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My Kitchen Rules (MKR) is a popular Australian cooking competition show that has been airing on Channel 7 since 2010. The show is currently hosted and judged by acclaimed chef Manu Feildel, who has made recurring appearances throughout the show’s seasons. Celebrity chef Pete Evans served as co-host until season 11, but quit amid controversy over his personal views and social media posts. Manufacturers often invite guest judges and culinary mentors.

Inspired by the success of MasterChef Australia and produced by the team behind My Restaurant Rules, MKR has enjoyed strong ratings for many years, consistently ranking among the most watched shows in Australia. However, the show’s ratings dropped between seasons 10 and 11, raising doubts about its future.

Despite initial uncertainty, MKR is back for season 12 in 2022, with Manu Feidel and new judges Nigella Lawson and Matt Preston ( Matt Preston) stars. The show continues to thrive and was renewed for a 13th season in September 2023, with Colin Fassnidge joining as head judge and co-host. The show remains a much-loved fixture in Australia’s culinary entertainment scene.

My Kitchen Rules 2023 Contestants

The 2023 My Kitchen Rules (MKR) Australia contestants are a diverse group of people with different backgrounds and cooking styles. Here is a brief overview of each team:




cocoa and pearls

31, 36

New South Wales

Nick and Christian

36, 34


Radha and Prabal

26, 26

New South Wales

Sonya and Marcus

53, not applicable

south australia

claudian and antony

52, 49


tommy and rachel

30, 30

Western Australia

Cocoa and Pearl NSW:

Hailing from New South Wales, Coco (31) and Pearls (36) bring a dynamic mix of personalities and cooking methods to the 2023 My Kitchen Rules competition. Known for their discerning tastes and picky approach to restaurant experiences, the pair are anything but conventional.

Coco is a New Zealand-born singer whose approach to cooking is imaginative and creative, often deviating from traditional recipes. In contrast, Pearls, who is from the Czech Republic, prefers to cook with an instinctive flair for cooking and avoids the constraints of step-by-step instructions. Convinced of their “extraordinary” cooking skills, Coco and Pearls are ready to incorporate their innovative culinary talents into the competition.

Nick and Christian, Vic:

Representing Victoria in the My Kitchen Rules 2023 competition, Nick (36) and Christian (34) are a dynamic pair of best friends who first met while studying drama at university. Their close bond and shared experiences in their theater careers have created a solid team dynamic that allows them to develop a deep understanding of each other’s strengths in the kitchen.

Nick manages a bar, bringing his venue management expertise to the table, while Christian serves as restaurant supervisor, adding valuable restaurant industry knowledge to their culinary arsenal. They are ready to bring a unique blend of creativity and teamwork to the My Kitchen Rules stage.

Rada and Praba, NSW:

The formidable duo of Radha and Prabha, both 26-year-old identical twins from New South Wales, bring a touch of mystery to the 2023 My Kitchen Rules competition. The twins, who claim they can read each other’s minds, are ready to show off their incredible synergy in the kitchen.

Prabha’s background in cancer research and Radha’s pursuit of a legal career add different dimensions to their dynamic. Driven by a competitive spirit and an unwavering determination to prove themselves, Radha and Prabha will take on culinary challenges and showcase their exceptional talents on the My Kitchen Rules stage.

Sonia and Marcus, SA:

Sonia (53) and her son Marcus are bringing their unique culinary talents to the table as they represent South Australia in the 2023 My Kitchen Rules competition. Sonya is an enthusiastic food technology teacher at a high school who combines her teaching expertise with her passion for cooking. In contrast, Marcus is a skilled food photographer who approaches food from an artistic perspective.

While their love for cooking is undeniable, their different cooking styles occasionally spark kitchen arguments, adding an extra layer of excitement to their journey. Despite the occasional chaos, their strong team dynamic and shared commitment to culinary excellence make them a formidable pair in the competition, ready to make their mark on the My Kitchen Rules stage.

Claudian and Anthony, Queensland:

Claudean (52) and Anthony (49) from Queensland bring a wealth of experience and Italian style to the 2023 My Kitchen Rules competition. Their enduring relationship of 25 years created a blended family that added a unique dimension to their journey. The couple’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through as they run a market stall specializing in Italian food and manage Anthony’s floor-sanding business.

In the kitchen, Claudian’s energetic, opinionated approach contrasts with Anthony’s ultra-cold demeanor, creating an interesting dynamic. Together they represent Queensland’s passion for food and are committed to showcasing their culinary prowess on the My Kitchen Rules stage.

Tommy and Rachel, Washington State:

Tommy and Rachel, a dynamic duo from Western Australia, both 30, bonded as friends and roommates over their shared love of cooking and embarked on the journey of “I The Kitchen Rules 2023” tour. Tommy is a branding and graphic design freelancer who brings creativity to the kitchen, while Rachel has a background in fashion, styling and modeling, adding a touch of elegance to their culinary careers.

Their relationship shined, and they were known for their mutual support and passion for cooking. Together they represent Western Australia and are eager to showcase their culinary prowess and create crowd-pleasing dishes on the My Kitchen Rules stage.

The teams will compete in the 2023 My Kitchen Rules Australia competition, showcasing their cooking skills, teamwork and creativity in an effort to impress the judges and win the competition.


My kitchen rules format

In its original form during its first season, My Kitchen Rules (MKR) had a unique and intense competitive structure. The show begins with a sudden death format in which two teams prepare a three-course meal, with the losing team immediately eliminated from the competition.

In the initial stage, participating teams will be divided into two groups of five people, each group participating in a separate round of ready-to-eat restaurant competition. In these rounds, the last (fifth) team in each group will immediately face elimination. However, the third and fourth ranked teams will compete in a cook-off, and the two teams with the lowest scores in this cook-off will also be eliminated.

After the preliminaries, the remaining six teams will advance to the quarter-finals, which consists of three rounds. The first round featured second-place teams from two fast food groups. In the second round, the top team from the First Convenience Restaurant competed with the top team from the cooking competition, while in the final quarter-final round, the top team from the Second Convenience Restaurant competed with the second-place team from the cooking competition.

The losing team in each quarter-final round is immediately eliminated, while the team with the highest total score in the quarter-finals advances directly to the finals. The two remaining teams faced off in the semi-finals, with the winner claiming the final spot in the finals. This format added excitement and drama to MKR’s first few seasons.

Which channel airs My Kitchen Rules?

My Kitchen Rules (MKR) airs on Australia’s Seven Network. Channel 7 is a well-known commercial free-to-air television network known for its diverse programming, including reality shows, dramas, news and entertainment content.

MKR has been Network 7’s flagship show since its debut in 2010 and has achieved significant ratings, contributing to the network’s success in the highly competitive television landscape. The show’s partnership with the Seven Network has played a major role in making it one of Australia’s most popular and enduring cooking competition series. Viewers can tune into Channel Seven to watch the latest seasons and episodes of MKR.

My Kitchen Rules online streaming platform

My Kitchen Rules is available to watch on Prime Video. Prime Video offers viewers the convenience of watching this popular Australian cooking competition series from the comfort of their own home. By subscribing to Prime Video, viewers gain access to a library of entertainment content including MKR, allowing them to catch up on past seasons or watch the latest episodes.

This provides a flexible and convenient way to enjoy the delicious food, dramatic challenges and fierce competition that My Kitchen Rules has to offer, making it easy for fans to enjoy the excitement of the show at their own pace.

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