Move Only 1 Glass To Arrange 6 Glasses Full And Empty Alternatively

Did you know that only 2.5% of people have an IQ above 130? Therefore, if you are also looking to score higher on IQ tests, you should solve at least 2-3 riddles every day.

To help you increase your brain power and intelligence, we bring you another mind-blowing riddle. This glass of water puzzle is known to test your logical reasoning, sharpness and IQ level.

Can you solve this logic riddle to beat the 99% who couldn’t find the answer to this riddle?

The 6 glasses of water puzzle is a great way to test your logical thinking skills and ability to solve problems under pressure. If you can solve the puzzle, it means that you are able to think clearly and intelligently.

How smart are you? Move only 1 glass to arrange 6 full and empty glasses as an alternative

6 glasses riddle challenge

There are six glasses in a row. The first three glasses are filled with orange juice while the remaining three glasses are empty.

Can you arrange these six glasses so that the full and empty glasses are arranged in alternating order: full glass, empty glass, full glass, empty glass, full glass, and empty glass?

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That’s half the challenge. The hardest part of this challenge is that you can move only 1 glass to arrange the full and empty glasses alternately.

Your time starts now!

You can always refer to the solution at the end of this article when the time is up.

Don’t worry! We have provided the answer below.

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Six glasses, full and empty puzzle answer

Bravo! If you could find the answer. However, if you’re still wondering how you can move just 1 and arrange all the cups in alternate order, see below.

Answer: You pour the orange juice from glass 2 into glass 5.

riddles with answers 6 full and empty glasses

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