Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rancor tips and strategy

The Rancor is a legendary optional boss that you can encounter quite a bit in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and compared to any fight you’ve ever had in the story, it’s the first real challenge Cal Kestis will face even on the standard Jedi Knight difficulty.

An iconic monster since its appearance in Return of the Jedi, you’ll have the option of encountering the Rancor shortly after first arriving on the planet Koboh, just before reaching the Pyloon Saloon in the Rambler’s Reach outpost. There is a Seeker nearby who you can talk to who will tell you about other Seekers who went to explore a nearby mine and haven’t returned, sparking a rumor for you to investigate. The mine entrance will be right behind you.

As your fights with the Empire up to this point will have been fairly easy in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, this is a good side quest to test your Jedi skills and also where you can access a very useful perk. Early. This guide will provide you with all the information and tips you will need to defeat this massive brute.

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How to prepare for Rancor in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Since this boss is available in the first three hours of the game, Cal won’t have leveled up his skills much at this point, so you may find yourself less prepared for this fight if you decide to take on the Rancor as soon as he learns about it. rumor related to nearby mines in Rambler’s Reach.

Because the Rancor hits very hard and is quite capable of one-shotting you, higher health will be vital to surviving the fight. We recommend upgrading the Resilience skill tree so that Cal’s maximum health increases at least once. You also have the option to reset your skills at any time, so it doesn’t hurt to spend five skill points to unlock expert survival skills.

It will also be important to find more stim packs to restore Cal’s life during the fight. We were able to complete this fight with just three stim packs, but you may wish you had found more before considering going down into the mines. If you die during the fight, your lost XP will appear as a glowing gold dot in the arena where you fight the Rancor, and touching it will also restore your health and strength meter. So as long as you don’t have too much XP that you’re afraid of losing, instead of going to gold point immediately, it’s worth keeping it as a backup if you run out of stimulus packages.

After you have explored the mines, known as Sodden Grotto, at the bottom you will find a sand pit. There is a meditation place nearby where you can rest and prepare your skills. Once you’re ready, jump into the hole. However, if the odds are against you, you also have the option to turn around and get back out of the hole!

Do you need help with camera puzzles? Check out our walkthroughs for the Chamber of Clarity, the Chamber of Reason, and the Chamber of Duality. We also have guides to help you learn how to enter the Forest Array and solve the Uhrma Crypt puzzle. Do you want to travel in style? Then you can learn to tame and ride animals. If you want to upgrade your weapons, we can show you how to get Quickdraw Blaster and Crossguard Stance too. Upgrades like this can come in handy when you need a strategy to defeat the Rancor.

How to defeat Rancor in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

To begin with, the Rancor is slow and heavy, but it can hit very hard. He has three basic attacks, each with a one-two combo. With his claws, he can swipe the left followed by the right, and another where he hits the left claw followed by the right with a slightly slower pace. Getting hit with even one of these attacks is enough to put your health in the red, so taking a full hit will kill you.

He may also try to stomp you with his feet, again with the left followed by the right, but this also deals AOE damage from the ground, although the AOE is not as damaging as direct claw attacks. In any case, taking this Rancor means parrying each attack or two as it comes or keeping your distance. However, you can shorten the distance by jumping forward quickly.

The Rancor also has a couple of nasty unblockable attacks that he telegraphs first with a red glow. One is where he raises both claws above his head and then slams them down, sending a shockwave from the ground at you, usually if you’re fighting from a distance. You can dodge to the sides when this happens, although you’ll probably be too far away from the Rancor to follow up with an attack.

The one he fears is when he raises his claws up to his chest and then charges at you. If he catches you, you will unfortunately be his snack right there as he traps you in his jaws, while the camera tilts up slightly to spare you the gory details.

There’s only so much you can do from a distance other than throw your lightsaber at him before your strength meter runs out, and you can’t really use the rock pillar, where the Rancor first emerges from behind, as cover, as it it will just plow. through it as if nothing had happened. So ultimately you will have to face it head on. If you’re not that confident to parry, the best thing to do is try to prime the unblockable charge. After dodging that, it’s an easy way to get some free hits, which then also build up one unit of your strength meter so you have a safe throw with the lightsaber.

You can also stop the beast with its own past meals. In the pit, there are bones lying around that you can use force telekinesis to pick up and then throw into the Rancor’s mouth. This will keep it disabled for a few precious seconds, also allowing you to get some free hits or a moment to take a breather. Note that the Rancor’s block meter is only affected by parries, so any attacks you make on him will reduce his health.

You won’t have to completely reduce the Rancor’s health on your own, as when it only has a small percentage of its bar left, the game will begin a cutscene in which Cal takes down the beast.

Grudge Reward in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Killing the Rancor will give you a full skill point of XP and end the missing seekers rumor side quest. You may have noticed a glowing blue object at the end of the Rancor’s lair. Once you’ve defeated it, you’ll be able to examine it and unlock the Shatter Perk. This is a really useful perk to equip early on, as it will make breaking an enemy’s lock meter with your attacks considerably faster.

Although the quest is considered complete upon defeating the Rancor, it is worth revisiting the seeker who tipped you off in the first place. Talking to her, you’ll find out that she knew about the Rancor all along and wanted you to get rid of it so she could have the mine to herself. Let’s hope for her sake that another Rancor doesn’t appear!

With this legendary enemy out of the way, you’ll be a little stronger and wiser for the rest of the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor campaign.

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