Redfall Basswood Safehouse key location

You must find the Basswood Safehouse key in Redfall to restore power to the safe house’s generator and gain access to its basement.

Each safe house in Redfall has a different way to access them, and the Basswood Safehouse has a silent method of getting your key, and one that alerts enemies in the area.

Below, we’re going over the key Basswood Safehouse location and how to get to it without having to deal with a bunch of vampires and cultists.

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Redfall Basswood Safehouse Key Location

The key to the Basswood Safehouse in Redfall is found in the door of the bloody car directly behind the safe house generator. However, if you want to pick it up without alerting enemies in the area, you’ll have to complete one more small step.

Before picking up the key, look to the right, next to the rear wheel of the car, to find an alarm. If you don’t want to start a fight with cultists and vampires, then you need to use a rewiring kit to hack the car alarm. Rewire Kits are found as random loot or purchased from lost and found stores in places like the fire station or other safe houses.

Once you have the Basswood Safehouse key, take it to the nearby generator and use it to turn on the power.

You can now enter the safe house through the basement hatch at any time to take on new missions or resupply your ammo. The location will also become a fast travel point that you can use to quickly jump to this area of ​​the Basswood neighborhood.

In addition to this, once you complete the ‘Vampire Cult Rally’ safe house mission and take out the vampire boss during the ‘Carpe Noctem’ safe house mission, the lost and found mustache will have a chance to spawn rare items that you can shop with Support. .

All the best on your Redfall journey!

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