Best Sitcoms of All Time – Top 10 Must-Watch Shows

Best Sitcoms of All Time

Determining the best sitcoms of all time is a subject of ongoing debate among critics and viewers alike. With a wide variety of genres and styles, ranging from animated extravaganzas to single-camera comedies capturing the mundane aspects of everyday life, there is truly something for every type of viewer.

One popular resource for exploring audience opinions and rankings is IMDb, which provides valuable insights into the best sitcoms currently available for streaming.

Sitcoms have been a fundamental part of television entertainment since its inception. While they may sometimes be perceived as disposable shows, the finest sitcoms have consistently emerged as some of the most beloved and enduring television series of all time. Whether they are modern hits or timeless classics, the top sitcoms have left an indelible mark on popular culture.

Today, a plethora of streaming platforms offer an extensive selection of sitcoms, each with its own constantly evolving library. It is essential for viewers to stay updated on where their favorite sitcoms are available, as streaming platforms frequently change their offerings. This ensures that fans can enjoy the best sitcoms at any time and indulge in a wealth of quality entertainment.

Beyond the perennial favorites, there is a vast array of remarkable sitcoms to discover. These range from beloved classics to hidden gems waiting to be unearthed. With an abundance of streaming options at our fingertips, viewers have unprecedented access to a wealth of sitcoms that cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

Top 10 Sitcoms of All Time

Here is the list of the top 10 sitcoms of all time:





Rick And Morty

2013 – present


The Office









Curb Your Enthusiasm

2000 – present


BoJack Horseman



It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

2005 – present


Ted Lasso

2020 – present


Fawlty Towers



The Simpsons

1989 – present


1. Rick And Morty (2013 – present)

Claiming the title as the highest-rated sitcom of all time, Rick and Morty stands apart as an animated adult sci-fi comedy that has taken the television landscape by storm. Since its premiere in 2013 on Adult Swim, the show has garnered an incredibly devoted fan base, with enthusiastic discussions and fan theories spreading across platforms like Reddit.

Rick and Morty follows the interdimensional escapades of the brilliant yet eccentric scientist, Rick Sanchez, and his impressionable grandson, Morty. Together, they embark on mind-bending adventures that traverse various dimensions and realities, blending elements of science fiction, comedy, and social commentary into a truly unique viewing experience.

What sets Rick and Morty apart is its ability to seamlessly blend offbeat humor with complex and imaginative sci-fi concepts. The show’s sharp writing and clever storytelling engage viewers with intricate plots, unexpected twists, and hilarious dialogue that frequently pushes the boundaries of conventional sitcoms.

It effortlessly combines laugh-out-loud moments with thought-provoking themes, exploring existential questions, morality, and the human condition through the lens of its colorful and often outlandish characters.

The series has become a bona fide pop culture phenomenon, captivating audiences worldwide. Its cultural impact is evident in the countless memes, catchphrases, and references that have permeated online communities and everyday conversations.

The show’s ability to generate fan theories and spark discussions on platforms like Reddit speaks to its depth and intricacy, as viewers dissect each episode for hidden meanings and Easter eggs.

Rick and Morty’s success can also be attributed to its talented voice cast, led by co-creator Justin Roiland, who voices both titular characters. The chemistry between the characters, particularly the dynamic between the cynical and enigmatic Rick and the naive yet earnest Morty, adds depth and emotional resonance to the series, further enhancing its appeal.

2. The Office (2005–2013)

The American version of The Office stands as a rare example of a TV reboot that surpasses the original. This beloved sitcom delves into the lives of the employees at the Scranton Branch of Dunder Mifflin, a paper company, all under the quirky leadership of their regional manager, Michael Scott.

With its stellar cast, brilliant writing, and ingenious mockumentary-style format, The Office became a comedic gem that resonated with audiences. Spanning nine seasons from 2005 to 2013 on NBC, the series captivated viewers with its relatable workplace humor, hilarious situations, and memorable characters.

One of the show’s greatest strengths lies in its exceptional ensemble cast. Steve Carell’s portrayal of Michael Scott, a well-intentioned but often clueless and inappropriate boss, became an iconic comedic performance.

The chemistry among the cast members, including Rainn Wilson as the eccentric Dwight Schrute, John Krasinski as the affable Jim Halpert, and Jenna Fischer as the sweet and down-to-earth Pam Beesly, added depth and authenticity to the characters’ interactions.

The Office expertly balanced comedy with genuine moments of emotion and heart. Alongside the laughs, the show explored the complexities of office dynamics, friendships, and romantic relationships. The budding romance between Jim and Pam became an iconic TV couple that viewers rooted for, while the comedic conflicts and office pranks added layers of humor to the everyday monotony of the workplace.

The series’ mockumentary format, which involved characters speaking directly to the camera and the use of documentary-style interviews, added a unique and immersive element to the storytelling. It allowed viewers to feel like they were part of the office environment, further enhancing the show’s relatability and comedic impact.

3. Friends (1994-2004)

Friends, widely regarded as the highest-rated live-action sitcom of all time, holds a special place in television history. Spanning ten seasons from 1994 to 2004, the show captured the hearts of audiences around the world and continues to attract attention from nostalgic fans. The highly anticipated reunion special, which aired in 2021, further solidified its enduring popularity.

Set in the vibrant backdrop of Manhattan, Friends revolves around the lives of six young adults as they navigate the challenges and triumphs of city living. The series masterfully blends comedy, romance, and friendship, resonating with viewers of all ages and backgrounds. Its relatable characters and witty writing created a perfect recipe for success.

What sets Friends apart is its timeless appeal. Even decades after its initial release, the show continues to captivate audiences with its engaging storylines, memorable catchphrases, and lovable characters.

The camaraderie between Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), Monica (Courteney Cox), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), Ross (David Schwimmer), Chandler (Matthew Perry), and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) remains the heart of the series, showcasing the enduring power of friendship.

Friends has left an indelible mark on pop culture, becoming a staple in the lives of many viewers. Its influence is felt in subsequent sitcoms that have attempted to recreate its success, but few have managed to reach its level of cultural impact. The show’s ability to balance humor, romance, and relatable storylines has set a high standard for the genre, making it a tough act to follow.

The reunion special, which brought the beloved cast back together after years of anticipation, served as a testament to Friends’ lasting legacy. It was a nostalgic celebration that reminded fans of the profound impact the show had on their lives. The overwhelming response to the reunion further solidified Friends’ enduring popularity and its ability to evoke strong emotions and fond memories among viewers.

4. Seinfeld (1989-1998)

Seinfeld, often hailed as a show about nothing, revolves around a close-knit group of friends navigating life together in the bustling metropolis of New York City. Led by the fictionalized version of renowned comedian Jerry Seinfeld, the series captured the hearts of audiences during its nine-season run from 1989 to 1998 and continues to leave an indelible legacy.

With a remarkable total of 180 episodes, Seinfeld delighted viewers with its unique blend of humor and unconventional storytelling. The show thrived on presenting cringeworthy moments, awkward social situations, and eccentric characters that defied the norms of traditional sitcoms.

Its ability to find humor in the mundane and turn everyday experiences into comedic gold made it a standout in the television landscape.

Seinfeld’s success can be attributed to its remarkable writing and the unparalleled comedic chemistry among its ensemble cast. Jerry Seinfeld, along with actors Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Michael Richards, brought their characters to life with impeccable comedic timing, wit, and charm.

Their dynamic performances not only showcased their individual comedic talents but also created a harmonious ensemble that became the heart and soul of the show.

What set Seinfeld apart was its ability to subvert the typical sitcom formula in hilariously unexpected ways. It challenged the conventions of traditional storytelling, focusing on mundane situations and highlighting the absurdity and idiosyncrasies of everyday life.

Whether it was dissecting the minutiae of dating, exploring the quirks of friendship, or navigating the complexities of societal norms, Seinfeld offered a fresh and unconventional perspective that resonated with audiences worldwide.

5. Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000 – present)

Back in 1999, Larry David initially released a one-hour special called “Larry David: Curb Your Enthusiasm,” intending it to be a standalone mockumentary-style program. However, that hour of content proved to be the seed that sprouted into the iconic HBO series known as Curb Your Enthusiasm. Since its debut in 2000, the show has amassed a devoted fan base and achieved cult classic status.

While the series evolved from its initial mockumentary format, Curb Your Enthusiasm retained its distinctive style, blending dark comedy with improvisational performances from a talented ensemble cast. Led by the incomparable Larry David himself, the show features the comedic prowess of actors such as Jeff Garlin and Cheryl Hines, who bring their unique comedic sensibilities to the table.

Curb Your Enthusiasm explores the everyday life of a fictionalized version of Larry David, co-creator of Seinfeld, as he navigates various social and professional encounters.

The show’s humor is derived from Larry’s often awkward and cringe-inducing interactions, his unfiltered opinions, and his tendency to find himself in amusingly uncomfortable situations. One of the defining elements of Curb Your Enthusiasm is its improvisational nature.

While the show follows a loose script, much of the dialogue and interactions are ad-libbed, allowing the actors to bring their comedic spontaneity to the forefront. This improvisational approach lends an authenticity and unpredictability to the show’s comedic moments, resulting in memorable and genuinely hilarious scenes.

6. BoJack Horseman (2014–2020)

BoJack Horseman shattered preconceived notions about animated television shows being solely for children, presenting viewers with a unique world where humans and anthropomorphic animals coexist. The series not only embraced visual puns and humor but also fearlessly delved into dark and complex themes.

From its very first season, BoJack Horseman captivated audiences with its compelling storytelling and maintained a remarkable level of quality throughout its run on Netflix. The show introduced viewers to the troubled life of its titular character, BoJack, a former sitcom star grappling with existential crises and self-destructive tendencies.

What set BoJack Horseman apart was its ability to navigate heavy subject matter and psychological depth in a thoughtful and nuanced manner. The series fearlessly explored themes such as depression, addiction, trauma, and the pursuit of happiness, offering a raw and unflinching portrayal of human struggles.

While the show’s animation and anthropomorphic characters may have initially deceived some into expecting light-hearted fare, BoJack Horseman defied those expectations by delivering a profoundly introspective narrative.

It deftly examined the complexities of human relationships, the consequences of fame, and the existential angst that often accompanies success and self-discovery.

Throughout its run, BoJack Horseman garnered critical acclaim for its exceptional writing, complex character development, and emotional depth. The show deftly balanced humor and pathos, using its animated medium as a powerful tool to explore difficult topics with sincerity and poignancy.

7. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (2005 – present)

Since its premiere in 2005, the enduring success of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a testament to its staying power. Now in its 15th season, the show remains a fan-favorite, captivating audiences with its unique brand of humor. Centered around a group of egocentric friends, the series revolves around their misadventures while operating an Irish bar in the neighborhood of South Philly.

In a significant milestone, It’s Always Sunny surpassed The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet to become the longest-running live-action American sitcom of all time upon its renewal in May 2020. This accomplishment is a testament to the show’s enduring popularity and its ability to captivate viewers season after season.

One of the defining characteristics of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is its clever writing and offbeat humor. The show fearlessly tackles taboo subjects and pushes the boundaries of comedy, often delving into dark and controversial themes. Its irreverent and satirical approach has garnered a dedicated fan base who appreciates its unique style and fearless comedic experimentation.

The core cast, consisting of Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson, and Danny DeVito, brings their characters to life with incredible comedic performances. Their chemistry and comedic timing contribute to the show’s success and the enduring appeal of the characters they portray.

Throughout its run, It’s Always Sunny has garnered critical acclaim for its sharp writing, memorable quotes, and willingness to tackle controversial and topical subjects. Its irreverent take on societal issues has made it a cult favorite among fans who appreciate its fearless and boundary-pushing approach.

8. Ted Lasso (2020 – present)

Ted Lasso, a relatively new sitcom, has managed to make a significant impact and establish itself as one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. Led by Jason Sudeikis in the titular role, the series follows the journey of Ted, an optimistic and enthusiastic American football coach who finds himself coaching a British soccer club.

Despite initial expectations that the premise might lead to a predictable and unrealistic sports TV show, Ted Lasso exceeded those assumptions in the best possible way. The show’s success lies in its ability to seamlessly blend humor, heartwarming moments, and compelling storytelling.

At its core, Ted Lasso is a hilarious fish-out-of-water story, as Ted navigates the unfamiliar world of British soccer with his distinctly American coaching methods. The clash of cultures and comedic situations that arise from this setup provide endless entertainment and laughter for viewers.

However, what truly sets Ted Lasso apart is its exceptional supporting characters. Each member of the ensemble cast brings depth and charm to the story, creating a rich tapestry of personalities that add both comedic and emotional depth to the show. Additionally, the chemistry among the actors is palpable, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

What makes Ted Lasso truly remarkable is its ability to balance comedy with genuine heart. Ted’s infectious optimism and unwavering belief in the power of kindness make him an immensely likable and relatable lead character. The show explores themes of friendship, personal growth, and resilience, creating a profound emotional connection with the audience.

Furthermore, Ted Lasso’s second season demonstrated its willingness to take risks in storytelling. It delved into complex character arcs and explored deeper themes, defying the traditional boundaries of a typical sitcom. This willingness to evolve and tackle more nuanced narratives showcases the show’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of its genre.

9. Fawlty Towers (1975-1979)

Fawlty Towers is a beloved British sitcom that has consistently been recognized as one of the greatest comedy shows of all time. Starring John Cleese in the lead role, the series revolves around the misadventures of a rude and easily-angered hotel owner, Basil Fawlty.

The show’s enduring appeal can be attributed to its perfect blend of British wit, sharp writing, and outrageous situations. Basil Fawlty’s terrible mismanagement of the hotel creates a constant stream of comedic disasters, resulting in a never-ending array of hilarious and chaotic moments.

Fawlty Towers is celebrated for its timeless humor that continues to resonate with audiences, even years after its original airing. The series masterfully combines physical comedy, clever wordplay, and expert timing to deliver laugh-out-loud moments that still evoke genuine amusement from fans to this day.

John Cleese’s brilliant portrayal of Basil Fawlty, with his unique blend of arrogance, frustration, and slapstick comedy, has become iconic. Cleese’s comedic talent brings the character to life, making him simultaneously detestable and endearing, which adds to the show’s charm.

Each episode of Fawlty Towers is filled with memorable characters, including Basil’s patient but sharp-tongued wife, Sybil, the bumbling Spanish waiter, Manuel, and the efficient yet sardonic maid, Polly. The interactions and clashes between these characters create a dynamic and comedic atmosphere that keeps viewers eagerly anticipating the next hilarious twist.

10. The Simpsons (1989 – present)

The Simpsons is a highly acclaimed and enduring American animated sitcom, known for its extensive run as the longest-running scripted primetime television series in the United States. One of the keys to its success is the relatable and memorable cast of characters that have remained largely unchanged throughout its over thirty seasons.

While some fans argue that the golden age of The Simpsons has come and gone, the show continues to garner numerous awards and maintain a strong presence in the realm of animated sitcoms. Its enduring popularity can be attributed to its ability to resonate with audiences and its status as a nostalgic favorite for many viewers.

The series has received critical acclaim for its sharp wit, clever satire, and social commentary, often tackling a wide range of topics with humor and depth. Its humor and storytelling have transcended generations, appealing to both older fans who have followed the show since its early years and younger viewers discovering it for the first time.

The characters of The Simpsons have become cultural icons, with names like Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie firmly embedded in popular culture. These beloved characters have remained consistent throughout the show’s long history, creating a sense of familiarity and nostalgia for fans.

What is the Most Watched Sitcom of All Time?

“Seinfeld,” which aired from 1989 to 1998, stands as a testament to the enduring popularity of sitcoms. This iconic show encapsulates the essence of what makes the genre so beloved among audiences worldwide.

“Seinfeld” revolves around the lives of a group of friends, including the fictionalized version of comedian Jerry Seinfeld, as they navigate the ups and downs of life in bustling New York City. What sets this sitcom apart is its ability to find humor in the seemingly mundane aspects of everyday life.

From trivial conversations about nothing to bizarre encounters with eccentric characters, “Seinfeld” masterfully captures the comedic potential found in the most ordinary situations.

The show garnered a dedicated following throughout its nine-season run, captivating viewers with its witty writing, impeccable timing, and impeccable ensemble cast. The chemistry between Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Michael Richards brought their characters to life in a way that resonated with audiences, creating an enduring legacy for the series.

“Seinfeld” effortlessly subverted the traditional sitcom format, eschewing sentimental storylines and heartfelt moments for a more irreverent and observational approach. Its iconic catchphrases, memorable episodes, and relatable characters quickly became embedded in popular culture, spawning countless references and influencing subsequent sitcoms.

The show’s blend of sharp writing, clever wordplay, and hilarious situations struck a chord with viewers, propelling “Seinfeld” to become one of the most acclaimed and influential sitcoms of all time. Its impact extended beyond the realm of television, with the term “Seinfeldian” entering the lexicon to describe comedies that focus on the minutiae of everyday life.

Other Famous Sitcoms of All Time

There are numerous famous sitcoms that have left an indelible mark on television history. Here are some of the most iconic and beloved sitcoms of all time:

“I Love Lucy” (1951-1957): Starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, this groundbreaking sitcom follows the comedic misadventures of Lucy Ricardo and her husband Ricky. It set the standard for sitcoms with its innovative use of physical comedy and remains a classic to this day.

“The Mary Tyler Moore Show” (1970-1977): This trailblazing sitcom stars Mary Tyler Moore as Mary Richards, a single woman making her way in the male-dominated world of television news. With its relatable characters and sharp writing, it tackled social issues and paved the way for future female-led sitcoms.

“The Big Bang Theory” (2007-2019): This long-running sitcom revolves around a group of socially awkward but highly intelligent friends, particularly focusing on the lives of physicists Leonard and Sheldon. It achieved immense popularity for its geeky humor and endearing characters.

“How I Met Your Mother” (2005-2014): Framed as a father’s story to his children, this sitcom follows Ted Mosby’s journey to find love in New York City. With its nonlinear storytelling and ensemble cast, it became a favorite among audiences for its humor and heartfelt moments.

“Modern Family” (2009-2020): Presented in a mockumentary style, “Modern Family” showcases the lives of three interconnected families. It blended comedy and heartwarming moments while exploring diverse family dynamics, winning critical acclaim and numerous awards.

“Cheers” (1982-1993): Set in a Boston bar, “Cheers” introduced audiences to a colorful cast of characters and their witty banter. It became known for its iconic theme song and remains a beloved sitcom that captured the essence of camaraderie and community.

“Parks and Recreation” (2009-2015): Set in the fictional town of Pawnee, this sitcom follows the enthusiastic Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler) and her dedicated Parks and Recreation department. With its heartwarming humor and ensemble cast, it garnered critical acclaim and a devoted fan base.

These sitcoms, among many others, have made a lasting impact on television and continue to be celebrated for their writing, characters, and cultural significance. They have entertained audiences for years and remain beloved classics that have shaped the landscape of comedy on television.

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