The Equalizer 3 Ending Explained, Cast, Plot, Review, and More

The Equalizer 3 ending explained

The Equalizer 3 ended with an interesting ending for Denzel Washington’s McCall, opening the door for a potential fourth film. The film begins with former DIA officer McCall injured after dismantling a Sicilian gang base.

He found refuge in a seaside village called Altamont, where the locals nursed him back to health and treated him like family. However, the village is threatened by the mafia organization “Camorra”. When their violence escalated, McCall was forced to retaliate with equal force.

In the climax, McCall violently confronts Vincent and his crew at home, wiping them out. Collins was promoted despite the injury, while McCall seemed to find solace in opting to stay in the village. A prominent theme of The Equalizer 3 is that people eventually get where they belong.

By the end, McCall seemed to have found his niche. The film depicts a darker side of McCall, who is still grappling with the loss of his best friend and the betrayal of a former colleague. His methods become more brutal, reflecting a desire for revenge.

During McCall’s recovery, however, McCall rediscovered his compassion, as embraced by the villagers. After Vincent’s death, he returned to Altamont and took part in the village festivities with a sense of contentment. He gave Collins his black book, marking his departure from life as a vigilante. An ending means an end, and puts the character in a positive state.

While the third film ends McCall’s journey on a peaceful note, a fourth installment isn’t ruled out. The ending hinted that McCall was ready to retire, but The Equalizer 4 is still a possibility if audiences are interested and Denzel is willing.

Equalizer 3

Directed by Antoine Fuqua, The Equalizer 3 is a 2023 American cop action thriller. The film is the sequel to The Equalizer 2 and the concluding chapter of the Equalizer trilogy, a series loosely inspired by the TV show of the same name.

In the film, Denzel Washington once again plays Robert McCall, a retired U.S. Marine and former Defense Intelligence Agency officer. The cast includes Dakota Fanning, David Denman, Sonia Amma and Remo Girone in supporting roles.

After the release of the second film on August 2, 2018, preliminary discussions on the creation of the third film began. The project was officially confirmed in January 2022. Principal photography begins on October 10, 2022, capturing scenery along the picturesque Amalfi Coast. Italy.

Filming continued in the region until November 20, before moving to Naples in early December, with production wrapping up in Rome in January 2023. Robert Richardson serves as director of photography, reuniting with Foca on Liberation (2022). Sony Pictures presents audiences with The Equalizer 3, which opens September 1, 2023 .


The Equalizer 3 Trailer

The Equalizer 3 plot

In the tranquil and picturesque landscape of southern Italy, Robert McCall seeks refuge and peace. However, this peaceful life is suddenly shattered when he receives distressing news – his close friend has fallen into the grip of a local criminal organization.

As tensions mount and a dangerous situation reaches a boiling point, McCall’s sense of responsibility becomes apparent. He realizes that he must take on the role of guardian, a shield against the mafia threat.

With unwavering determination, he confronted the underworld head-on, and shouldered the mission of ensuring the safety and freedom of his best friends. In this high-stakes and potentially deadly showdown, McCall’s unwavering determination drives him to battle the forces of organized crime, determined to restore peace and protect those he holds dear against the backdrop of this beautiful and dangerous Italy.

The Equalizer 3 cast



Denzel Washington

Robert McCall

Dakota Fanning

Emma Collins

Eugenio Masstrandrea

Gio Bonucci

David Denman

Frank Conroy

Sonia Ben Ammar

Chiara Bonucci

Remo Girone

Enzo Alicio

Gaia Scodelaro


Andrea Scarducio

Vincent Quaranta

Andrea Dodro

Marco Quaranta

Salvador Ruco

El Salvador (right hand)

Alessandro Pes


Where can I watch Equalizer 3?

As of now, no streaming platform has the rights to provide online viewing of the “Equalizer 3” movie. Production studio MAPPA deliberately chose to release the film exclusively in theaters, driven by the film’s huge success.

MAPPA’s strategy revolves around maximizing box office revenue, as streaming movies could hurt realized profits. The studio’s top priority is keeping the theatrical experience an important part of the film’s success story.

Equalizer 3 Review

Set in a picturesque Italian town, The Equalizer 3 brings back Denzel Washington’s enigmatic nemesis Robert McCall for what appears to be the final installment in the series. McCall’s penchant for sitting in a café and watching the world go by provides a serene contrast, while his explosive fighting skills and smoldering intensity create a darker tone.

The film retains its signature ultra-violence and is reliably watchable, with McCall showcasing his near-superhuman strength and fighting abilities. Washington’s charisma remains compelling, and his image captures McCall’s brooding demeanor on his morally challenging path to justice.

The storyline, which features the Italian Mafia as its antagonist, evokes nostalgia by revisiting familiar themes from the series. Antoine Fuqua’s direction offers a sweeping bird’s-eye view and cinematic recognition, and there’s a comfort in the film’s familiarity with genre standards. Ultimately, The Equalizer 3 focuses on McCall’s relentless pursuit of justice and retribution, bringing entertainment and a hint of introspection to his character.

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