MasterChef Season 13 Elimination Tonight: Who Went Home on MasterChef USA Season 13 Tonight?

MasterChef Season 13

The thirteenth season of the highly popular American competitive reality television series, MasterChef, premiered on Fox on May 24, 2023. This season continued to showcase the culinary talents of home cooks from across the United States as they competed for the coveted title of MasterChef. Once again, the judging panel featured renowned culinary experts Joe Bastianich, Gordon Ramsay, and Aarón Sánchez.

The format of MasterChef remains consistent, with contestants facing a series of intense cooking challenges designed to test their skills, creativity, and ability to handle pressure in the kitchen. They compete in a range of cooking tasks, from mystery box challenges to team challenges, and must impress the judges with their dishes to advance in the competition.

As with previous seasons, the show featured a diverse group of home cooks from various backgrounds and regions of the United States. Each contestant brought their unique cooking style and culinary perspective to the competition, making for a dynamic and exciting season.

Throughout the season, contestants faced eliminations as they vied for the title of MasterChef. The eliminations were based on the judges’ assessments of the contestants’ dishes and their overall performance in the challenges. As the season progressed, some contestants were eliminated while others continued to showcase their culinary talents and passion for cooking.

Notable contestants in Season 13 included individuals with professions ranging from marketing managers and construction superintendents to stay-at-home moms and music producers. Their diverse backgrounds and cooking experiences added depth and intrigue to the competition.

The show’s format typically involves eliminations until only a few contestants remain, with the final episodes culminating in a high-stakes cook-off to determine the winner of MasterChef Season 13.

As of the premiere date in May 2023, the thirteenth season promised to deliver another thrilling culinary journey, showcasing the best home cooks from across the United States and offering viewers a taste of the diverse flavors and talents that make American cuisine so rich and exciting. Fans of the show eagerly awaited the twists, turns, and culinary masterpieces that would unfold throughout the season

MasterChef Season 13 Elimination Tonight

The first of tonight’s back-to-back episodes featured a grilling challenge on the MasterChef terrace. Brynn, who held the Immunity Pin, did not participate in this challenge. Instead, she had the power to grant immunity to one other chef and bring them into the Top 8 along with her. Brynn chose to save Reagan. At the end of the grilling challenge, Wayne emerged as the winner with his dish: New York Strip and Jumbo Prawns with Spicy Mexican Rice and Salsa Verde Cruda Sauce.

This victory secured his spot in the Top 8. However, Sav, MD, and Kennedy found themselves in the Bottom Three. Unfortunately, MD failed to impress the judges with her dish, Steamed Red Snapper with Palapa Grilled Shrimp, Papaya Salad, and Grilled Sweet Potato. As a result, MD was sent home in this episode.

The second episode of the night featured a classic MasterChef challenge called “The Wall.” In this challenge, the Top 8 chefs were divided into four teams of two, with one team member on each side of The Wall. Each team had to cook identical dishes without being able to see or communicate with each other. To add more pressure, it was revealed that two people would be eliminated at the end of the episode.

Due to their performances in previous challenges, Wayne, Grant, Sav, and Kennedy were guaranteed safety and spots in the Top 6. This put the Green Team (Reagan and Jennifer) and the Blue Team (Brynn and Kolby) at risk of elimination. Both teams faced significant issues with their dishes. Elizabeth on the Green Team undercooked her scallops, and the judges found that both dishes were under-seasoned. On the Blue Team, Kolby’s salmon was egregiously undercooked, and the judges criticized the team’s sauce, likening it to baby food. Ultimately, as a result of these shortcomings, Brynn and Kolby from the Blue Team were sent home at the end of the night.


Who Went Home on MasterChef USA Season 13 Tonight?

The eliminations of contestants who went home on “MasterChef USA” Season 13 during these two episodes are Below:-

  • In the first episode, MD was eliminated.
  • In the second episode, Brynn and Kolby were eliminated.

MD (Madame Donut)

MD, whose full name is Madame Donut, is a 48-year-old donut shop owner hailing from the picturesque island of Maui, Hawaii. Her journey on “MasterChef USA” Season 13 was marked by her unique culinary perspective and skills. As a donut shop owner, she brought a distinctive expertise to the competition, showcasing her ability to create and innovate with flavors, textures, and presentations beyond just traditional donuts. Despite facing stiff competition, MD continued to impress the judges and her fellow contestants with her creativity and passion for cooking. However, her journey on the show came to an end during one of the episodes where her dish, Steamed Red Snapper with Palapa Grilled Shrimp, Papaya Salad, and Grilled Sweet Potato, failed to wow the judges, leading to her elimination.

Brynn Weaver

Brynn, a 33-year-old bartender hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, was a determined and skilled contestant on “MasterChef USA” Season 13. Her culinary journey led her to the Top 11 in the competition, which was a significant achievement. Throughout her time on the show, Brynn showcased her culinary skills, earning her a well-deserved spot among the remaining contestants. Her passion for cooking and her ability to create delicious and visually appealing dishes made her a formidable contender in the competition. While she reached the Top 11, her journey came to an end in one of the episodes where her team, consisting of herself and Kolby, faced challenges in creating a dish that met the judges’ expectations, resulting in her elimination.

Kolby Chandler

Kolby, a 30-year-old entrepreneur hailing from Houston, Texas, was another talented contestant on “MasterChef USA” Season 13. His passion for cooking and his culinary skills earned him a coveted spot among the remaining contestants, allowing him to compete at a high level. Throughout the competition, Kolby demonstrated his creativity in the kitchen and his ability to handle various cooking challenges. However, his journey on the show ended when he and his teammate Brynn faced difficulties in one of the episodes. Their dish, Crispy Skin Salmon with Parsnip Purée, Braised Fennel, and Raspberry and Pear Red Wine Sauce, fell short of the judges’ expectations due to issues like undercooked salmon and a sauce that didn’t meet the desired standards, leading to his elimination from the competition.

Episode 15 of MasterChef Season 13 Recap

In this episode of MasterChef Season 13, the remaining nine home cooks are tasked with a Patio Grilling Challenge. Their mission is to transform a classic summer barbecue dish into restaurant-quality fare. Brynn, holding the immunity, chooses to save Reagan among the contestants.

Wayne emerges victorious in the challenge with his New York Strip & Jumbo Prawns dish, earning a significant advantage for the next challenge. Unfortunately, MD’s dish falls short in terms of focus and execution, leading to her elimination from the competition.

The episode proceeds to the highly anticipated Wall Challenge. Wayne takes on the role of pairing contestants for this unique test, which involves cooking identical dishes while separated by a towering 55-foot wall. Effective communication becomes the key to success for the teams.

The pairings for the Wall Challenge include Kenny & Sav, Brynn & Kolby, Jennifer & Reagan, and Wayne & Grant. Challenges arise for each team, with Wayne and Grant having to improvise when they forget a crucial ingredient—eggs—for their sauce.

As the teams race against time and communication barriers, Wayne & Grant impress the judges with their Filet Mignon creations. Meanwhile, Brynn & Kolby struggle with salmon and the overall cohesiveness of their dish. Kennedy & Sav shine with their Seared Scallops, but Jennifer & Reagan’s plating differs, with Reagan’s dish standing out for its flavor.

In a surprising turn of events, Brynn and Kolby face elimination due to the inconsistency in their dishes, making this a challenging and emotional episode for the contestants. Wayne & Grant and Kennedy & Sav emerge as the top pairs, showcasing their ability to conquer the Wall Challenge.

Remaining Top 6 Contestants in MasterChef Season 13 

These Top 6 contestants represent a diverse range of backgrounds and culinary talents, each bringing their unique skills and perspectives to the competition as they vie for the coveted MasterChef title.

Grant Gillon

Grant, a 32-year-old brewery sales director from Altoona, Iowa, has consistently showcased his culinary prowess throughout the competition. His journey on MasterChef Season 13 has been marked by his ability to create innovative and delicious dishes that have impressed both the judges and his fellow contestants. Grant’s experience and skill have allowed him to overcome various challenges and secure a place among the Top 6 contestants. With a background in the brewing industry, he brings a unique perspective to the competition, combining his passion for food with his knowledge of flavors and ingredients.

Jennifer Maune

Jennifer, a 42-year-old lifestyle blogger from Little Rock, Arkansas, has proven herself as a culinary talent to be reckoned with. Her culinary journey on MasterChef Season 13 has showcased her creativity and determination to excel in the kitchen. Jennifer’s ability to craft flavors and present visually appealing dishes has consistently impressed the judges. As a lifestyle blogger, she brings a flair for storytelling and presentation to her cooking, making her a strong contender for the MasterChef title.

Kennedy U.

Kennedy, a 26-year-old festival vendor from Denver, Colorado, has made a remarkable journey through the competition, demonstrating her cooking skills and creativity. Her culinary talent and ability to think outside the box have set her apart from the competition. Kennedy’s dishes have consistently pushed boundaries and delighted the judges with their unique flavors and presentations. Her passion for cooking and her willingness to take risks have carried her far in the competition, earning her a spot among the Top 6 contestants.

Reagan Sidney

Reagan, a 44-year-old paralegal from New Orleans, Louisiana, continues to be a strong contender in the competition, with her eyes set on securing the MasterChef title. Her culinary journey has been marked by her dedication to perfecting her dishes and showcasing the flavors of her hometown. Reagan’s dishes reflect the rich culinary traditions of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, impressing both the judges and her fellow contestants. Her determination and culinary talent have earned her a place among the Top 6, where she hopes to continue her quest for victory.

Savannah “Sav” Miles

Sav, a 26-year-old farm owner from Gadsden, Alabama, has consistently demonstrated her culinary talent and determination throughout the competition. Her farm-to-table approach to cooking has allowed her to create dishes that highlight the freshness and quality of her ingredients. Sav’s passion for farming and her commitment to sustainable practices have been reflected in her cooking, earning her a place among the remaining contestants. Her ability to infuse her dishes with the essence of her farm has made her a standout contestant in MasterChef Season 13.

Wayne Lewis

Wayne, a 51-year-old media company owner from Columbus, Ohio, brings a wealth of culinary expertise to the competition. His journey on MasterChef Season 13 has showcased his knowledge of flavors, techniques, and presentation. Wayne’s dishes consistently reflect his culinary finesse and attention to detail. As a seasoned chef, he has faced various challenges with confidence, earning his place among the Top 6 contestants. Wayne’s passion for food and his ability to create complex and delightful dishes have made him a formidable competitor in the quest for the MasterChef title.

Elimination List of MasterChef Season 13 

In MasterChef Season 13, which aired in 2023, there were several contestants who faced elimination as the competition progressed. Here’s a summary of the eliminations up to a certain point in the season:

  • Brynn Weaver: Brynn, a 33-year-old bartender from Providence, Rhode Island, had successfully made it to the Top 11 in the competition. Her culinary skills and determination had earned her a spot among the remaining contestants.

  • James Barfield: James, a 31-year-old mushroom jerky manufacturer from Portland, Oregon, continued to impress the judges and secure his place among the remaining contestants.

  • Kolby Chandler: Kolby, a 30-year-old entrepreneur from Houston, Texas, had earned his spot among the remaining contestants, showcasing his passion for cooking.

  • Lizzie Hartman: Lizzie, a 29-year-old preschool teacher’s aid from Fairbanks, Alaska, had successfully advanced to this stage of the competition, impressing the judges with her culinary creations.

  • “MD” Madame Donut: A 48-year-old donut shop owner from Maui, Hawaii, continued to compete with her unique culinary perspective and skills.

  • Amanda Clark Katz: Amanda, a stay-at-home mom from Sherman Oaks, California, was the first contestant to be eliminated in MasterChef Season 13. Her journey in the competition ended on June 21.

  • Richie Jones-Muhammad: Richie, a 28-year-old music producer from Silver Spring, Maryland, faced elimination and was sent home on July 12.

  • Ryan Walker: Ryan, a 33-year-old construction superintendent from Millstone Township, New Jersey, was eliminated on July 19.

  • Purvi Dogra: Purvi, a 48-year-old credit and collection manager from East Windsor, New Jersey, was eliminated on August 2.

  • Kyle Hopkins: Kyle, a 41-year-old Cicerone from Kansas City, Missouri, faced elimination and was sent home on August 9.

  • Kendal Adair: Kendal, a 27-year-old trucking company owner from Olive Branch, Mississippi, was eliminated on August 16.

  • Charles Calvino: Charles, a 34-year-old hairstylist from Columbus, Ohio, faced elimination and was sent home on August 23.

Where Can I Watch MasterChef?

You can watch MasterChef on the original network, Fox, where Gordon Ramsay hosts the ultimate cook-off competition. If you happen to miss an episode, you can catch up by streaming it the next day on Hulu. Enjoy the thrilling culinary journey and the intense competition from the comfort of your own screen, whether it’s on Fox or through Hulu’s streaming service. Don’t miss out on the excitement of MasterChef Season 13!

What Time does MasterChef Come on?

MasterChef: United Tastes of America” returns with double the excitement, featuring two back-to-back episodes airing at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. This culinary competition brings together top home cooks from various regions of America to battle it out for the ultimate title. Set your clocks for 8:00 p.m. to catch all the action and delicious dishes as contestants showcase their culinary skills. Whether you’re in the Eastern or Pacific Time zone, the culinary showdown awaits at the same time—8:00 p.m. ET/PT. Don’t miss a minute of the delectable drama on MasterChef.

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