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Corrupt Priest Chapter 22 Comics

In Chapter 22 of the comic “The Corrupted Priest”, the mysterious mage Mark struggles to deal with the fading memories of his past life. These memories are fading away, leaving him with only the basic knowledge of his past existence. What’s fascinating is that Mark is not a human, but an elaborate creation that mimics humans, and he remains blissfully unaware of his true nature, believing himself to be an ordinary human being blessed by a divine being.

A minor spoiler suggests that a relentless search for a mysterious priest is underway, reminiscent of the Kudray prototype from Novel Extras. This priest who happens to be the most powerful among humans is also characterized not by romance but by a strong maternal instinct.

However, a major spoiler reveals a drastic plot twist: God attempts to take over the priest’s body to destroy Malnak, but the priest effortlessly resists this divine intrusion and defeats God to protect Malnak.

Spoilers for Chapter 22 of Corrupt Priest

In Chapter 22 of the story, the mage is grappling with the impending loss of his past life memories. All that lingered was a faint awareness that he once inhabited another existence. Interestingly, he is not human, but an artifact designed to imitate humans. The strange thing is that he is completely unaware of this fact and firmly believes that he is an ordinary person blessed by God.

As a minor spoiler, there are hints that Reverend Malnak is about to reveal a major revelation. Not only is she the wizard’s mentor, she is also the most powerful human character in the story. Her character is described as cool, similar to the boss character in Novel Extras, albeit without the romantic subplot, but with the added maternal instinct.


Corrupt Priest Chapter 22 Review

The chapter begins with Malnak, scattered across a snowy forest. In those days, his mind was often troubled by unnecessary worries. Every day is hard and sometimes I go hungry due to lack of income.

It was during a particularly brutal snowstorm that fate intervened and introduced him to his rescuer, Chantux. This man is a bit mysterious, somewhere between youth and old age. Chantux exudes a laid-back vibe but can be serious when the situation calls for it.

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Corrupt Priest Chapter 22 Raw Scan

The raw scans were made available on the official website a week before the episode’s official release. For those eager to access early content, it is recommended to visit the official website. The timing provides fans with a unique opportunity to get a sneak peek at episode content before it becomes widely available.

By keeping an eye on the official website, enthusiasts can keep up to date with the latest developments and potentially enjoy exclusive access to raw scans. This early release strategy adds excitement to loyal fans, allowing them to delve deeper into a story or content before the official release date. So if you’re eager to get an early look at what’s to come, checking the official website a week before an episode is released is a valuable move to consider.

Corrupted Priest Chapter 22 Release Date

“Corrupt Priest” Chapter 22 was released on Saturday, September 16, 2023 in the Korea Standard Time (KST) region. New chapters are usually published weekly. It’s worth mentioning that unofficial or fan-made English translations are usually released a few days later, usually 2 to 3 days after the Korean original is released.

Time zone



India Standard Time (IST)

Friday, September 15

08:30 PM

Central European Time (CEST)

Friday, September 15

05:00 PM

New York

Friday, September 15

11:00 AM

Pacific Time (Pacific Standard Time)

Friday, September 15

08:00 am

Eastern European Time (EEST)

Friday, September 15

06:00 PM

Philippine Standard Time (PHT)

Friday, September 15

11:00 pm

Singapore Standard Time (SST)

Friday, September 15

11:00 pm

Japan Standard Time (JST)

Saturday, September 16

12:00 AM (midnight)

Australian Capital Territory (ACST)

Saturday, September 16

01:00 am

Eastern Indonesia Time (EIST)

Saturday, September 16

12:00 AM (midnight)

Korea Standard Time (KST)

Saturday, September 16

12:00 AM (midnight)

Where can I read Corrupt Priest Chapter 22 online?

“The Corrupted Priest” Chapter 22 will be available on Naver Series and Naver Webtoon, but only in its original original format in Korean. Unfortunately, there is no official English translation of The Corrupt Priest available on any website so far.

English readers eager to learn more about the story will have to rely on the original Korean version, as there is currently no authorized English translation. It is worth noting that some dedicated fans or unofficial sources may attempt to provide unofficial translations, but they should be treated with caution as they may not accurately capture the essence and nuances of the original work.

So for English-speaking fans, you may want to be patient while you wait for an official translation, if one is indeed planned.

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