Where to find a Cybertron Cannon in Fortnite

The Cybertron Cannon has just been added to Fortnite as part of an ongoing Transformers crossover.

The Cybertron Cannon in Fortnite is worth tracking down, as it can deal massive damage to enemies and structures.

Here’s where to find a Cybertron Cannon in Fortnite, as well as some tips on how to use it.

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Where to find a Cybertron cannon in Fortnite

Cybertron Cannons can be found primarily as ground loot in Fortnite. They also have a small chance of dropping in chests, but are generally a rare weapon.

Consider heading to some of the new locations, such as the Creeky Compound, Rumble Ruins, or Shady Stilts, as it seems there are currently larger spawns to encourage players to try out the new weapons.

How to use the Cybertron Cannon in Fortnite

The Cybertron Cannon is essentially an energy rocket launcher. Press fire to start charging the beam; It will fire automatically after a couple of seconds. An energy projectile will launch towards your target, dealing AoE damage. Because of this, you will have to direct your shots while the weapon is charging. If you can, aim for groups of enemies, as the explosion can damage anyone near where the shot hits.

The Cybertron Cannon is best used for destroying structures and vehicles, but it can also be great for taking down camped snipers and players who don’t know you otherwise. The main problem with the weapon is that the energy projectile travels slowly, making it quite easy to dodge. Consider having your teammates shoot and then take your opponents by surprise. Once you have fired, the weapon will take 30 seconds to reload and can fire a maximum of two shots at a time.

That’s everything you need to know to get the Cybertron Cannon in Fortnite. For more help with the new season of Fortnite, check out our guide on where to find a Flapjack Rifle. Elsewhere, there’s our look at when Purradise Meowscles is coming to Fortnite.

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