Only individuals with great observational skills can find the cat in the street picture within 5 seconds!

How good are your observation skills? Challenge yourself by finding the cat hidden in this image in 5 seconds.

Saumya Updated: Jul 18, 2023 11:49 IST

Can you find the cat?

Can you find the cat?

Optical illusions have fascinated and perplexed human minds for generations by testing our ability to see beyond the apparent. Optical illusion puzzles seek to push the limits of your imagination with their mind-blowing images that trick your vision and fascinating designs that defy reason. These riddles are meant to help you discover what is hiding right in front of you. These exercises are great for honing your observation skills and sharpening your attention to detail. Are you ready for the optical illusion puzzle we have for you today? Let us begin.

Find the cat in 5 seconds


Source: The Quiz Central

The image above shows a street view of the pretty town of Colmar, located in France. In the image you can see several beautiful houses decorated with potted plants. Although there are no humans present in the image, there is an adorable cat hidden in it. Your task is to detect the cat within the given time. Are you ready? Set your timers and get started. All the best.

This optical puzzle is not as difficult as you might think. The cat is hiding in a pretty obvious place, you just have to look. That’s why we have given you only 5 seconds to solve this puzzle. This one is easy, so we hope you don’t need the solution to this picture puzzle. Still, we provide it at the end of this article. You can check it if you don’t find the cat in the street image within 5 seconds.

Optical illusion solution

This optical puzzle asked you to locate the cat hidden in the street image within the given time. Here is the adorable feline:


Source: The Quiz Central

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