Visual Test: How Many Pencils Are There In This Viral Brain Puzzle?

Puzzles to test your IQ: A puzzling image of pencils is doing the rounds on the Internet. This viral eye test riddle asks to know how many pencils are in the picture. Netizens are baffled by correctly counting the total number of pencils.

Look at this interesting image. How many pencils do you see? This puzzle can be solved by any age group. Children can improve their counting skills with this puzzle. It is also beneficial for children and preschoolers to learn matching and sorting.

People who love solving puzzles can also benefit as puzzles help de-stress and relax. They help keep the brain active and improve cognitive skills. Look at the picture and count the total number of pencils in this picture. This puzzle will test your observation and vision skills.

Picture Puzzle IQ Test: Can you count the number of pencils in 10 seconds?

picture puzzle how many pencils are there?

If you can find the total number of pencils in this enigmatic puzzle, you have exceptional powers of observation and 20/20 vision. You are excellent at matching and classifying objects in complex images.

Your time starts now! You have 10 seconds to find out how many pencils are in this image.

Can you say the correct number of pencils in the picture?

Don’t worry! We have provided the answer below.

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Did you find the correct number of pencils in the image?

Good job!

Visual puzzles and sequencing puzzles can improve your categorization and spatial reasoning skills. If you were able to solve this puzzle, you have a lot of attention to detail.

This puzzle helps speed up your child’s ability to count objects, improve visual discrimination skills, develop motor skills, and strengthen hand-eye coordination.

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Hidden Object Picture Puzzle with Answer

However, if you are still trying to find the total number of pencils in this image, we have provided the solution below.

riddles how many pencils answers

If you could tell each pencil apart by looking closely at the color and patterns, you would have discovered that:

There are a total of 72 pencils in the image above. There are 18 pencils arranged horizontally in the center, 18 pencils arranged vertically in the center, 18 pencils arranged diagonally (with erasers on the left), and 18 pencils arranged diagonally (with erasers on the right).

Did you enjoy this puzzle?

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