There is a hidden face in Columbia Pictures logo… Can you spot it in 10 seconds?

Optical illusions can increase the likelihood that we will see familiar patterns in random images. This is because our brains are programmed to look for patterns, and when we see an optical illusion, our brains can interpret the information in a way that creates a familiar pattern.

Optical illusions can cause pareidolia which can lead us to see things that do not really exist, or to see things in a different way than reality. Pareidolia is the tendency to see familiar patterns in random or ambiguous stimuli. This can include seeing faces in clouds, rocks, or even toast.

Here we have the Columbia Pictures logo. It is one of the most iconic logos in Hollywood. It features a woman with a torch standing in front of a set of clouds. But did you know that there is a hidden side in the image? Your challenge is to detect it in 10 seconds.

Optical Illusion IQ Test: There’s a Hidden Face in the Columbia Pictures Logo… Can You See It?

columbia hidden face images optical illusion

The hidden face in the Columbia Pictures logo is an interesting illusion image. It is also a perfect example of pareidolia, which is a psychological ability of humans to see familiar patterns or meaningful images or faces in random images.

You have 10 seconds to detect the hidden face. You can do it?

Your time starts now!

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Hidden Faces Optical Illusion Response

There is a face hidden in the clouds in the Columbia Pictures logo that is more noticeable in the 2006 version than in the original 1993 version.

columbia hidden face photos optical illusion answers

Did you enjoy this optical illusion?

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