Put your visual skills to the test by finding the A hidden among 4 in 8 seconds!

Are you someone who likes challenges? If so, this is the perfect activity for you! In this visual test puzzle, you will be tasked with finding the letter “A” hidden between the rows and columns of the number 4. The font and color of the number and the alphabet are the same, so you will require a good eye and a Sharp mind to find the A. If you think you are up for a challenge, you should try this puzzle!

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To make this puzzle more challenging, we will set a time limit for you. You have to find the hidden alphabet in the given time. Think of this puzzle as a great way to test your visual skills and have fun too. Let’s get started, then?

Visual test: find the A between 4 in 8 seconds


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You can see several rows and columns of the number 4 in this visual picture puzzle. Among the crowd of 4 is hidden the letter A. As you already know, your goal is to find the hidden letter within the time limit. So don’t waste a single second. Go get your phones; set your stopwatch; take out your glasses; and begin.

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Good luck people! The solution is just below. Scroll down to see it.

Visual test solution

Here is the letter A hidden between the number 4:


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