Seek and Find Puzzle: Can you find a bee on the football field in 7 seconds?

Search and Find Puzzle – “Search and Find Challenge” is one of the popular online puzzle games that test your observation skills and attention to detail.

These types of puzzles are known to improve attention and enhance participants’ visual perception.

The hidden element can be any object, animal, number, alphabet, etc. This activity is beneficial for enhancing concentration and observation skills.

Do you want to check how detailed you are?

Then try to spot a bee on the football field in 7 seconds.

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Search and find: find a bee on the football field in 7 seconds


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The image shared above features a field scene in which players can be seen participating in a football or soccer match. The referee can be seen raising a red card for a foul committed by one of the players.

There is a bee that has broken into the playing field and your task is to detect it on the field within 7 seconds to complete the challenge successfully.

This challenge is a good way to test your attention to detail.

To detect the bee it is necessary to observe the image carefully.

Finding the bee on the playing field in 7 seconds is quite a difficult task.

People with superior observation skills will notice the bee faster than others.

Have you located the bee?

Hurry up! Time flies.

The bee may be right in front of your eyes, but you may not notice it at first.

Did you notice the bee now?




The time limit has ended.

How many of you were able to spot the bee within the time limit?

We believe that most of you have found the bee in the museum, while others are still searching.

Are you curious to know where the bee is?

Then take a look at the solution below.

Find bee on soccer field in 7 seconds – Solution

The bee can be seen between the two yellow-clad players right in the center of the image.


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