Most Beautiful Kpop Female Idols 2023 – Top 10 Prettiest Girls

Top 10 Most Beautiful K-pop Female Idols in 2023

Discover the 10 most beautiful K-pop female idols of 2023, featuring beautiful and talented artists from South Korea and Japan. From BLACKPINK’s Jennie to IU, these idols have captured the hearts of fans around the world with their stunning looks and impressive singing, rapping, and acting skills. Learn about their background, achievements, and captivating performances that have made them stand out in the competitive K-pop industry.

In the world of beauty there are numerous women who have conquered the hearts of many with their appearance. However, it is impossible to ignore the natural beauty that women possess. This article focuses on the most beautiful female idols in the K-pop industry.

List of the 10 most beautiful female idols in K-pop


Beautiful female K-pop idols

Up – 1


Up – 2

Lisa (pink black)

top 3

Tzuyu (TWICE)

Up – 4


Up – 5


Up – 6


Up – 7

Sana’a (TWICE)

Up – 8

Irene (Red Velvet)

Up – 9


Up – 10

MiYeon (G)I-DLE

Top 10 Beautiful Women in K-pop

Above – 1. Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

Kim Ji-soo, also known as Jisoo, is a 28-year-old South Korean singer and actress. Born on January 3, 1995 in Gunpo, Gyeonggi, South Korea, Jisoo made her debut as a member of the girl group BLACKPINK in August 2016, formed by YG Entertainment. She has been a fan of TVXQ since childhood. Of all the BLACKPINK members, Jisoo is known for her impressive personality and her fans often praise her for her perfect shape. Her beauty is undeniable and many fans have commented on her stunning appearance. She has been referred to as “the most attractive and beautiful among all K-pop idols.” According to our research, Jisoo has earned the first place on our list of Top 10 Most Beautiful K-pop Female Idols in 2023.

Above – 2. Lisa (BLACKPINK)

Lalisa Manoban, also known as Lisa, is a 25-year-old Thai rapper, singer and dancer. She debuted as a member of Blackpink under YG Entertainment. Our research shows that Lisa is the second most beautiful member of Blackpink, after Jisoo, and also the second most beautiful female K-pop idol in our top 10 list in 2023.

Lisa has been named the “Dancing Queen” among K-pop idols, and was the only one among 4,000 applicants from Thailand to enter YG Entertainment in 2010. There is no doubt that Lisa’s talent and beauty have made her in a beloved member. of the K-pop industry.

Above – 3. Tzuyu (TWICE)

Chou Tzu-yu, known as Tzuyu, is a 23-year-old Taiwanese singer living in South Korea. She is the youngest member of the girl group TWICE, formed by JYP Entertainment, and the only member from Taiwan. Tzuyu’s path to success has been notable, as she started out as an independent businesswoman and began dancing at a young age. She received training at a dance academy and is now recognized as one of the most beautiful female K-pop idols.

Above – 4. Nancy (MOMOLAND)

Nancy Jewel McDonie, also known as Nancy, is an American-Korean singer, dancer, actress and host. She is a member of the girl group Momoland, which was formed in 2016 through Mnet’s survival reality show Finding Momoland under MLD Entertainment. Nancy’s beauty has been recognized globally, as she ranked 10th in TC Candler’s “100 Most Beautiful Faces” in 2020.

Above – 5. Pink (BLACKPINK)

Rose, the Korean-New Zealand dancer and singer has achieved a notable achievement in her career. She holds two Guinness World Records, including being the first to reach number one as an artist and having the most viewed YouTube music video by a K-pop soloist in 24 hours. In addition to her achievements, she is known for her solo performances and her single album Ella R. Therefore, we have placed her at fifth place in our list of top 10 female Kpop idols. most beautiful of 2023.

Above – 6. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

Jennie Kim, known professionally as Jennie, is a South Korean rapper and singer. She debuted as a member of the girl group BLACKPINK in 2016 and then made her solo debut in November 2018 with the hit song “SOLO.” Jennie is considered a very beautiful and attractive K-pop idol and even YG Entertainment featured her as the “Mysterious Girl”, which led her to become the most searched topic on the portal websites.

Up – 7. Sana (TWICE)

Sana, whose real name is Sana Minatozaki, is a Japanese singer currently residing in South Korea. She rose to fame as a member of the K-pop girl group TWICE, formed by JYP Entertainment. Sana was discovered by a JYP Entertainment employee during her high school years and invited to participate in the JYP Japan audition. After participating in the audition, she joined the trainee program in April 2012 and trained with JYP for three years before debuting with TWICE.

Above – 8. Irene (Red Velvet)

Irene, whose real name is Bae Joo-hyun, is a 31-year-old South Korean singer, rapper and actress. She is the leader of the girl group Red Velvet and a member of its subunit Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi. Irene began her career as a member of SM Entertainment’s pre-debut training team and gained attention for her hosting skills on music shows such as Music Bank.

Up – 9. IU (SOLOIST)

Lee Ji-eun, known professionally as IU, is a popular South Korean singer, songwriter, and actress. She signed her first deal with Kakao M as a trainee at the age of fifteen, and her mini-album “Lost and Found” was released in 2008. IU rose to fame with her song “Good Day”, which topped the South Korea’s Gaon Digital. Chart for five consecutive weeks. She has released five studio albums and nine extended plays in her career and has achieved twenty-six number one singles on the Gaon music charts.

Up – 10. MiYeon (G)I-DLE

Miyeon, whose real name is Cho Mi-Yeon, is a South Korean actress, model and singer. She is the lead vocalist of the K-pop girl group (G) I-DLE, formed by Cube Entertainment. Before joining Cube Entertainment, she worked as a freelance singer. In 2018, she debuted with (G)I-DLE with their mini-album “I Am” and the title track “Latata”.

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