Only someone intelligent can tell which lines are parallel in the image within 7 seconds!

Puzzles are a tried and true method to improve your mood and give your brain a much-needed break. When solved regularly, these puzzles are believed to improve lateral thinking and problem-solving skills. As icing on the cake, brain teasers are also a lot of fun to solve. So, are you ready to have a good time while exercising your mind at the same time?

We hope so, because we have prepared a puzzle for you that will test your ability to coordinate your senses with your brain. We’ll start when you’re ready.


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Puzzle: What lines are parallel?


Source: Cool Side

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In this picture puzzle, you can see a series of slanted lines. Your goal in this brain puzzle is to find out which of the lines are parallel.

As usual, we have a timer set for this picture puzzle. You have 7 seconds to solve this puzzle.

Get prepared. This is a test of your logical thinking and reasoning skills.

And your time begins now.

Only a very intelligent person can detect the error in a street image from the 1920s in five seconds!

All the best!

The clock is ticking.



And 1

Time is over.

Puzzle solution

All lines are parallel.


Source: Cool Side

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