IQ Test: Can You Find 11 Squares In This Tricky Puzzle In 11 Seconds?

Puzzle to test your IQ: There are 11 squares in this puzzle… can you find them all? Claims say that only people with high IQ can solve this challenge. Are you a sharp thinker? Do you have a super vision to find all the squares in this puzzle? Picture puzzles are an exciting way to test your intelligence and genius level. This box puzzle is one of those mind-blowing puzzles that will push the limits of your brain.

Solving a picture puzzle daily also helps you exercise your brain muscles and improve your mental acuity. They are beneficial for strengthening visual acuity, concentration, memory and creativity. Studies show that puzzles also help strengthen connections between brain cells and also form new ones that are beneficial for improving short-term memory. Puzzles can improve your skills needed in many areas of life, such as driving, reading and working.

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Picture Puzzle IQ Test: Do you have the vision to find 11 squares in this tricky puzzle in 11 seconds?

puzzle to test IQ

Image: Cool Side

Here we have a picture puzzle that shows squares overlapping each other. There are pink, dark green, light green, light blue and dark blue squares. At first, it looks like a simple geometric figure with 5 squares clearly evident.

But there are 11 squares in this image. Can you see them all?

It is said that only people with a high IQ can find all the squares quickly in 11 seconds.

Look closely at the image above to spot all 11 squares before time runs out!

You have only 11 seconds.

Your time starts now!

We have provided the answer below. Scroll down only after solving the puzzle.

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Did you find all 11 squares in 11 seconds?

Good job!

You have good lateral thinking, meaning you have the ability to solve complex problems that may challenge your logical and deductive reasoning. In simple terms, you can take a creative approach to solving problems.

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Box Puzzle Answer

However, if you still find all the squares in this puzzle, we have provided the answer below. There are a total of 11 squares in this image. There are 5 medium squares, 5 small squares and 1 large square.

puzzle intelligence test with answers

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