Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Memories Friendship, Trust and Nurturing walkthrough

The Forgotten Memories story mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley is divided into three different sections: Forgotten Memories: Friendship, Forgotten Memories: Trust, and Forgotten Memories: Nurturing.

Forgotten Memories continues the story of Disney Dreamlight Valley and gives you an insight into what happened to the Forgotten. There is also a very short quest, called What’s Left Behind, which you must complete afterwards to continue the story.

Below you will find our Forgotten Memories walkthrough, which covers all three parts of the quest: Friendship, Trust, and Nurture.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley – Memory Update Trailer

How to Start Forgotten Memories at Disney Dreamlight Valley

To start the Forgotten Memories story quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must first complete the Miracles Take Time story quest.

This quest was released as part of The Remembering update for Disney Dreamlight Valley and if you are updated with Story Quests, Miracles Take Time will start automatically after downloading the update.

Once you have completed Miracles Take Time, Forgotten Memories will start automatically.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps update is here! You can unlock Vanellope, the mischievous racer from Wreck-It Ralph, and join her on missions like Extreme Biome Makeover and Ready Player Fun for the ultimate sugar fix! The Fairy Godmother is in the valley and you can continue the story through the Forgotten Memories quest. Now you can also have multiplayer houses and customize furniture. If you’re still catching up on the story, be sure to complete The Great Blizzard quest to unlock Olaf, as well as take Simba and Nala to the valley. For more help, check out our list of recipes, how to upgrade your house, change the color of your house, favorite critter foods, and redemption codes. Finally, don’t forget to check out our list of current and upcoming characters to see who might visit the valley next!

Forgotten Memories Friendship Tutorial for Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first forgotten memory you need to revive in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the memory of friendship, so when you’re ready, talk to the Fairy Godmother in Dreamscape. After talking to her, go through the door to enter her memory.

You will now have become the Forgotten One and your first task is to talk to Mickey to see what he wants. He’ll ask you to collect five of the flowers scattered around this memory, and as this is a fairly small space, they’re pretty easy to find. He only looks for the purple flowers, which look dead.

Once you have all the flowers, make them into a horrible bouquet at the crafting station next to the house. Now you just have to give the bouquet to Minnie who is standing near the Pillar.

Once this is done, return to Mickey and chat. He’ll tell you that Goofy is looking for you, so she go talk to him by the pond.

Goofy wants to share a meal with you, so now you need to find one rotten carrot, one rotten tomato, and two rotten clams.

Rotten Ingredient Locations

The rotten carrot can be found behind the house.

The location of Rotten Carrot.

The Rotten Tomato is found by the barrels near Mickey.

The Rotten Tomatoe location.

The first rotten clam can be found on the opposite side of the pond from Goofy, while the second can be found next to the pond near Mickey.

Rotten Clam Locations.

Once you have all the ingredients, cook a Nasty Bouillabaisse using them, along with the shrimp Goofy gave you, at the campfire near the pond. Now all that’s left is to give the ‘food’ to Goofy.

Now it’s time to help Minnie again, so go and chat with her by the pillar. With that the memory will be complete and you can collect it from the pedestal.

All you have to do now is talk to the Fairy Godmother to complete this part of the quest!

Forgotten Memories Trust Walkthrough for Disney Dreamlight Valley

The second forgotten memory you must revive in Disney Dreamlight Valley is trust, and as before, you must speak to the Fairy Godmother before entering the portal. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to go!

Your first task in this memory is to talk to Mother Gothel. After doing so, follow Mother Gothel to the Pillar of Trust and talk to her again.

Next, you must do as she says and walk to the Pillar of Trust to pluck the Orb. She will then talk to Mother Gothel again and she will ask you to find her jewel-encrusted mirror.

How to find the jewel-encrusted mirror

To do so, you need to fish at the various fishing spots around this version of Glade of Trust. It may take a few tries to find it, but when you do, take the mirror (and the accompanying brick) to Mother Gothel, who is standing by the tree in the middle of the clearing.

Once you’re done talking to her, the memory will be complete and you can pick up the Trusted Memory from the pedestal.

Forgotten Memories Nurturing walkthrough for Disney Dreamlight Valley

We have one last forgotten memory to visit in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Nurturing. As before, you must first speak to the Fairy Godmother before you can enter the portal.

Upon entering the memory, your first task is with Scar, who is standing near the Pillar of Nourishment.

He will ask you to crush the eight flowers scattered throughout the memory to weaken the Pillar. To do this you just need to walk to the flower and when prompted press ‘Delete’. The flowers are also quite easy to spot thanks to their orange colored petals.

Where to Plant Nightthorn Seeds

After all the flowers are destroyed, return to Scar and talk to him again. Scar now wants you to plant Night Thorn Seeds in three different locations.

We will start at the Pilar de Crianza since you will be right next to it. Planting the seeds works exactly the same as you would plant crops: simply use your shovel to dig a hole and then select Night Thorn Seeds to plant.

You must water the seeds after you have planted them or else they will not count towards the quest. Remember: you must do this five times!

The next location is the Dreamlight Tree, which can be found in front of the memory entrance. Again, plant all five seeds with the shovel and remember to water them afterwards.

Finally, the entrance to the mine and the waterfall are at the end of the river. For the third time, plant five Night Thorn Seeds and water them.

With the thorns planted, you can now head back to the pillar and collect the Orb of Nourishment.

Orb in hand, it’s time to meet Scar near his cave, where you will have to talk to him.

After a little disagreement with Scar, Merlin will show up and, you guessed it, it’s time to talk to him.

Now, with the memory complete, it’s time to pick up the final memory of the Forgotten in Dreamscape, and then speak to the Fairy Godmother to fully complete the Forgotten Memories quest.

What’s Left Behind Walkthrough for Disney Dreamlight Valley

What’s Left Behind is a short story quest that you must complete after the Forgotten Memories quest to advance the story of Disney Dreamlight Valley. While it’s important to the story, you don’t actually do much, which is why we’ve included it here rather than covering it separately.

Your first of two tasks in What’s Left Behind is to grab the Dreamscape Remembrance Orb, but the Forgotten have other ideas.

After a conversation that could have gone better, it’s time to leave Dreamscape and talk to the Fairy Godmother. She should be next to the Pillar in the Forgotten Lands, which is itself located in the northwest corner of the biome.

Once you’ve found her, stop by to have a quick chat about the current doomsday situation that seems to be happening.

With that, What’s Left Behind will be complete!

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