Use your puzzle-solving skills to find the butterfly hiding among dalmatian puppies within 8 seconds!

Solving puzzles daily improves your intelligence. These online puzzles have been scientifically proven to improve your cognitive skills, memory strength, logical and observation skills, and other skills. Additionally, these online puzzles have been found to improve your mood. If you’re having a bad day and looking for a way to de-stress, one of the best ways to do so is by solving puzzles.

So today we have a new edition of these hidden object puzzles for you. Today we have prepared a visual test for you. This new puzzle is simple. You must look at an image to find an element hidden in it. The hidden object can be anything from an inanimate object to animals or people.

Use your sharp eyes and find the second giraffe in the picture in 5 seconds!

Find the butterfly in 8 seconds.


Source: Cool Side

The image above shows a horde of adorable Dalmatian puppies. A cute little intruder has managed to sneak into the horde of puppies and it’s up to you to find him. The intruder is a tiny and equally adorable butterfly. Will you be able to find it within the time limit? We give you 8 seconds, a sufficient amount of time, to solve this visual puzzle with ease.

You have sharp vision if you can find the tiger in the park within 5 seconds.

You know the drill, grab your phone, set the timer and get started. Your time starts now. All the best, guys. The solution to this visual test puzzle is given below. Scroll down to see it.

Visual test solution

The butterfly that hides among the Dalmatian puppies is here. Have a look:


Source: Cool Side

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