How to raise your Heat Level in Fortnite

Knowing how to increase your heat level in Fortnite will get you one step closer to completing all the most wanted challenges and you’ll also get some useful benefits. Your heat level is how noticeable you are in that match, it’s a measure of how much damage and chaos you’ve caused. Don’t worry, this is a good thing!

Increasing your heat level in Fortnite will make cold-blooded enemies more aggressive towards you and other people on the minimap will be able to see you. Plus, it will be easier for other players to spot you if they are close to you. However, the rewards outweigh the risks.

Without further ado, we’ll show you how to increase your heat level in Fortnite, how to track it, and explain what the advantages of heat level are.

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How to increase your heat level in Fortnite

There are a few ways to quickly increase your heat level in Fortnite with minimal effort:

  • Attack cold-blooded enemies.
  • Open loot chests around the map.
  • Defeat bosses in cold blood.
  • Take down multiple opponents in quick succession.
  • Open Vaults using a Vault access card.

Fortnite, a character looks at a loot chest.
Opening chests increases your heat level quickly.

Your heat level increases when you do things that make you more noticeable, so the more damage you do to your enemies, steal loot, or hurt cold-blooded members, the more you’ll stand out.

How to check your heat level in Fortnite

You can track your heat level in Fortnite the moment you enter a match.

When you enter your match, you should see a set of four flame icons in the top left corner of your screen. They should be empty from the beginning.

Fortnite, a character with level one heat is swimming through a river.
Our first heat level was almost full here.

Icons will slowly start to fill up as you gain more notoriety throughout the match, and once an icon is full, you’ll have reached that heat level.

In solo games, only your individual heat level will be displayed here. However, in matches where you play with other people on your team, the heat level displayed is a measure of your entire team, meaning it may be easier to fill it out.

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Fortnite Heat Level Perks Explained

There are four heat levels in Fortnite and you get perks that are exclusive to these levels every time you reach one.

Fortnite, a character with level two heat flees the storm.
The increase in speed is useful.

The higher your heat level, the more advantages you will get. We’ve broken down each level and its benefits below:

Heat level Benefits
One Defeated opponents drop more bars to collect.
Two Up to 100% health regeneration and movement speed increased by 15%.
Three Up to 100% health regeneration, up to 50% shield regeneration and movement speed increased by 20%.
four Up to 100% health and shield regeneration, and movement speed increased by 25%.

Now it’s time to turn up the heat and get your own perks in Fortnite’s Most Wanted event!

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