Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Timawak Shrine solution

The Timawak Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom can be found in Eldin Canyon, just above Lake Goronbi.

Similarly to the other Shrines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Timawak Shrine offers a puzzle that will make you think about the game’s skill sandbox in different ways. In this case you are in a more dangerous situation than others with a lot of lava.

Get ready to put your Ultrahand skills to work with some paragliding and get ready to dive into our guide on how to complete the Timawak Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Timawak Shrine location in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Timawak Shrine can be found in Eldin Canyon, just above Lake Goronbi on the map.

The location of the Timawak Shrine. The image on the right shows an enlarged view of the area.

The images above show the exact location of the Shrine, but if you have not yet unlocked this area on your map with the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower, the coordinates for Timawak Shrine are (1799, 1638, 0311).

Timawak Shrine Solution in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Very quickly after entering the Timawak Shrine, you’ll notice that this one is a little more dangerous than some of the other Shrines.

A river of lava awaits up ahead, and your first objective is to cross safely to the other side; To do this, simply jump between the slabs that form on the surface of the lava until you reach a safe place on the other side.

The opening area of ​​Timawak Shrine.

Once across, around the corner is a unique enemy: take him down as you see fit.

You will notice that behind where the enemy was stationed, there is a closed door and an empty space on the ground where you need to place an item – this is your next objective.

Standing on the metal grate near where you fought the enemy, to the side you will see a connecting corridor with lava running below and on a platform above it, the orb you need to unlock the nearby door.

The corridor you will have to go down to collect the orb.

However, to overcome this gap, platforms alone are not enough, so you will have to improvise.

While you could technically stand on a slab and use Recall to reverse its movement and move to the next platform, we’re going to use a safer method that will provide a little more security for our return trip.

Using Ultrahand, take one of the slabs (the wider of the two types) and move it onto the metal grate, with one half hanging over the lava and the other half sitting firmly on the same level as you are standing on. .

Once this is done, it should be nicely balanced and flat on the grate, and you will want to take another slab and attach it to the end of the slab hanging over the lava.

Attach a second slab to the one we first took out of the lava.

Doing so will shift the weight, tilting it towards the lava, and from here you can place more slabs using Ultrahand or simply wait for the slabs created at the other end of the corridor to come down and settle naturally. instead by the lock you created.

The path created as the different slabs accumulate.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll begin to have a safe path you can take to reach the orb, though just watch your step in case of unintentional mishaps.

However, before you take the key and head back to the door, be sure to look behind it and you’ll notice a secret chest hidden in an alcove at the back; you can continue your way with Ultrahand or just give it a few moments for the slabs. to stack and you’ll have a path there, though you may need to jump to close the gap between the final tile and the chest, or place another tile with Ultrahand.

Left: The chest is in the alcove on the far right at the back of the image. Right: Link standing in the alcove; the chest is off screen to the right.

Once you’ve acquired your treasure, head back along the path you created, pick up the orb placed on the path, and after returning to the door, drop said orb into the opening in the floor to progress.

Left: Carrying the orb across the constructed bridge to safety. Right: The orb was successfully placed in the opening in the floor; the door opens in the scene that follows this.

The next room is a little more complicated and much more dangerous, since you have to cross a huge river of lava.

Upon entering, you’ll notice two fans, one in each of the left and right corners; This is where you will need your paraglider.

Left: The fan on the left side as you enter is on the right side of this image, with the other fan in the opposite corner on the right as you enter this room. Right: The fan on the right side up close; you can see the entrance from the previous room on the right.

Activate the fan to your right by hitting it with your weapon and it will create an updraft – jump on it and immediately press X to use the paraglider and float to the higher level to your right.

Up here you will see two fire hydrants that you will need for this test: use Ultrahand and lower them to the floor you just came from, then go back down.

Left: Using the paraglider to climb to the upper level. Right: The two fire hydrants that you must take to the lower level.

As with fans, these fire hydrants can be activated with a weapon hit.

While you could technically use a similar method to the room above, there’s actually a much simpler approach for this room.

Take the two fire hydrants, making sure they are facing the same direction, and join them together as one.

Using your weapon, activate them both and use Ultrahand to lift them into the air and pour the water over the lava, forming slabs like in the previous room.

Left: the message to join the two fire hydrants. Right: The two fire hydrants joined together, creating the slabs below.

The goal here is to make one of the slabs wider and then use Ultrahand to lift it out of the lava and place it on the floor you are on.

This means you’ll have to make the slab, carry the fire hydrants to a safe location, and then quickly grab the slab before it floats away into the lava river below where you’re standing.

Lifting the lava slab and placing it at the same level.

Once you’ve successfully grabbed one of the slabs, you’ll need the two nearby fans and it’s time to build a boat!

Make sure both fans are turned off, then place them side by side on one end of the slab with the fans facing outwards.

Left: Fixing the fans to the slab. Right: the finished ship.

Once this is done, lift the boat towards the lava, jump on it and hit the fans to take you directly to the other side of the room.

Left: Lifting the boat towards the lava. Medium: Use the boat to travel through the lava after hitting the fans. Right: Looking back at where we came from after successfully reaching the other side of the room.

Once there, your Light of Blessing reward awaits you!

If you’re looking for more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our Zelda Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough.

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