Araloyin Oshunremi Ethnicity, What is Araloyin Oshunremi’s Ethnicity?

Ethnicity is a concept that identifies a group based on perceived cultural uniqueness. So here we can check that Araloyin Oshunremi is black.

Araloyin Oshunremi was born on June 8, 2004 and is a popular actor.

According to our latest research, Araloyin Oshunremi is of black ethnicity and was born in Hackney, London, United Kingdom.

real name

Alaloin Osunremi

date of birth

June 8, 2004


19 years old


170 cm


61 kg (134 lbs)

place of birth

Hackney in London, England





Country of Citizenship




Instagram association

Who is Alaloin Oshun Remi?

Araloyin Oshunremi was born on 8 June 2004 in the vibrant Hackney district of London and is a rising star in the British entertainment industry. At just 19 years old, Alaroin is already a talented actor with a bright future.

Aralouin’s acting journey is a remarkable story of serendipity. His first foray into the entertainment industry came when he stumbled upon a flyer for open auditions for the Netflix crime thriller Top Boy while at a local barbershop. This unexpected opportunity became a turning point in his career. In Top Boy, he played Stefan Tovell, also known as Stef, showcasing his acting prowess and earning recognition in the process.

After her breakthrough in “Top Boy,” Aralouin’s career continued to soar. He landed a role in the Netflix series Heartstopper, which premiered in April 2022, showcasing his versatility as an actor in different genres. In addition, he also starred in the short film “Falsehood” in 2022, further solidifying his position in the entertainment industry.

Araloyin Oshunremi was inspired to pursue acting by the influence of his mother, actor John Boyega, who impressed him after watching him in Attack the Block (2011) Admiration arose. He attributes his strong values ​​and sense of community to his parents, which undoubtedly contributed to his success and flourishing career.


Alaloin Oshunremi age

Araloyin Oshunremi, born on June 8, 2004 in the vibrant Hackney district of London, England, is a smart and promising 19-year-old actor. Year after year, Araloyin continues to become a rising star in the entertainment industry.

At just 19 years old, Alaloin has achieved impressive success in his acting career, captivating audiences with his talent and versatility. His journey from the bustling streets of Hackney to the global film and television stages embodies the power of determination and passion.

The future holds endless opportunities for Araloyin Oshunremi as he embarks on the next phase of his career. With his dedication and talent, we have every reason to believe he will continue to excel and make a major impact in the entertainment industry. As he celebrates his 19th birthday in 2023, we can only expect more incredible performances and achievements from this young and inspiring talent.

Araloyin Oshunremi height and weight

Araloyin Oshunremi is a British actor, known for his role as Stefan in the Netflix series Top Boy. He is 170 centimeters tall, or 5 feet 7 inches, and weighs 61 kilograms, or 134 pounds. He is slim and athletic.

Oshun Remy’s height and weight are proportional to his body frame. He is not overweight or underweight and is in good health. His height and weight allowed him to move and act freely, which was important in his career as an actor.

Oshun Remy’s height and weight are also a source of confidence for him. He’s proud of his body and isn’t afraid to show it off. He is an inspiration to many young people who struggle with their body image.

physical properties



170 cm


61 kg (134 lbs)

Alaloin Osunremi Nationality

Araloyin Oshunremi’s nationality is British. Alaloin was born on June 8, 2004 in Hackney, London, England, and is a British citizen. This nationality reflects their legal relationship with that country and gives them the rights and responsibilities associated with British citizenship.

The United Kingdom, made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, is known for its rich cultural diversity and contributions to various fields including arts and entertainment. Araloyin Oshunremi, as British nationals, are part of this cultural tapestry and their backgrounds are likely to reflect the multicultural influences that make Britain such a vibrant and dynamic nation.

Becoming a British national opens doors to opportunities in the arts, education and a variety of other fields, both within the UK and internationally. Araloyin’s nationality is an integral part of their identity and may play a role in shaping their future experiences and careers.

Alaloin Osunremi’s acting career

Araloyin Oshunremi is a British actor, known for his role as Stefan in the Netflix series Top Boy. He was born on June 8, 2004 in Hackney, London, England. He started his acting career in 2019 in the short film “Return”. He later appeared in the TV series Doctors and The Bay.

Oshun Raimi’s breakthrough role came in 2022, when he played Stefan in the third season of Top Boy. The show is a British crime drama that follows the lives of drug dealers in London. Oshuremi’s performance as Stefan was well received by critics and he was nominated for a BAFTA Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

In addition to “Top Boy,” Oshun Raimi also starred in the movie “Falsehood” and the TV series “Heartstopper.” He is a talented actor who is sure to have a bright future in the industry.

Here are some additional details about Oshunremi’s career:

  • He is of Nigerian Yoruba descent.
  • He is a graduate of Identity Acting Academy.
  • He is represented by the independent talent group.
  • He was a keen footballer and played for Hackney Wick Football Club’s youth teams.

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