Put your detective skills to test and spot the hitman in the vintage picture before it’s too late!

How attentive do you think you are? Can you take a look at a picture and find an item hidden inside in no time? If you can, we have a pretty difficult brain puzzle for you. What we have here is another visual test puzzle for you today. The idea behind this visual test is simple. All you need to do is find something hidden inside the image. You are ready? Let us begin.

98% cannot find the snail hidden in the park in 5 seconds. You will pass?

Visual test: discover the hitman


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The image above shows an old image. There are six men standing in a jungle. Four of them are grouped together and another man points a gun at the group of men. We’ve seen 5 men in the jungle so far, and there are six in total. Hence the question arises: where is the sixth man?

Only true cat lovers can find the woman’s cat on the chart in 5 seconds!

Actually, the sixth man is an elite hitman and he is hiding somewhere in the jungle. Your goal in this visual puzzle is to find the hitman and stop him before it’s too late. Let’s make this challenge a little more difficult by setting a timer. You will have only 6 seconds to detect the hitman. So, get ready and go. Best of luck.

Scroll down to see the solution.

You are very attentive if you can see the crow hiding from the wolf in the image within 6 seconds!

Visual test solution

Here is the hitman.


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