Only geniuses can find out who kidnapped the bride in 6 seconds!

Brain teasers are a type of riddles that require thoughtful and critical reasoning to solve. They often involve lateral thinking, meaning you need to think outside the box and use unconventional methods to find the solution. Solving these brain puzzles is challenging and fun; They help improve your problem-solving skills and also improve your creativity.

You can find different types of puzzles on the Internet. Some require you to use your analytical and critical thinking skills, while others require you to use your observation skills. Some are easy to solve, while others can be quite challenging.

So if you’re looking for a fun and challenging way to exercise your mind, puzzles are a great option. They can help you stay alert and improve your cognitive skills while keeping you entertained.

Find the kidnapper in 6 seconds

Let’s take a look at today’s picture puzzle.


Source: Cool Side

The image is from a wedding ceremony. You can see that the groom is desperate. Someone has kidnapped the bride from his own wedding. There are three suspects so far. You have to observe the picture carefully and analyze each suspect, then find out who kidnapped the bride. Are you ready? Let’s start. You only have 6 seconds, so hurry up. All the best!

Several studies by researchers suggest that solving riddles and brain teasers daily helps you become smarter and improve your overall cognitive skills.

We have provided the solution to this puzzle with images at the end of this article. When your 6 seconds are up, scroll down to see it. We will be waiting to hear the news of your success.

Puzzle solution

The third man was the kidnapper. Look for yourself:


Source: Cool Side

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