Best Zach Bryan Songs – Top 10 Timeless Hits

Best Zach Bryan Songs

In the vast realm of modern music, where trends rise and fall like tides, there are rare artists who emerge with an authenticity that reverberates deeply within the hearts of listeners. Zach Bryan, a name that has steadily but resolutely carved its place in the musical landscape, belongs to this esteemed category. With a penchant for weaving soul-stirring narratives into his compositions, Bryan’s songs are more than just melodies; they are poignant stories of life, love, struggle, and triumph.


Zach Bryan Songs

Release Year


Something In The Orange



Heading South



Sun To Me



Burn, Burn, Burn



Oklahoma Smokeshow



The Good I’ll Do



From Austin






Motorcycle Drive By



Fifth of May


Born from the heartland of Oklahoma, Zach Bryan’s musical journey is a testament to the power of raw talent combined with an unwavering commitment to artistic integrity. What sets him apart is his ability to effortlessly merge traditional country-folk roots with contemporary songwriting sensibilities. His music speaks to a universal human experience, making it relatable to listeners across generations and backgrounds.

In this exploration of the best Zach Bryan songs, we delve into a collection that showcases his range as a songwriter and a storyteller. From introspective ballads that paint emotional landscapes with every strum of the guitar, to foot-stomping anthems that ignite an indomitable spirit, Bryan’s repertoire is as diverse as it is captivating. Songs like “Condemned” and “Heading South” resonate with a deep-seated sense of longing, while tracks like “Revive” and “Crooked Teeth” emanate a resilience that inspires.

Bryan’s voice, often compared to the legends of folk and Americana, possesses a rare gravitas that can hush a room into a contemplative silence or set it ablaze with fervor. His lyrics, imbued with poetic brilliance, carry a weight that transcends their musical accompaniment. Whether he’s narrating tales of heartbreak, wanderlust, or the simple joys of existence, his words have a way of etching themselves into the listener’s memory.

Top 10 Best Zach Bryan Songs

Join us as we embark on a melodious journey through the best of Zach Bryan’s discography, uncovering the stories behind the songs and the emotions that fuel his creative fire. Each composition is a chapter in his life, a chapter that weaves into our own narratives, reminding us of the shared human experience that music so beautifully captures. So, let the chords resonate and the lyrics linger as we immerse ourselves in the soulful world of Zach Bryan’s music.


1. Something In The Orange – 2020

“Something In The Orange” is a soulful and introspective song by Zach Bryan, released in 2020. The song captivates listeners with its raw emotion and evocative storytelling. With his distinct folk-country style, Bryan weaves a vivid narrative that explores themes of nostalgia, longing, and the passage of time.

The lyrics of “Something In The Orange” paint a picture of reminiscence, as Bryan reflects on memories associated with the color orange. The song’s metaphorical use of the color creates a sense of warmth and familiarity, inviting listeners to delve into their own recollections. Bryan’s gravelly yet tender vocals bring a sense of authenticity to the song, enhancing the emotional depth of his storytelling.

As the song unfolds, listeners are drawn into a journey of self-discovery and contemplation. The nostalgic undertones of the track are beautifully complemented by acoustic guitar melodies, creating a melodic atmosphere that resonates with the soul. Bryan’s ability to convey complex emotions through simple yet powerful lyrics is a hallmark of his songwriting.

2. Heading South – 2019

“Heading South” is a standout track by Zach Bryan from his musical repertoire, released in 2019. The song is a melancholic ballad that showcases Bryan’s gift for introspective lyricism and emotive vocals. With a blend of folk and country influences, the song carries an air of authenticity that immediately captures the listener’s attention.

The lyrics of “Heading South” tell a tale of heartache and longing, as the protagonist embarks on a journey to escape their troubles by heading south. Bryan’s poignant storytelling ability shines through as he crafts vivid imagery of the road ahead and the emotions weighing heavily on the protagonist’s heart. The song’s somber tone is underscored by acoustic guitar chords, creating an intimate and reflective musical experience.

Bryan’s vocals are both raw and tender, conveying the depth of emotion inherent in the lyrics. The song’s stripped-down production allows his voice to take center stage, evoking a sense of vulnerability that resonates deeply. “Heading South” is a testament to Bryan’s ability to translate personal struggles into universally relatable art, making it a favorite among fans.

3. Sun To Me – 2019

“Sun To Me” is a soul-stirring song by Zach Bryan that was released in 2019. The track exemplifies Bryan’s distinctive style, characterized by his emotive vocals and poetic lyricism. With a blend of folk, country, and Americana influences, the song creates a captivating musical experience that lingers in the hearts of listeners.

The lyrics of “Sun To Me” explore themes of hope, renewal, and the passage of time. Bryan’s eloquent verses paint a vivid picture of nature’s cycles and their parallels to human life. The song’s title serves as a metaphor for the positive transformations that occur in life, much like the sun rising and setting each day. Bryan’s ability to infuse profound meaning into simple imagery is a hallmark of his songwriting prowess.

The melody of “Sun To Me” is built on acoustic guitar and complemented by subtle instrumental arrangements that add depth to the composition. Bryan’s vocals exude authenticity and emotion, inviting listeners to connect with the sentiment of the song on a personal level. “Sun To Me” stands as a testament to Bryan’s skill in crafting songs that resonate with listeners’ experiences and emotions.

4. Burn, Burn, Burn – 2021

“Burn, Burn, Burn” is a poignant song by Zach Bryan, released in 2021. This track showcases Bryan’s exceptional songwriting abilities and his distinct blend of folk and country influences. The song resonates with listeners through its emotional lyrics and raw delivery.

The lyrics of “Burn, Burn, Burn” delve into themes of introspection, regret, and the passage of time. Bryan’s evocative storytelling paints a vivid picture of someone reflecting on their past mistakes and missed opportunities. The title itself serves as a metaphor for the intensity of emotions and experiences that can consume a person’s life.

Bryan’s signature acoustic guitar playing and heartfelt vocals contribute to the song’s raw and authentic quality. His voice carries a sense of vulnerability that draws listeners in, making them feel connected to the emotions he conveys. The stripped-down production allows the focus to remain on the lyrics and the emotions they convey.

As with many of Zach Bryan’s songs, “Burn, Burn, Burn” has garnered a dedicated fan base who appreciate his honest and relatable approach to songwriting. Its simplicity and relatability have helped it become a standout track in his discography.

5. Oklahoma Smokeshow – 2020

“Oklahoma Smokeshow” is a standout track from Zach Bryan’s 2020 album, “Quiet, Heavy Dreams.” This song captures Bryan’s ability to weave vivid imagery and emotional depth into his music, creating a lasting impact on listeners.

The song’s title immediately sets the stage for a narrative that revolves around a captivating individual. The lyrics paint a detailed picture of a woman from Oklahoma who exudes both physical allure and an air of mystery. Through Bryan’s storytelling, the song explores the complex emotions of desire and longing, as well as the challenges of chasing after someone who remains elusive.

Musically, “Oklahoma Smokeshow” is characterized by its acoustic folk sound, featuring Bryan’s distinctively raspy vocals and intricate guitar work. The composition perfectly complements the storytelling nature of the lyrics, immersing listeners in the atmosphere of the song’s setting.

With its memorable melody and evocative storytelling, “Oklahoma Smokeshow” has become a fan favorite and a testament to Zach Bryan’s ability to create songs that resonate deeply with audiences.

6. The Good I’ll Do – 2021

Released in 2021, “The Good I’ll Do” is a moving and introspective song by Zach Bryan. Known for his heartfelt lyrics and emotive vocals, Bryan continues to shine with this track, exploring themes of self-discovery and personal growth.

The song “The Good I’ll Do” delves into the idea of making amends and leaving a positive impact on the world. The lyrics reflect on past mistakes and missed opportunities, while also expressing a genuine desire to do better moving forward. Bryan’s introspective approach allows listeners to connect with the universal struggle of wanting to leave a meaningful legacy.

Accompanied by his acoustic guitar, Bryan’s raw and emotive vocals give the song a sense of authenticity. The stripped-down production highlights the sincerity of the lyrics, creating an intimate listening experience.

“The Good I’ll Do” has resonated with audiences who appreciate Zach Bryan’s ability to tackle complex emotions with simplicity and honesty. The song’s message of redemption and self-improvement is conveyed through Bryan’s evocative storytelling and soul-stirring melodies, making it a standout in his repertoire.

7. From Austin – 2019

“From Austin” is a heartfelt country song by Zach Bryan that was released in 2019. This song showcases Bryan’s raw and emotive vocals, paired with his skillful acoustic guitar playing. The song’s narrative revolves around the theme of longing for a sense of home and belonging, while also reflecting on the challenges and uncertainties that life on the road can bring. Bryan’s lyrics are poignant and introspective, painting a vivid picture of his personal experiences and emotions.

The song’s title, “From Austin,” alludes to the city of Austin, Texas, which has a vibrant music scene and is often associated with the country and folk genres. In this song, Bryan captures the essence of being a traveling musician and the yearning for a stable connection amidst the constant movement. The minimalist production allows his voice and lyrics to take center stage, creating an intimate and authentic listening experience.

8. Condemned – 2020

“Condemned” is a hauntingly powerful song by Zach Bryan, released in 2020. This track stands out for its stripped-down arrangement, focusing on Bryan’s evocative vocals and the emotional weight of his lyrics. The song delves into themes of introspection, redemption, and the internal struggles that individuals face. Bryan’s delivery is both captivating and raw, drawing listeners into the depths of his emotions.

The title “Condemned” hints at a sense of being trapped or judged, and the song’s lyrics delve into a reflective narrative that explores personal flaws and the desire for a chance at renewal. Bryan’s poignant storytelling is accompanied by his acoustic guitar, creating an atmosphere that is both intimate and intense. The song’s melancholic undertones resonate with listeners who have experienced their own moments of self-doubt and introspection.

9. Motorcycle Drive By – 2021

“Motorcycle Drive By” is a notable song by Zach Bryan, released in 2021. This track showcases Bryan’s growth as a songwriter and his ability to evoke deep emotions through his music. The song’s title suggests a fleeting moment, and the lyrics delve into themes of fleeting love, nostalgia, and the bittersweet feelings that arise from memories of a past relationship.

Bryan’s vocals are filled with a sense of yearning and vulnerability, carrying the weight of the emotions expressed in the lyrics. The song’s melody is poignant, and the instrumentation complements the reflective mood, making it a standout in Bryan’s discography. “Motorcycle Drive By” is a testament to Bryan’s ability to connect with his audience on a personal level, as he captures the essence of complex emotions that are often hard to put into words.

10. Fifth of May – 2020

“Fifth of May” is a captivating song by Zach Bryan, released in 2020. The song’s title refers to Cinco de Mayo, a holiday that commemorates the Mexican army’s victory over the French Empire. However, the song’s lyrics delve into deeper themes of love, loss, and the passage of time. Bryan’s emotive vocals and acoustic guitar playing create an intimate atmosphere that draws listeners into the emotions he conveys.

The song’s narrative centers around memories of a past love and the significance of a specific date—the fifth of May. Bryan’s storytelling shines as he weaves together a poignant tale of heartache and nostalgia. The song’s gentle melody and Bryan’s evocative performance make it a standout in his catalog, showcasing his ability to craft deeply moving and relatable songs that resonate with listeners on an emotional level.

Top Zach Bryan Songs

In the realm of music, Zach Bryan’s songs transcend mere melodies, becoming heartfelt narratives that weave stories of life’s profound moments. From the introspective resonance of “Something In The Orange” to the melancholic journey of “Heading South,” each track is a testament to Bryan’s gift for merging emotional lyricism with soul-stirring vocals. As the sun’s renewal is captured in “Sun To Me,” so too does Bryan’s music renew our connection to the human experience.

“Burn, Burn, Burn” ignites introspection, while “Oklahoma Smokeshow” paints vivid portraits of desire. “The Good I’ll Do” reflects on redemption and legacy, and “From Austin” speaks of the musician’s yearning for home amidst life’s travels. “Condemned” unveils internal struggles, and “Motorcycle Drive By” captures bittersweet memories. Finally, “Fifth of May” merges nostalgia with heartache.

Through each composition, Zach Bryan’s voice, poetry, and melodies intertwine, creating a tapestry of emotions that resonate deeply within us. His music is an invitation, not just to listen, but to feel, reflect, and find our own stories in the poignant narratives he weaves

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