Dead Space Leviathan Remnant boss fight strategy

Leviathan Remnant is a brand new boss in the Dead Space remake, which you must fight as part of the story progression.

Formally known as The Slug, this Dead Space Chapter 8 boss has a completely different name than the original boss fight, and uses mechanics that are also new to the remake. This means you can’t rely on muscle memory to make your way aboard the Valor.

We also have a page for the Leviathan boss in Chapter 6, and for more help exploring the USG Ishimura, we have pages on weapon locations, how to get security clearance, and how to beat the Hunter.

In this page:

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Recommended Equipment for Leviathan Remnant

As boss fights go, this one is relatively simple: you’ll use cannons with unlimited ammo, for the most part, but if the cannons are destroyed, you’ll have to rely on long-range weapons. weapons.

This means the Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle, and Contact Beam for the most part, but even if you run out of ammo, you can rely on Kinesis to take down the boss!

The other thing is that this encounter takes place in a zero-gravity environment outside of Ishimura, which means you’re fighting not only the boss, but also your oxygen tank.

If you’ve upgraded your RIG’s oxygen capacity, you should have enough air to get through the boss fight. We managed with 90s of oxygen (normal difficulty) and still had half a tank after each of the three boss fight sections. The amount you need will vary depending on experience and difficulty settings, so keep that in mind.

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Where to find Leviathan Remnant in Dead Space

Right at the end of Chapter 8: Search and Rescue, you will have the mission “Deploy the antenna”. When you find yourself at this save point, you will know that you are about to fight the boss.

This is your last save point before the boss fight begins.

If you haven’t already, make sure you’re equipped with the oxygen canisters you need, although if you haven’t had any problems with the zero-gravity sections, hopefully you won’t have any problems with this one! You probably have the Plasma Cutter equipped, but if not, make sure you have at least a long-range weapon with ammo to spare.

Enter the communications maintenance room and click on the panel that says “Enable Long Range Antenna.” You’ll be greeted with an enemy so enormously large that it can actually fill in the most problematic of all holes: plot holes.

Filling the plot hole

The problem here is that the original version of this boss, The Slug, was believed to have attached itself to the Ishimura while it was in space. This presents a number of problems: first, the fact that Aegis VII is not known for its ability to launch necromorphs into space: how did he get there? That just doesn’t make sense, right from the start.

This is the new version of The Slug: what remains of the Leviathan after spacing it out in Chapter 6.

The next thing that drew the ire of fans was the fact that The Slug, who is somehow now in space, passed the Asteroid Defense System (ADS) cannons that keep Ishimura safe while he operates in a belt. of asteroids. This is easier to explain (the cannons were disconnected at the beginning of the game), but it doesn’t help us overcome the first problem of slugs in space.

While this had been covered in a previous addition to the Dead Space universe, the 2023 remake put an end to the discussion once and for all, simply stating that this is the rest (remnant) of the Leviathan boss that you previously purged from the Storage of Food. It seems he grabbed the helmet on the way out and is holding onto it with all his might. Or death, however that works with telepathically linked necrotic biomasses.

How to beat the Leviathan Remnant in Dead Space

Below you’ll find everything you need to know to defeat the Leviathan Remnant in the Dead Space remake:

The sand

Once you’re ready, move towards the airlock. Before you head out, it’s worth taking a second to imagine the arena you’ll be fighting in, especially if you’re worried about running out of air.

Cannons (and infinite ammo) are your friends.

Once you exit, you’ll be greeted with a long platform that runs perpendicular to the airlock, with you right in the middle. There are three cannons here: one in the middle and one at each end. There are also several oxygen refilling stations, both next to the airlock and at both ends of the hallway.

There is no ammo drop here, as the boss fight can be done without having to reload the weapon.

The strategy

The immediate issue is that Leviathan is back. The same tactics you used a few chapters ago will work again: shoot the glowing parts until they explode.

This time, however, we’ll bring out the big guns. Literally. You have three ADS cannons to help you in battle. There are also three glowing spots to shoot at – go figure.

Note that if you take too long or set off a glow, you will miss the nearest cannon, which will be destroyed by one of the boss’s tentacles. If this happens, you will have to resort to your normal long-range weaponry or your Kinesis. Think of it as practice for Chapter 10’s upcoming Zero-G Basketball minigame…

stage one

Make a beeline for the middle cannon and attach your aiming systems to it (click on the blue panel). From here, we’re going to shoot at glowers, just like we shot down asteroids when we were introduced to ADS cannons a few chapters earlier.

The first rule of video games is if it shines, shoot it or pick it up. In this case, shoot him.

Remember, instead of using L2+R2 to shoot (PS5 controller), you will shoot with L2+X. Be careful not to waste ammo!

It will take 12 shots (normal difficulty), to break through the armored net surrounding the glow and then blow up the glow. Simply aim and smash X until you see it explode.

Watch out for the strange tentacles that approach and try to punch you out of the air. You can apply Stasis to easily dodge them; You probably won’t avoid them by simply strafing them.

Stage two

Turn around and get some oxygen next to the airlock. From here, you can go left or right. Facing the oxygen tank, we turn right.

A breath of fresh air.

Look at the other end of the platform: you will see a glow covering your cannon. Shoot it a couple of times to access the cannon. If you run out of ammo, you can do so by using the projectiles the boss shoots at you, but we recommend firing them as you get closer.

As you head in that direction, you’ll notice that the Levathan is now sweeping the deck with a tentacle. You don’t want to high five; Dodge it (stasis if necessary) and connect to the cannon.

Avoid the bombs the same way you did the last time you faced tentacles with this boss.

The plan is to repeat your Stage One tactic, except this time (as mentioned), the boss will fire explosive projectiles in your direction. Feel free to grab them with Kinesis and return them to the sender, but you should simply be able to push them away with the left stick; As long as your back is not to the wall, you will not take splash damage.

We find it easier to just ignore them, but the choice is yours!

Stage three

Looking towards the Leviathan, there is some oxygen on the wall to your left. You’ll most likely benefit from a refill, so take a few after popping the glow and then turn around to see the other end of the platform.

In true boss fight style, the third and final stage of this encounter ramps things up again.

This time, the Leviathan has sent a bunch of mines that you have to float past. They’re stationary, so do your best not to hit them as you move through the gap towards the last cannon, because the boss is still sweeping the deck. Note that they will explode when the tentacle sweeps over them, so if you are low on health, be careful!


There is a glow on the wall next to your last cannon, covering another oxygen tank. Shoot him on the way in, even if you’re not out of breath, because you’ll need to refill air immediately after the fight.

Activate the cannon and then do your thing: watch out for the mines, projectiles, and tentacle, but if you’re quick enough, you should get away with it.

If you lose the cannon, switch to your cutter and shoot the glow, or grab the shells and RTS if you’re low on ammo.

Once you activate the glow, you’ll be able to sit back and relax (oxygen permitting; otherwise, fill your tank) and enjoy the fireworks. Go back inside after the conversation, save the game, and finish the chapter!

Well done.

Good luck taking out the remnant of Leviathan!

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