Explained: What is Google’s NotebookLM?

Google recently announced its first experimental AI-enabled laptop that allows users to gain critical insights from their existing content. The platform uses the power of language models for the task.

The platform was first announced at Google I/O this year. It was first launched under the name Tailwind and now the tech giant has decided to rename it NotebookLM.

Google’s blog states “At Google I/O this year we introduced a series of AI-based experiments in development, including Project Tailwind, a new type of laptop designed to help people learn faster.

“Today we are starting to roll out Project Tailwind under its new name: NotebookLM, an experimental offering from Google Labs.” he added.

NotebookLM is a virtual research assistant that can summarize facts, explain ideas, and generate new connections based on the sources that users provide to the AI ​​platform.


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What are the features of NotebookLM?

Google claims that its new platform reduces the risk of biased or incorrect information, which is the main risk of other AI chatbots. This is because the platform is designed to reduce “hallucinations”, which is a term used to describe the generation of false or misleading information by AI chatbots.

NotebookLM allows users to “ground” the language model in their notes and sources. This means that NotebookLM can learn from the information users provide and can use this knowledge to generate more accurate and relevant responses.

In its blog, Google mentions, “A key difference between NotebookLM and traditional AI chatbots is that NotebookLM allows you to “ground” the language model in your notes and sources. Grounding effectively creates a personalized AI that knows the information relevant to you.”

The platform offers these features:

Summarize Facts: NotebookLM has the ability to summarize facts from your notes and sources. This can be useful in long documents to capture the essence without reading the entire content.

Create ideas: This new AI platform can explain complex ideas or generate new ones from your notes and sources.

Citations: NotebookLM provides citations for your answers. This can be useful for verifying the information you provide.

Google warns users that the platform could offer a reduction in hallucinations, but it is always a smart move to compare official sources with AI material.

It is essential to note that the platform is still in experimental mode and is initially only available for Google Docs. The company plans to launch additional formats soon.

The platform is only available in the US and users are asked to join the waitlist. This is what the official NotebookLM page says: “NotebookLM is your first AI-powered laptop, based on the information you choose and trust. NotebookLM is an experiment and is currently only available in the US. Join the waitlist to try it for yourself.”

In conclusion, Google NotebookLM may prove to be a powerful AI-based notebook that has the potential to be a valuable source for students, researchers, and anyone else who needs to collect and analyze information.

The platform is still in development and its full capabilities will only be known as the company slowly rolls it out to more users.

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