How to Overdrive in Fortnite

Knowing how to Overdrive in Fortnite will not only help you complete one of the many different missions offered in the Lady Gaga Fortnite Festival event, but it will also increase your raid score to new heights if you manage to find the right time.

During the Fortnite Festival, you can team up with your friends or fly out solo to launch a music career on the main stage singing a handful of popular hits. Did we know we needed to see a tiger singing Barbie Girl? No, not until it happened.

Without further ado, we’re here to show you how to Overdrive in Fortnite.

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How to override in Fortnite

To Overdrive in Fortnite Festival, you must press all the golden notes in a single sequence when they appear to charge the bar at the bottom of the screen. If you lose multiple notes, the remaining gold notes will return to their normal color and you will not be charged for them.

fortnite festival golden shining notes
Image credit: Eurogamer/Epic Games

Once you’ve played enough notes and there’s a substantial amount of charge in the bar at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see an “Overdrive” message appear just below the note line. Press the indicated control to activate an Overdrive and you’ll get extra points on every note you play until the charge on the bar runs out or until you miss enough notes to make it stop.

fortnite festival overdrive loading bar and button
Image credit: Eurogamer/Epic Games

That is all for now! Remember to do this with a friend if you want to pass one of the Fortnite Lady Gaga event challenges.

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