the image.

The reader must establish the answer using logic and common sense.

This activity can greatly improve brain health by activating brain regions responsible for logical thinking.

Do you want to test how sharp your thinking powers are?

Let us begin.

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Picture Puzzle: Find the watermelon thief in 8 seconds


Source: Cool Side

The image shared above shows a supermarket scene in which three women and a man can be seen standing in line.

One of the four people has stolen a watermelon from the store and is hiding it so they don’t get caught.

You must find the watermelon thief 8 seconds before he leaves the supermarket.

This picture puzzle is a bit tricky and will test your logical and analytical thinking skills. It’s also a great way to improve brain health by boosting logical thinking skills.

Study the image carefully and see if you can find whoever stole the watermelon from the supermarket.

Try to look for signs that can help you find the thief.

It can be any of the four people in the image.

Have you identified the thief?

Hurry up; time is running out.

Don’t let the thief escape.

Two more seconds…


Time is over.

How many of you have identified the thief?

Those who have identified the thief have great logical thinking and very keen eyesight.

Those who could not solve it in time should not be discouraged. You can practice regularly to improve your skills.

Curious to know who the thief is?

Then look at the solution below.

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Find the watermelon thief in 8 seconds – Solution

The solution to the image puzzle is as follows:


The person who stole the watermelon is none other than the guy at the end of the line. It looks like he is holding a soccer ball, but the kind of effort he is making to hold it raises suspicions.

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