Most Popular Podcasts in the UK – Top 10 Engaging Audio 2023

Most Popular Podcasts in the UK

Podcasts have revolutionized the way we consume audio content, offering a diverse array of topics and perspectives at our fingertips. In the United Kingdom, the podcasting scene has flourished, captivating audiences with captivating storytelling, insightful conversations, and immersive experiences. From thought-provoking discussions on current affairs to delightful escapades into the realms of comedy, true crime, and self-improvement, the UK’s podcast landscape has something to offer everyone.





The Diary of a CEO

Steven Bartlett


The Rest is Politics

Alastair Campbell and Rory Stewart


The Therapy Crouch

Alice Fraser


Sh**ged Married Annoyed

Chris Ramsey and Rosie Ramsey


The News Agents

Emily Maitlis, Jon Sopel, and Lewis Goodall


The Rest is History

Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook



Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo


Off Menu

Ed Gamble and James Acaster



William Dalrymple and Anita Anand


Huberman Lab

Andrew Huberman

Top 10 Most Popular Podcasts in the UK

In the UK podcasting landscape, it’s not uncommon to find podcasts hosted by well-known personalities from various fields, including entertainment, sports, and journalism. Their unique perspectives and experiences add a layer of authenticity and familiarity, attracting devoted fans and curious listeners alike.

With the increasing popularity of podcasts, there are also noteworthy collaborations between podcasts and brands, as well as tie-ins with merchandise, live shows, and events. These endeavors not only elevate the podcasting experience but also create a sense of community among avid listeners.

Whether you’re seeking intellectual stimulation, comedic relief, captivating stories, or personal growth, the most popular podcasts in the UK offer a vast and diverse range of content. They invite listeners to explore new worlds, challenge their perspectives, and find moments of connection in the realm of audio storytelling.


1. The Diary of a CEO (Steven Bartlett)

Blending the tenacity of a heavyweight in the corporate world with the enlightened perspective of a contemporary sage, Steven Bartlett, renowned for his appearances on Dragons’ Den, stands as a prominent embodiment of a distinct archetype that has come to define the 2020s.

As a Chief Executive Officer, he not only possesses the acumen to build and fortify successful businesses, but he also assumes the role of an inspirational leader, guiding others on a spiritual level.

Bartlett’s monumental podcast serves as a dynamic platform where he explores a profound concept that has captivated the attention of countless business leaders, each boasting an array of glowing recommendations on their LinkedIn profiles: purpose. Through engaging discussions with esteemed guests who have experienced the depths of adversity as well as the heights of triumph, Bartlett delves deep into the true meaning of purpose, drawing from his own remarkable journey.

2. The Rest is Politics (Alastair Campbell and Rory Stewart)

Among the numerous unforeseen twists and turns that have characterized British politics in recent years, the resurgence of Alastair Campbell and Rory Stewart as influential figures deserves special attention. These two individuals, who have adopted the roles of centrist fathers, have taken the podcast world by storm, captivating audiences with their insightful reflections on both domestic and international politics twice a week.

Initially portrayed as an unlikely duo – Campbell, the fierce and determined Labour advocate, and Stewart, the liberal-minded Tory with ties to Eton College – their podcast’s success stems from their realization that they share striking similarities and are willing to engage in civil discourse, even when they disagree.

A shared frustration with the government is one factor that unites them, as is their ability to adopt a global perspective when analyzing current events.

3. The Therapy Crouch (Alice Fraser)

Having triumphed in the realm of football podcasts, Peter Crouch, the illustrious host of “The Peter Crouch Podcast,” has now ventured into the realm of relationships podcasts with remarkable finesse. As the current trend dictates, hosting a relationships podcast alongside one’s real-life partner has become the norm.

In this regard, Crouch finds an ideal companion in Abbey Clancy, who effortlessly embodies the qualities of wit, strong opinions, and a willingness to playfully tease her husband. Together, they delve into the intricate intricacies that can arise within one’s love life, unraveling various challenges such as the timing of moving in together or orchestrating the perfect proposal.

Each episode becomes a therapeutic exploration, offering valuable insights and guidance for navigating the complexities of romantic relationships.

4. Sh**ged Married Annoyed (Chris Ramsey and Rosie Ramsey)

The “Sh**ged Married Annoyed” podcast has taken the world by storm, captivating audiences with its candid and humorous exploration of relationships. Hosted by a dynamic duo, Chris and Rosie Ramsey, this podcast delves into the ups and downs of married life with refreshing authenticity and unfiltered humor.

With their genuine and relatable approach, Chris and Rosie Ramsey tackle the everyday nuances and challenges that arise within a marriage. From hilarious anecdotes to discussions about the quirks and annoyances of their relationship, they create a space where listeners can laugh, nod in agreement, and feel a sense of camaraderie. Their witty banter and effortless chemistry bring a refreshing lightness to topics that many couples can relate to, fostering a sense of connection and reassurance.

As the “Sh**ged Married Annoyed” podcast continues to gain popularity, it has become a go-to source for those seeking laughter and a deeper understanding of the intricacies of married life. With each episode, Chris and Rosie Ramsey’s authenticity shines through, making their podcast a delightful and relatable escape for listeners worldwide.

5. The News Agents (Emily Maitlis, Jon Sopel, and Lewis Goodall)

Earlier this year, prominent figures from the BBC, including Emily Maitlis, Jon Sopel, and Lewis Goodall, bid farewell to the corporation in order to spearhead Global’s prominent current affairs podcast. Even at this early stage, it is evident that this bold move has been a resounding success.

Throughout the tumultuous events, such as the unraveling of Prime Minister Johnson, the scramble for Tory leadership, the interregnum of Liz Truss, and the Sunak ultimatum, they have immersed themselves in the heart of Westminster and diligently covered the party conferences, exuding a sense of authority and unwavering confidence.

As the news agents of the podcasting world, Maitlis, Sopel, and Goodall have swiftly established themselves as trusted sources of information. Their profound understanding of political dynamics and their ability to deliver insightful analysis have captivated listeners. With an air of expertise, they navigate the complex realm of British politics, shedding light on the intricate workings of power, and keeping the public informed with unwavering dedication.

Through their commanding presence and unwavering commitment to reporting, Maitlis, Sopel, and Goodall have seamlessly transitioned into their new roles as leaders in the podcasting sphere, leaving an indelible mark on the world of current affairs.

6. The Rest is History (Dominic Sandbrook and Tom Holland)

Among the noteworthy productions from the Goalhangers production house, another remarkable success story emerges. Historians Dominic Sandbrook and Tom Holland collaborate to unearth the hidden gems of history, both widely recognized and obscure.

However, their podcast transcends the boundaries of mere historical exploration. It serves as a vehicle for examining current affairs through a broader lens, providing a perspective that surpasses the temporal limitations typically found in other podcasts.

With a unique approach, Sandbrook and Holland delve into various aspects of history, shedding light on fascinating narratives. Their insightful analysis intertwines the past and present, allowing listeners to appreciate the relevance of historical events in today’s world. Notably, their series of World Cup-themed specials stands out, as they venture deep into the annals of competing nations’ history, offering a comprehensive and immersive experience.

By combining their expertise in historical research with a penchant for uncovering captivating stories, Sandbrook and Holland have captivated audiences seeking a deeper understanding of the world’s complex tapestry. Their podcast serves as a captivating journey through time, enriching listeners’ perspectives and illuminating the interplay between past and present.

7. NearlyWeds (Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo)

Jamie Laing, well-known for his appearances on “Made in Chelsea,” has become a regular presence in podcast studios, surpassing the frequency of his chance encounters with fellow cast members off the King’s Road. Alongside his fiancée, Sophie Habboo, they have created a podcast that has consistently soared to the top of the charts throughout the year.

Their show revolves around dispensing wedding advice, offering invaluable insights on what to do, and more importantly, what not to do when planning the big day. The result is a delightful blend of humor and practical wisdom.

“NearlyWeds” resonates with its listeners through its witty and entertaining content. Jamie and Sophie’s infectious chemistry and lighthearted approach make for an enjoyable listening experience. They effortlessly navigate the intricacies of wedding planning, sharing anecdotes and relatable stories that bring a sense of levity to the often stressful process. Their podcast becomes a sanctuary for engaged couples, offering a refreshing perspective on navigating the ups and downs of wedding preparations.

As Jamie and Sophie continue to share their humor-infused wedding wisdom, “NearlyWeds” remains a beloved fixture in the podcasting landscape. Through their laughter-filled episodes, they guide and inspire couples, reminding them that amidst the chaos, love and laughter should always prevail.

8. Off Menu (Ed Gamble and James Acaster)

When a podcast reaches the pinnacle of success, it transcends its audio realm and ventures into exciting collaborations, such as tie-in t-shirts with a renowned menswear brand. Ed Gamble and James Acaster’s remarkable food podcast, “Off Menu,” is precisely that kind of sensation.

Its popularity is evident in the wave of podcasts that have followed suit, where guests engage in imaginative exercises like curating fantasy festival line-ups or film screenings. However, “Off Menu” continues to reign supreme, captivating audiences with its unique concept and a diverse range of guests.

The allure of “Off Menu” lies in its ability to attract an array of fascinating personalities. From the likes of Stanley Tucci and Rina Sawayama to Ed Sheeran and Rylan, the podcast invites an eclectic mix of individuals to share their culinary insights and personal anecdotes. In a memorable moment, even Rylan’s concerned mother phoned in during a recording, fearing the worst.

With each episode, “Off Menu” takes its listeners on a gastronomic adventure, delving into the tantalizing world of food and dining. Ed Gamble and James Acaster’s engaging rapport and witty banter create an immersive experience, making listeners feel like they’re joining in on a lively conversation. The podcast’s success lies not only in its ability to entertain but also in its knack for revealing the diverse stories and perspectives that surround the universal language of food.

As “Off Menu” continues to flourish, its impact on the podcasting landscape is undeniable. With its delectable blend of humor, culinary exploration, and captivating guest appearances, it has solidified its place as a must-listen for food enthusiasts and podcast aficionados alike.

9. Empire (William Dalrymple and Anita Anand)

What leads to the ascension of empires, and how do they eventually crumble? In what ways do they transform the lands and people they incorporate, whether through peaceful assimilation or violent conquest? And what remains in the aftermath once their reign ends? These profound questions serve as the foundation for William Dalrymple and Anita Anand’s thought-provoking podcast, “Empire.”

The inaugural season of this captivating series delves into the intricate story of Britain’s colonization of India. With meticulous attention to detail, Dalrymple and Anand unravel the historical narrative in a manner that compels listeners to reassess their perceptions of the present-day country, regardless of their prior knowledge. The podcast sheds light on the profound impact of colonization, illuminating the complexities that continue to shape India’s identity.

In its second season, “Empire” shifts its focus to the enigmatic Ottoman Empire. With equal depth and insight, Dalrymple and Anand explore the empire’s rich history, unraveling the intricate threads that contributed to its rise and eventual decline. Through engaging storytelling and meticulous research, they transport listeners to a bygone era, where the legacy of the Ottoman Empire reverberates to this day.

“Empire” stands as a testament to the power of historical exploration, shedding light on the complex interplay between empires and the societies they shape. Dalrymple and Anand’s podcast invites listeners to embark on a captivating journey through time, fostering a deeper understanding of the forces that have shaped our world.

10. Huberman Lab (Andrew Huberman)

In the vast landscape of popular science podcasts that bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and practical applications for daily life, one podcast stands out: Huberman Lab. This remarkable show delves into the realms of psychology and behavioral studies, providing listeners with digestible insights that have the potential to enhance their everyday experiences.

At the helm of Huberman Lab is Andrew Huberman, a distinguished neurobiology professor at Stanford University. With his name gracing the podcast’s doorway, Huberman effortlessly strikes a balance between captivating engagement and unwavering intensity. His expertise in the field shines through as he navigates complex topics with clarity, making them accessible and relevant to a wide range of listeners.

Huberman Lab is a gateway to understanding the intricacies of the human mind and behavior. By translating scientific research into practical takeaways, the podcast empowers individuals to apply this knowledge to their own lives. Whether it’s unraveling the mysteries of the brain or shedding light on behavioral patterns, Huberman Lab presents a captivating journey into the depths of human psychology.

Listeners are drawn into a world where scientific discoveries come to life, inviting them to explore the fascinating interplay between the mind, behavior, and everyday experiences. Huberman’s engaging demeanor and wealth of knowledge make Huberman Lab a must-listen for those seeking intellectual stimulation and a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Most-listened Podcasts in UK

Podcasts have taken the UK by storm, captivating audiences with their diverse range of topics and engaging storytelling. Delving into the podcasting landscape, we uncover some of the most-listened podcasts that have gained immense popularity across the nation. These podcasts have struck a chord with listeners, offering insightful discussions, captivating narratives, and moments of pure entertainment.

“The Peter Crouch Podcast”: Presented by former professional footballer Peter Crouch, this podcast blends sports, humor, and celebrity interviews. Crouch’s infectious personality and witty banter keep listeners entertained as he delves into the world of football and beyond.

“The High Low”: Journalists Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes dissect popular culture, current events, and everything in between in this insightful podcast. Their intelligent discussions, book recommendations, and analysis of social issues have made “The High Low” a go-to podcast for those seeking engaging and thought-provoking content.

“No Such Thing As A Fish”: Presented by the researchers behind the popular TV show “QI,” this podcast takes a humorous and informative approach to trivia. Each episode features intriguing facts and bizarre stories, delivered with wit and charm, making it a favorite among curious minds.

“My Dad Wrote A Porno”: Jamie Morton reads chapters from his dad’s hilariously bad erotic novel alongside his friends James Cooper and Alice Levine. This comedic podcast combines laughter and cringe-worthy moments as they navigate the absurd world of amateur erotic fiction.

“The Guilty Feminist”: Comedian Deborah Frances-White hosts this empowering and thought-provoking podcast that explores the contradictions and challenges of modern-day feminism. With a mix of stand-up comedy and insightful discussions, “The Guilty Feminist” sparks conversations on important social issues.

“Desert Island Discs”: A beloved classic, this long-running BBC radio show invites notable guests to share the eight songs they would choose to have with them if stranded on a desert island. The interviews offer a glimpse into the lives and musical tastes of influential figures from various fields.

“David Tennant Does A Podcast With…”: Actor David Tennant engages in intimate and candid conversations with renowned guests from the world of entertainment, including actors, musicians, and comedians. With his charm and curiosity, Tennant uncovers personal stories and experiences that captivate listeners.

“Happy Place”: Fearne Cotton hosts this uplifting podcast, inviting guests to open up about their personal struggles and journeys toward happiness. Through honest conversations, “Happy Place” explores mental health, self-care, and finding inner contentment, offering inspiration and comfort to listeners.

These podcasts represent a diverse range of topics and styles, catering to various interests and tastes. Their widespread popularity is a testament to the captivating storytelling, engaging hosts, and quality content they offer. Whether you’re seeking laughter, insights, or intellectual stimulation, these most-listened podcasts in the UK have carved out a special place in the hearts and ears of listeners across the nation.

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