Only a genius can find what is wrong with the poolside picture in 5 seconds!

Are you tired of working or studying continuously? Does your mind feel cloudy? Or do you feel like you don’t want to do anything?

These are some of the symptoms of burnout. You may not think about it much, but burnout can critically affect your cognitive abilities, leaving you without energy and will. If it persists, it will affect your physical and mental health and may cost you your productivity.

In these cases what you have to do is take a breath.

You can sit outside, listen to music, go for a run or walk, talk to your close friends or family or… you can solve puzzles.

You might be thinking, why solve puzzles?

Well, to answer your question, riddles are a proven way to improve your mood and give your brain a much-needed refresher.

Studies have shown that solving puzzles on a regular basis will greatly improve lateral thinking and problem-solving ability.

Acting as the icing on the cake, the puzzles are also super fun!


That’s why we’re here with another puzzle to give you a little break and help you improve a little.

Are you ready? Come on!

Only someone with a high IQ can detect the error in the desert image within 4 seconds!

Puzzle: What’s wrong with the picture by the pool?


Source: Cool Side

Something is wrong with this poolside image, where a man and woman can be seen hanging out and relaxing on pool chairs. Take a closer look at the picture puzzle and try to figure out what’s wrong in 5 seconds. You can do it?

Only true geniuses can find how many holes are in the t-shirt in 9 seconds!

Consider this a test of your genius level, so try to solve this puzzle in the given time or less. Get prepared. Your time starts now. All the best.

Scroll down to find the solution.

Puzzle solution

The pool water is freezing, but it’s not winter. Have a look:


Source: Cool Side

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