Who are Matt Corral Parents? Meet Peter Corral and Elizabeth Corral

So who are Matt Corral’s parents? According to our research, Matt Kolar’s ​​parents are Peter Kolar and Elizabeth Kolar. Matt Corral (born January 31, 1999) is an American football quarterback.

real name Matthew Anthony Corral
Nick name Matt Corral
date of birth January 31, 1999
age 24 years old
high 188 cm
weight 93 kg (205 lb)
place of birth Ventura, California, USA
gender male
Profession american football quarterback
Country of Citizenship American
eye color dark brown
hair color dark brown
Chinese zodiac aquarius
parents Peter Corral, Elizabeth Corral
partner Ryan Michaels

Who is Matt Corral?

Matt Corral is an outstanding American football quarterback who has received widespread attention and praise for his talents and achievements in the college football world. Born on January 31, 1999 in Ventura, California, Corral’s dedication, hard work and passion for the sport became his hallmarks as he developed into an outstanding athlete.

Corral’s football career began in high school, where he displayed exceptional skills as a quarterback. He quickly caught the attention of college recruiters and committed to play for the University of Mississippi, where he became the starting quarterback for the Lady Rebels.

During his college career, Matt Corral showed extraordinary football talent. He has a strong arm, excellent accuracy and impressive vision. Corral’s ability to read defenses, make quick decisions and execute precise passes has made him one of the top quarterback prospects in college football.

His accomplishments include winning the 2021 Connally Trophy, awarded to the best college football player in Mississippi. In addition, he also won the 2021 Outback Bowl MVP Award, which is a testament to his outstanding performance in the bowl game.

In 2021, Corral earned All-SEC Second Team honors, further solidifying his status as a top college quarterback. His statistics and leadership in the field earned him not only Southeastern Conference (SEC) recognition, but national recognition as well.

Matt Corral’s career trajectory has fueled speculation about his potential future in the NFL, with many considering him a coveted prospect in the professional league. His journey from high school standout to college star is a testament to his commitment to the game and his exceptional talent as an American football quarterback. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Corral’s legacy in football continues to grow as the football world eagerly awaits his next step in the sport. For the latest information on his career and achievements after 2021, it is recommended to refer to more recent sources.



matt corral age

Matt Corral, American football quarterback, was born on January 31, 1999 in Ventura, California, USA. He is 24 years old and celebrated his 23rd birthday at the end of 2022.

Corral was born in Ventura, California, whose birthplace is noteworthy in the context of American football because it is located in an area with a strong football culture and tradition. California has produced countless football talents, and Corral’s sports journey began in this football-rich environment.

His age in 2023 marks a critical moment in his football career. At this point, he may have transitioned to the professional level, depending on his accomplishments and decisions in college football. Regardless of his career trajectory, his age suggests he’s in the prime of his athleticism and poised for a great future in American football. As he continues to develop as a quarterback, fans and enthusiasts will be eager to follow his journey.

Matt Corral Height and Weight

Matt Corral, an American football quarterback, has the size for his position. At 188 centimeters (about 6 feet 2 inches) tall, Corral is a significant asset for a quarterback. This height provides him with a favorable view, allowing him to scan the field, read the defense and make accurate passes along the offensive line. This also allows him to maintain good vision even under pressure from opposing defenders.

Corral’s weight of 93 kg (205 lbs) complements his height with a balanced and muscular physique. This weight provides him with the necessary strength and durability to withstand the physical rigors of an American football quarterback. This helps him absorb hits from defenders, maintain stability in the pocket, and deliver power throws with accuracy.

In the world of American football, a quarterback’s height and weight are integral factors in his effective performance, and Matt Corral’s measurements emphasize his suitability for the position as well as his performance on the field. potential for success.

physical properties



188 cm


93 kg (205 lbs.

Matt Corral Nationality

Matt Corral’s nationality is American, which is an important aspect of his identity during his career as a football quarterback. He was born in Ventura, California, USA on January 31, 1999, which automatically gave him US citizenship.

As an American citizen, Corral is part of a country with a deep-rooted passion for American football. The United States is known for its football culture, and being an American aligns him with this rich sporting tradition. It also meant that he grew up in an environment where football was not just a sport but a tradition to be cherished.

Corral’s American citizenship allowed him to pursue his passion for football from an early age and benefit from the extensive infrastructure and opportunities the United States offers to aspiring athletes. It also allows him to represent the country at every level of the sport, from high school to college football and possibly even the professional NFL, where his skills as an American football quarterback have the potential to shine on the national and international stages.

Matt Corral career

Matt Corral is an American football quarterback who played at the University of Mississippi and was selected by the Carolina Panthers in the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

Corral was born on January 31, 2000 in Ventura, California. He attended Oaks Christian School in Westlake Village, California, where he played football, basketball, and baseball. He was a four-star recruit and rated the No. 1 dual-threat quarterback in the 2019 class.

Corral committed to play college football at Mississippi State, with offers from Alabama, Georgia and USC. In 2019, he redshirted his freshman season.

Corral began his sophomore season as Shea Patterson’s backup quarterback. He served as the starter in the third game of the season and led the Rebels to a 9-3 record. He was named the SEC Freshman of the Year.

Corral is having a breakout season in 2021. He passed for 3,349 yards and 28 touchdowns while rushing for 614 yards and 11 touchdowns. He was named the SEC Offensive Player of the Year and was a consensus All-American.

Corral declared for the 2022 NFL Draft after his junior season. He was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in the third round with the 94th overall pick.

Corral is a talented quarterback with a bright future. He is a dual-threat quarterback who can make plays with his arms and legs. He is also an excellent leader and hard worker.

Here are some of the challenges Matt Corral has faced in his career:

  • He was injured during his junior season and missed two games.
  • His decisions have sometimes been criticized.
  • He was accused of being the system quarterback.


Matt Corral Achievements and Awards List

  1. Connelly Trophy (2021)
  2. 2021 Outback Bowl MVP

Nominations for Matt Corral:

  1. All-SEC Second Team (2021)

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