Who is Harry Jowsey? Dancing With the Stars

Who is Harry Joshi?

Hailing from Australia, Harry Joshi is famous for his appearances on television and the internet. Born on May 24, 1997 in Yeppoon, Australia. Harry is very tall, about 6 feet 5 inches.

He’s famous for being on a Netflix show called “Too Hot,” where he and a girl named Francesca Farago did something that cost a lot of money, but they still liked each other. They were even engaged for a while.

Apart from television, Harry is also a businessman. He owns two companies: one called Naughty Possums, which sells clothing, and the other, called Knsngtn, which sells sunglasses. He has also modeled for the famous brand Tommy Hilfiger.

People liked Harry because he was kind-hearted and did many good things, such as giving away socks and blankets to the poor. He also loves his mom very much and wants to give her a million dollars one day. Plus, he loves changing his hairstyle, which is cool.

full name

Harry Joshi

date of birth

May 24, 1997



zodiac signs




net worth

$ 1,000,000


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Harry Josh Dancing with the Stars

Harry Jowsey is competing on Dancing with the Stars Season 32 with a dance partner named Rylee Arnold. This was a big deal because Harry was famous for being on television, especially his appearance on a show called “It’s So Hot.” Now, he’s trying something new, dancing on the popular TV show.

Dancing with the Stars is a show where celebrities team up with professional dancers to learn how to dance different styles of dance, including salsa and cha cha. Each week, they perform these dances in front of judges and an audience. This is a fun and challenging game.

Harry hopes to show off his dancing skills and win the hearts of the audience. It’s exciting because people know him from his reality show days, but now they get to see a different side of him on the dance floor. Let’s see how he does it!


Harry Joshi’s early life

Harry Joshi’s early life was quite interesting. When he was a child, he spent his summer vacations in Golden Bay, New Zealand. This shows that he experienced rural life while living in the city. He pursued a double major in college, which showed that he was dedicated to his studies.

As a young adult, he began a career in reality television, appearing on shows such as Heartbreak Island, where he earned the nickname “Heartbreak Harry.” This marked the beginning of his journey to fame.

While he pursued a career in reality television, he also ventured into entrepreneurship, starting his own clothing line, Naughty Possums, and co-founding an eyewear company called Kensngtn. This shows that he was not only interested in fame but also in entrepreneurship.

Harry Jowsey’s early life suggests a blend of experiences, from summers in the countryside to educational pursuits and finally into the world of entertainment and entrepreneurship.

Harry Joshi’s acting career

Harry Jowsey has had a diverse career, starting with reality television and later branching out into entrepreneurship. Here’s his career history: In 2018, Harry gained recognition for winning the reality show Heartbreak Island, earning him the nickname “Heartbreak Harry.” He received a $100,000 cash prize from the show.

He used the winnings to launch a clothing line called “Naughty Possums” and in 2017 co-founded an eyewear company called “Kensngtn”, reflecting his entrepreneurial spirit. Harry has also dabbled in the modeling industry, working as an underwear model for well-known brands such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. This shows his versatility in the entertainment industry.

However, his big break came in 2020 when he won the Netflix reality show Too Hot To Handle, where he met Francesca Farago and their relationship became an important part of his career. Harry Jowsey’s career includes success in reality television, entrepreneurship in fashion and eyewear, and modeling gigs, making him a versatile figure in the entertainment industry.

dancing with the stars

Dancing with the Stars 2023 is the 32nd season of the famous celebrity dance show. It’s a big deal, and there are some changes this time. After airing on Disney+ for a while, the show is back on ABC, the channel where it started. This means you can watch it on a regular TV.

There is a new host this time. Tyra Banks, who previously served as host, is no longer hosting. Now, Alfonso Ribeiro of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fame serves as the main host, and Julianne Hough, a former dancer and judge on the show, will also serve as co-host The host joins.

Most of the judges are the same, with Carrie Ann Inaba, Derek Hough and Bruno Tonioli all returning. But one judge, Ryan Goodman, died. They have some celebrities joining the show such as Ariana Maddix, Charity Lawson, and Jamie Lynn Spears. It’s a season of dance and fun for all fans old and new.

Dancing with the Stars 2023 Release Date

Dancing with the Stars Season 32 will premiere on September 26, 2023. This season is very special because it will be available to watch simultaneously on ABC and Disney+. The move is designed to make it very convenient for people to watch the show, ensuring that as many fans as possible can tune in.

For fans of the show, this is a day worth marking on their calendars. They can look forward to captivating dance performances, celebrity contestants and judges sharing their thoughts and scores. This is an exciting time for both long-time fans of the show and those new to the show.

Essentially, by airing on ABC and Disney+, the show’s creators ensure that everyone can easily access and enjoy the great dance and entertainment programming that Dancing with the Stars has to offer.

Dancing with the Stars trailer

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