54321 Challenge Tiktok Questions, How to do the 54321 Challenge?

54321 Challenge Douyin problem

The “54321 Challenge” on TikTok is a fun and popular trend where people ask questions to find out more about their partner. There are five questions: first, you ask your partner to name five things they like about you, then four things you like, three things you dress well, two things you say often, and finally It’s one thing they like. will change you.

This challenge is a way to test your partner’s knowledge of you and see how well they understand your likes and dislikes. Many couples enjoy participating in this challenge to strengthen their relationship and have fun together. The “54321 Challenge” has aroused heated discussions on TikTok, with many users joining in and sharing the results with fans. It’s a sweet way to express your love and connect with your partner, and it’s an opportunity to learn more about each other’s likes and personalities.

How to do the 54321 challenge?

Here’s how to do the 54321 challenge on TikTok, follow these steps:

  • Identify five questions you want to ask your partner. Common ones include love, preferences, appearance, speech, changes, etc.
  • Send these questions to your boyfriend or girlfriend via text message or your favorite messaging app.
  • Have your partner answer the questions by listing five things for the first question, four things for the second question, three things for the third question, and two things for the fourth question, List one thing for question five.
  • Once your partner replies, capture their response by taking a screenshot or recording their text message.
  • Use the captured message as the inside of a TikTok video. You can use TikTok’s video editing feature to edit responses.
  • Share your completed 54321 Challenge video on TikTok using relevant hashtags like #54321challenge.
  • The challenge isn’t just about making a video, it’s about connecting with your partner and getting to know each other better. Enjoy the process and celebrate your relationship.


54321 What questions does the challenge raise?

The 54321 challenge on TikTok involves asking your partner a series of questions to learn more about each other. These questions are designed to deepen your connection and explore each other’s feelings and preferences.

  1. “What are five things you love about me?” This question encourages your partner to express what they like about you, such as your personality traits, quirks, or qualities that make you unique.
  2. “What four things do I like?” This question will prompt your partner to think about your interests and the things that bring you joy. This is one way to find out if they pay attention to your likes and dislikes.
  3. “What three things will look good on me?” This question is primarily about your appearance and style. Your partner can mention clothing or looks that they find attractive to you.
  4. “What are two things I say often?” This is a fun way to explore common phrases or catchphrases and show how aware your partner is of your speech patterns.
  5. “What is one thing you would change about me?” This question encourages honest reflection and communication about potential improvements or changes in the relationship.

Other challenges trending on Tiktok

TikTok is known for its wide range of popular challenges, and it’s not just the 54321 challenge that captures users’ creativity and attention. Here are some other exciting challenge trends on TikTok:

1. Starburst Challenge:

This challenge involves eating Starburst candy and then having a loving interaction with your partner. Although this sounds unusual, it is popular for its unique and interesting way of expressing emotions.

2. Koala Challenge:

Details about the challenge have not yet been specified, but it may involve activities or expressions related to koalas, which are known for their adorable appearance.

3. Light Blue Nail Challenge:

This challenge might revolve around painting or presenting a light blue nail design in a creative and innovative way. These challenges showcase the diverse trends on TikTok, attracting different interests and fostering connections between users. TikTok is constantly launching new, fun challenges that allow people to express themselves, connect with partners, or just have fun with friends and family.

TikTok overview

TikTok, known as Douyin in mainland China, is a video hosting platform that features user-submitted short videos. It is owned by ByteDance and allows users to upload videos ranging in length from 3 seconds to 10 minutes. Since their launch, TikTok and Douyin have gained popularity around the world.

In October 2020, TikTok was downloaded more than 2 billion times globally, making it one of the most downloaded apps in the world. Morning Consult regards TikTok as the third-fastest growing information technology brand in 2020, behind Zoom and Peacock. Additionally, Cloudflare ranked TikTok as the most visited website in 2021, even surpassing Google in popularity.

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