Cloves Syndrome Awareness Day 2023: Date, Theme, History, Significance, Facts & More

Cloves Syndrome Awareness Day 2023: Every year on August 3, Cloves Syndrome Awareness Day is celebrated globally. The day aims to raise awareness about this rare genetic disorder. Its emphasis is on action to gain community support.

So far there is no announcement regarding the theme of Cloves Syndrome Awareness Day 2023.

What is Cloves syndrome?

Cloves syndrome means congenital lipomatous overgrowth, vascular malformations, epidermal nevi, and scoliosis/skeletal/syndactyly syndrome. It is a rare genetic disorder that causes enlarged fatty tissues, vascular malformations, and other skin and skeletal abnormalities. It affects multiple systems of the body and can cause significant health problems for affected people.

A gene called PIK3CA mutation is the main cause of clove. During the baby’s development in the womb, these mutations occur on their own. There are currently no recognized risk factors that can increase or decrease the possibility of these mutations.

Cloves Syndrome Awareness Day 2023: History

Cloves syndrome causes deformities due to excessive tissue growth. This rare genetic condition affects the physical and emotional well-being of an individual. That’s why in 2010, the CLOVES Syndrome Community (CSC) established Cloves Syndrome Awareness Day. The day is observed on August 3 around the world. Its objective is to initiate campaigns, promote awareness and sensitization to curb the challenges and stand in solidarity with those suffering from Cloves syndrome.

Cloves Syndrome Awareness Day 2023: Goals

The two main objectives of Nail Syndrome Awareness Day:

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of Clove syndrome, a rare genetic condition characterized by excessive tissue growth and related difficulties.
  • And promote research projects aimed at expanding diagnosis, treatment options and, eventually, improving the quality of life of those living with this disorder, while promoting support for affected people and their families.

Cloves Syndrome Awareness Day 2023: Importance

Cloves Syndrome Awareness Day is of great importance in raising awareness about this rare disease in different ways:

  • Educational workshops are organized to shed light on this rare disease.
  • Online campaigns to increase public awareness of early diagnosis and treatment.
  • Promote community meetings to reduce stigma and show empathy towards patients with Cloves syndrome.
  • Virtual support groups create a sense of solidarity.
  • Media coverage to encourage fundraising efforts.
  • Additionally, the day advocates for better research and medical advances.

Cloves Syndrome Awareness Day 2023: Interesting Facts

  • There are only 200 identified cases of Cloves syndrome worldwide.
  • The color blue marks solidarity with Cloves syndrome.
  • Cloves Syndrome Awareness Day was founded in 2010.
  • 50% of patients with rare genetic disorders include children.
  • It may take another 5 years to find the right diagnostic method.

In conclusion, Cloves Syndrome Awareness Day is celebrated on August 3 every year. It aims to foster understanding, expand support and solidarity to promote research and empower affected people and their families.

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