Who are Russ Millions Parents? Meet Donald Mackay and Elizabeth Thomson

Who are Ras Million’s parents?

So who are Ras Million’s parents? According to our research, Russ Million’s parents are Donald McKay and Elizabeth Thomson. Russ Millions is a British rapper born on March 20, 1996.

real name

Charlotte Batchelor Ashby Millwood

Nick name

Lars million

date of birth

March 20, 1996


27 years old


5 feet 6 inches (167 cm)


70 kg (154 lbs)

place of birth

Deptford, UK




british rapper

Country of Citizenship


eye color


hair color


zodiac signs


sexual orientation



Andrea Ti


Donald MacKay and Elizabeth Thomson




Who is Lars Millions?

Russ Millions, born on March 20, 1996, formerly known as Russell Duane Browne, is a famous British rapper and songwriter who has made huge waves in the British music scene. His birthplace is London, England. Russ Millions has received widespread recognition and acclaim for his contributions to the drill music genre, a subgenre of hip-hop characterized by gritty lyrics and street-focused themes.

Russ Millions grew up in London and was exposed to the vibrant city culture, which is the backdrop for much of his music. His lyrics often delve into the harsh realities of inner-city life, touching on themes such as street violence, social issues, and the experiences of young people in urban environments. His music resonates with many listeners, especially those who can relate to the challenges and experiences he depicts.

One of the defining moments in Russ Millions’ career was the release of the hit song “Body.” The song garnered millions of views on YouTube, catapulting him to national and international fame. His ability to blend compelling stories with catchy beats and unique flow make him stand out in the music industry.

Russ Millions’ influence extends beyond his music. He has become a cultural icon, the voice of a generation and the reality faced by many in urban communities. His success highlights the power of musical authenticity as he continues to connect with a diverse and loyal fan base.



Las Million Age

Russ Millions’ date of birth is March 20, 1996 and he will celebrate his 27th birthday. Born in the vibrant and diverse city of London, England, Russ Millions has not only witnessed the city’s vibrant culture, but also contributed to its rich musical scene. At 27 years old, Russ Millions stands on the cusp of a promising future, ready to go. continues to make significant inroads in the music industry.

His journey from the streets of London to becoming a famous British rapper is a testament to his talent, determination and authenticity. Russ Millions was born in a city renowned for its eclectic blend of cultural and artistic influences, and his music reflects the energy and diversity of Britain. his hometown. He captured the essence of urban life in his lyrics, which resonated with a wide audience.

Russ Millions is 27 years old and he carries the experience, stories and rhythms of London with him. His age reminds us that youth and creativity know no bounds, and he has the opportunity to continue to inspire and connect with fans around the world as time goes by. Russ Millions has a bright future, proving the power of music to transcend borders and lift spirits.

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Russ million height and weight

Russ Millions is a talented British rapper who stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm) and maintains a weight of approximately 70 kg (154 lbs). These physical characteristics have contributed to his unique position in the music industry, where artists tend to come in all shapes and sizes.

Russ Millions’ height is 5 feet 6 inches, which is the average height for a British male, reflecting the diversity of appearances in the entertainment industry. His stature proves that talent and charisma can transcend physical measurements, demonstrating his ability to capture the hearts and ears of audiences around the world.

Las Million weighs about 70 kilograms and maintains a healthy and well-proportioned physique. This balance between height and weight is crucial to his energetic stage performances and music videos, allowing him to interact with fans and deliver his music with passion and style.

In the music industry, artists like Russ Millions are known for their talent, creativity, and the emotional impact of their music, not just their physical prowess. The success of Russ Millions reminds us that in the world of music, what really matters is artistry and message, proving that passion and talent can shine regardless of height or weight.

physical properties



5 feet 6 inches (167 cm)


70 kg (154 lbs)

Ross Million Citizenship

Russ Millions, formerly known as Russell Duane Browne, was born on March 20, 1996, from London, England, which makes him a proud British citizen. London, the UK’s vibrant and culturally diverse capital, has been the backdrop to Russ Millions’ life and career, shaping his experiences and contributing to his unique perspective as a rapper.

As a British national, Russ Millions is a rich part of the British music scene. He represents the multicultural essence of London, a city renowned for its vibrant music culture and melting pot of artistic influences. This diversity is reflected in his music, as he draws on a variety of musical styles and genres to create a sound that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds.

Russ Millions’ nationality also places him within the wider context of British hip-hop and rap, a genre that has achieved significant growth and international recognition in recent years. His success on the global stage highlights the global appeal of British music and the artistic ability of artists like him to transcend national borders.

Russ Millions’ nationality is an integral part of his identity as an artist, contributing to the authenticity and depth of his music. It connects him to the rich heritage of British music while allowing him to forge his own path and leave his mark on the global stage.

Lars’ Millionaire Career

  • Career Beginnings (2017): British rapper Russ Millions entered the music industry in 2017, initially gaining recognition through a series of singles and mixtapes. This marked the beginning of his journey as a recording artist.

  • Breakthrough hit “Gun Lean” (2018): In 2018, Russ Millions had his big break with his hit single “Gun Lean.” Not only did the song reach number nine on the UK Singles Chart, it also became a sensation due to its unique dance, which captivated audiences and contributed to its popularity.

  • Success of “Keisha & Becky” (2019): Building on their early success, Russ Millions continued to make waves in 2019 with the release of “Keisha & Becky,” which peaked at No. 7. This further cemented his place in the British music scene.

  • Chart-topping Drill song “Body” (2021): Russ Millions reached a new peak in his career with the release of “Body” in 2021. The song made history as the first Drill song to top the UK charts, demonstrating his ability to push boundaries within the genre.

  • Collaborations with Famous Artists: Throughout Russ Millions’ career, he has collaborated with numerous artists including Bugzy Malone, Tion Wayne, Fivioforeign, French Montana, Arrdee, Aitch, Rondodasosa, Noizy, Capo Plaza and Ivorian Doll. These collaborations furthered his versatility as an artist.

  • Album Releases: Russ Millions’ discography includes notable album releases such as Rush Hour (2020) and My Son: The Extended Play (2020), demonstrating his ability to deliver complete projects that resonate with audiences.


Lars Million Top 10 Songs

  • “Body 2”: “Body 2” is one of Russ Millions’ standout tracks, building on the success of his chart-topping “Body (Remix)”. It maintains the infectious energy and style that fans associate with his music.

  • “Body (Remix)”: This song made history as the first practice song to reach number one in the UK. “Body (Remix)” reflects Russ Millions’ ability to push genre boundaries and appeal to a broad audience.

  • “Big Shark”: “Big Shark” showcases Russ Millions’ versatility as an artist, offering different musical styles while still retaining his signature charisma and lyrical ability.

  • “Reggae & Calypso”: “Reggae & Calypso” showcases Russ Millions’ ability to experiment with various musical styles and blend them into his own unique style, adding depth and dimension to his records.

  • “6:30”: “6:30” proves that Russ Millions consistently delivers catchy, impactful tracks that resonate with fans and continue to propel his career forward.

  • “Baba”: “Baba” is another standout song that showcases Russ Millions’ ability to craft engaging narratives and memorable hooks, further cementing his place in the music industry.

  • “Shake It”: “Shake It” adds to Russ Millions’ collection of infectious tracks, providing listeners with another dose of his energetic and dynamic style.

  • “Gun Lean”: This early hit played a key role in Russ Millions’ rise, reaching No. 9 on the UK Singles Chart and introducing him to a wider audience.

  • “Mr Sheeen”: “Mr Sheeen” is another track that showcases Russ Millions’ lyricism and ability to write songs that resonate with fans of his music.

  • “Baba (Toma)”: “Baba (Toma)” showcases Russ Millions’ willingness to explore different musical influences and incorporate them into his own work, creating a diverse and engaging catalog.

Lars Million Achievements and Awards

Here are some of Russ Millions’ notable awards and achievements:

  • MOBO Awards – Best New Artist (2019): British rapper Russ Millions made a major impact early in his career, earning recognition as the 2019 “Best New Artist” at the MOBO Awards. The award recognized his rapid rise and promising talent within the industry. music industry.

  • MOBO Awards – Song of the Year for “Body Remix” (2021): Russ Millions continued to rack up accolades at the 2021 MOBO Awards, winning Song of the Year for “Body Remix.” The award recognized the track’s widespread appeal and cultural impact.

  • MOBO Awards – Best Walkthrough Performance (2021): That same year, Russ Millions won another MOBO Award, this time for “Best Walkthrough Performance.” This recognition reflects his influence and contribution to the exercise music genre, particularly in the UK.

  • BRIT Awards – Best British Hip-Hop/Grime/Rap Artist (2022): Russ Millions’ success continued at the 2022 BRIT Awards, where he won the prestigious award for “Best British Hip-Hop/Grime/Rap Artist” . The honor underlines his importance in the British music scene.

  • Chart-topping “Body (Remix)”: Russ Millions makes history as the first rapper to have a No. 1 single with “Body (Remix).” This achievement highlights his ability to break new ground in the genre and resonate with a wide audience.

  • Ivor Novello Award Nomination: Russ Millions’ impact extends beyond chart-topping success, earning him an Ivor Novello Award nomination. His song “Body (Remix)” was recognized for its artistic and creative qualities.

  • ‘Gun Lean’ Chart Performance: In addition to his chart-topping achievements, Russ Millions’ early single ‘Gun Lean’ peaked at number 9 on the UK Singles Chart, proving that his writing resonates with listeners. Consistent ability in music.

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