Justyn Ross Ethnicity, What is Justyn Ross’s Ethnicity?

justin rose race

Ethnicity is a concept that identifies a group based on perceived cultural uniqueness. So here we can check that Justyn Ross is African American.

Justin Rose was born on December 15, 1999, and is a popular American football wide receiver.

According to our latest research, Justyn Ross is an African-American born in Phoenix, Alabama, United States.

real name

Justin Rose

date of birth

December 15, 1999


23 years old


6 feet 4 inches (1.93 meters)


95 kg (210 lbs)

place of birth

Phoenix, Alabama, USA




american football wide receiver

Country of Citizenship



African American

Who is Justin Rose?

Justin Rose’s time in the American football world is a testament to his unwavering determination and resilience in the face of adversity. Born and raised in Phoenix, Alabama, he became a rising star in the sport, eventually earning a spot on the roster of the National Football League’s (NFL) Kansas City Chiefs.

Ross’ football career began during his high school years at Central High School, where he showcased his exceptional skills as a wide receiver. His stellar play on the field earned him a two-time All-State selection, underscoring his potential to make an impact in the football world. Notably, he also has the basketball talent to attract attention from Division I colleges, which speaks to his athleticism and versatility. However, he decided to focus on pursuing a career in football.

The next chapter of Rose’s football career began at Clemson University, where he quickly made a name for himself. As a freshman, he showed off his prowess as a receiver, catching 46 passes for 1,000 yards and nine touchdowns. Such an outstanding debut season earned him selection to the ACC All-Rookie Team and the All-American Rookie Team.

Rose’s sophomore season was equally impressive, with 66 catches for 865 yards and 14 touchdowns. His consistent excellence earned him selection to the ACC Second Team and All-American selection. His early success at Clemson solidified his reputation as a top receiver.


How old is Justin Rose?

Justyn Ross is 23 years old and was born on December 15, 1999. He was born in Phoenix, a vibrant city in Alabama, USA. Ross is in his mid-twenties and has a wealth of experience and a bright future in the American football world.

Born and raised in the heart of Alabama, Ross has a deep connection to the game and his journey from a young football enthusiast to a talented wide receiver is nothing short of inspiring. Year after year, he continues to hone his skills and contribute to the teams that are lucky enough to have him.

How tall is Justin Rose?

Justyn Ross is a great man on the football field, with a height of 193 cm, which translates to 6 feet and 4 inches. His weight is approximately 95 kilograms, which is equivalent to 210 pounds. These physical attributes, coupled with his outstanding athletic ability, make him an outstanding wide receiver in American football.

physical properties



193 cm (6 ft 4 in)


(210 lbs) 95 kg

What is the nationality of Justin Rose?

Justyn Ross is from the United States and proudly represents her nationality. Born on December 15, 1999 in Phoenix, Alabama, he is a product of the rich football culture that permeates this country. His football career brought pride not only to his hometown, but also to football lovers across the country. As a wide receiver, Ross showcased his skills on the national stage and became a symbol of American football’s enduring popularity and competitiveness. His dedication to the game reflects the passion many Americans have for this beloved sport.

Justin Rose acting career

  • Justyn Ross is a wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs, but his journey to the NFL has been full of challenges.

  • He played college football at Clemson and had a great career there.

    • Ross is having an impressive season in 2021, racking up 524 yards, 47 receptions and three touchdowns in just 10 games.

    • During his college career, he became the fifth player in Clemson history with the most touchdowns, with 20 total touchdowns.

  • Despite Rose’s success in college, he faced a setback in 2022, going undrafted due to concerns about neck and back injuries.

  • Despite this, he did not give up on his NFL dreams and signed a three-year, $2.56 million contract with the Kansas City Chiefs as an undrafted free agent in 2022.

    • Unfortunately, Rose’s rookie season in the NFL was hampered by injuries.

    • He missed the entire season with a foot injury that led to him being placed on injured reserve in July.

    • Unfortunately, the injury forced him to miss the entire Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Justin Rose Achievements and Awards

Here are some of Justin Rose’s notable awards and achievements:

  • Justin Ross is a wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs and has an impressive list of awards and accomplishments:

    • Super Bowl Champions (Super Bowl 57): Ross was a member of the winning team in Super Bowl 57.

    • CFP National Championship (2018): He reached the pinnacle of college football success in 2018 when he won the College Football Playoff (CFP) national championship with the Clemson Tigers.

    • ACC Brian Piccolo Award (2021): Rose was awarded the ACC Brian Piccolo Award in 2021 in recognition of his outstanding performance and character.

    • AP and Rival All-Bowl Team Honors: His outstanding performance on the field earned him Associated Press (AP) and Rival All-Bowl Team honors.

  • During his college football career, Ross racked up impressive numbers with 158 catches for 2,379 yards and 20 touchdowns. It is undeniable that his contribution to the college team is huge.

  • During his move to the NFL, Ross signed a three-year, $2,560,000 contract with the Kansas City Chiefs, proving his potential in the professional league.

    • His base salary will be $750,000 in 2023, which shows that the Chiefs have confidence in his abilities and his commitment to next season.

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