How to use the power of Khvarena in Genshin Impact

You must use the power of Khvarena in Genshin Impact to reveal hidden areas and solve special puzzles for the main story and side content.

Although you are asked to use the power after meeting it for the first time in the “The Bright Sky of That Day” part of the world quest “Khvarena of Good and Evil”, there is no real explanation on how to do it, so He We detailed how to use Khvarena’s power to destroy the Gray Crystals during this initial introduction in Genshin Impact below.

We also explain how to use Khvarena’s power as Sorush, as you’ll soon encounter some puzzles that will require you to also use Sorush’s Khvarena ability.

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How to use Khvarena’s power to destroy Gray Crystals in Genshin Impact

As part of the ‘The Bright Sky of That Day’ section of the ‘Khvarena of Good and Evil’ world quest introduced in patch 3.6, you are asked to use the power of Khvarena to destroy the gray crystals. However, the tutorial that appears only explains what Gray Crystals are, not how to use Khvarena.

During this initial introduction to Gray Crystals and Khvarena, you must destroy the rocks containing a floating Khvarena orb to use Khvarena’s power.

Any other time you see a wall of gray crystals blocking your path in Genshin Impact, you’ll need to find a floating green Khvarena orb and guide it towards the crystals, or smash something in the environment to free the Khvarena orb first.

For this quest, once you destroy the structure, Khvarena’s green orb will float towards the Gray Crystals and reveal an opening you can walk through and you can continue down the path.

You have to do this every time you come across gray crystals like this, even if you removed them previously, as they will grow back when Khvarena disappears.

Once you have Sorush, there is an alternative way in which you must use Khvarena’s power while controlling the device…

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How to use Khvarena’s power as Sorush in Genshin Impact

Certain riddles require you to use Khvarena’s power while controlling the Sorush device, such as the Blooming Spirit Tree vine riddles, the Purple Mist, the Mysterious Seal of Amrita, and the Udumbara riddles.

We’ll explain each of these puzzles in more detail below (and we have a dedicated Udumbara explainer page), but in general, you need to find an object in the area to use the power of Khvarena like Sorush to solve them. To do this, tap the button with the flower symbol. On PlayStation it is R2 and on PC it is ‘E’. Mobile players only need to tap the symbol.

Use this flower button to unleash the power of Khvarena as Sorush.

For some of the puzzles, you will have to hold this button. This keeps Sorush in place so he can hold open doors or special platforms for you.

How to Solve Blooming Spirit Puzzles as Sorush

For Burgeoning Spirit, you need to approach the green aura inside the tree branches and then use Khvarena’s power on them by tapping the flower button.

This clears the green mist from the tree vines, and when you clear them all in the correct order, a chest will appear.

However, there are alternate versions of this puzzle that require you to first pick up a Farrick and use its glow to reveal puzzle secrets and remove a substance from tree vines so you can use Khvarena on it.

Farricks are small green orbs that you can collect near some puzzle areas. You can take it to the Gray Crystal walls to reveal puzzle solutions.

Or, you can carry it and place it near a tree vine to get rid of the substance around it and then use Sorush’s Khvarena power as normal on the tree vine.

How to Solve Purple Mist in the Swamp Puzzles as Sorush

For the Purple Mist in the Swamp puzzles, you need to locate a Nirodha Fruit and collect it with the power of Khvarena’s Flower Button.

You can then press the new fruit button that appears on your UI to destroy the purple blobs near Purple Mist. Once all the bubbles have been destroyed, the fog will dissipate and you will have solved the puzzle.

How to Solve Mysterious Amrita Seal Puzzles as Sorush

You will only be able to solve the riddles of the mysterious Amrita Seal once Sorush obtains the Crown of Twin Horns as part of the “As Shown by the Light of Khvarena” section of the world quest “Khvarena of Good and Evil.”

Once Sorush has the Crown of the Twin Horns, all you have to do to solve the puzzles of the mysterious Amrita Seal is hold down the Khvarena flower button near the yellow barrier to keep Surosh in place. The barrier will disappear and you can cross the new gap.

There may be other puzzles that require you to use Khvarena’s power as Sorush that we haven’t found yet, but as long as you remember to tap or hold the flower symbol button and use Farricks or Nirodha Fruit if you are. If they are available, you should be able to solve them all.

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