Pokémon Go Legends 0486 quest step and rewards

Legends 0486 is a free timed research mission released globally during Go Tour: Sinnoh in Pokémon Go.

This investigation in Pokémon Go requires you to use the Party Play feature, so if you’re not already familiar with it, be sure to read our Party Play guide. Be warned though, Party Party still has a number of bugs and annoyances that could affect other game types you need to use during the event, including Routes.

Below you will find the Legends 0486 quest step and rewards, along with group challenges available during the event to help you complete this Pokémon Go quest.

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Passage of the mission ‘Legends 0486’ in Pokémon Go

Legends 0486 is a free timed research quest released globally in Pokémon Go on Saturday, February 24, 2024 as part of Go Tour: Sinnoh.

Because it is a timed research mission, Legends 0486 must be completed before Go Tour: Sinnoh ends at 6 pm (local time) on Sunday, February 25, or you will not be able to claim your rewards.

Please note that you must use the Party Play feature to complete ‘Legends 0486’, so if you need a refresher on how it works (and how it works), No works sometimes), check out our Party Play guide.

Here is the Legend 0486 mission pass and rewards in Pokémon Go:

‘Legends 0486’ Step 1 of 1

Rewards: 10 Regirock Candies, 10 Regice Candies, and 10 Registeel Candies.

The Season of Eternal Journeys in Pokémon Go comes to an end with the Go Tour: Sinnoh Global event. During this event, you can complete the mission Go Tour 2024: It’s About Time and Space, Legends 0486 and use the new adventure effects by capturing Origin Forme Dialga and Origin Forme Palkia. During it, take the time to try out Routes, Gift Exchange, and Party Play while you hunt for rare Pokémon, battle in Go Battle League, or compete in PokéStop Showcases.

Group challenges and rewards for Go Tour Sinnoh in Pokémon Go

Party Challenges are available while you are in a party as part of the Party Play feature in Pokémon Go. Since you must complete these challenges to get your Legends 0486 rewards, we’ve listed them below to help you plan ahead.

Pokémon Go Party Play artwork showing four character avatars waving at the camera wearing Eeveelution t-shirts.
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Here are the Go Tour Sinnoh group challenges and rewards in Pokémon Go:

  • Catch 10 Rock-type Pokémon – 10 Regirock candies
  • Catch 10 Ice-type Pokémon – 10 Regice candies
  • Catch 6 Steel-type Pokémon – 10 Registeel candies

Here’s everything we know about how Legends 0486 research works:

How does Legends 0486 work in Pokémon Go?

Legends 0486 is a free timed research mission released during Go Tour: Sinnoh in February 2024 that you must use the Party Play feature to complete. Since you must use Party Play to complete this mission, Legends 0486 can only be completed with the help of another player.

This means that you must be level 15 or higher (the level required for Party Play) and have someone you can use Party Play with to progress in Legends 0486. However, having two phones can help solve this problem…

Since Legends 0486 is a timed research mission, you only have until Sunday, February 25 at 6 pm (local time) to complete it or you will miss out on your rewards. This coincides with the end of Go Tour: Sinnoh, so be sure to complete all your tasks before then, unless it’s a special research mission that remains even after the event ends.

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Outside of these conditions, Legends 0486 works exactly the same as any other research mission; Complete the challenge to claim all your rewards.

Good luck completing Legends 0486!

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