How to make a Compass in Lego Fortnite

Two Compass recipes were added to Lego Fortnite as part of its big Gone Fishin’ update in February 2024, along with fishing rods, bait buckets, the spyglass, and more.

With Compass, you can now add basic navigation to your HUD, telling you which direction you’re facing, and Survival Compass goes a step further in Lego Fortnite, adding map markers to your HUD.

To help you with your navigation needs, we explain how to make a compass in Lego Fortnite, including how to make the survival compass.

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How to make a Basic Compass in Lego Fortnite

To make a Basic Compass in Lego Fortnite you need:

First of all, though, you need to unlock the Basic Compass recipe. To get the Basic Compass recipe, place Glass in your inventory. To get Glass, you need to take sand and Brightcores to a metal foundry, which sounds simple enough, but to get a metal foundry you need a village to be level 9. Unfortunately, this makes the compass a late item.

When available, to make a Metal Foundry in Lego Fortnite you need:

  • 3 explosive cores
  • 15 glowing cores
  • 35 obsidian slabs

Fortunately, Wolf Claws are easier to get than Glass, as you just have to find and kill wolves to get them. We recommend creating at least one knight’s shield and a short sword when hunting wolves, so as not to suffer an untimely death.

a lego character running towards a lego wolf chasing a cow in a grass field
Wolves can often be found near other animals in the grassland biome. | Image credit: Eurogamer/Epic Games and Lego.

Since it’s such a late item anyway, you might want to forget about the basic Compass and jump straight to crafting the Survival Compass.

How to make a survival compass in Lego Fortnite

To make a Survival Compass in Lego Fortnite you need:

  • 1 sand claw
  • 1 copper bar
  • 5 glass

Once again, the Survival Compass recipe is only unlocked by adding Glass to your inventory. See the Basic Compass section above to learn how to do this.

To get Sand Claws, you must defeat sand wolves in the desert biomes. As with normal wolves, carry at least a knight’s shield and a short sword to help you with your attack and defense during the fight.

Copper bars are harder to obtain, as you also need metal smelting to craft them with copper and Brightcores. Both Copper and Brightcore are found inside the caves of the desert biome, but you need at least one rare pickaxe to mine them.

Lego Fortnite character in front of a copper deposit in a lava cave with a flame torch
These are copper deposits. | Image credit: Eurogamer/Epic Games/Lego

To make a rare pickaxe in Lego Fortnite you need:

  • 3 sand claws
  • 3 flexible wooden rods.

All that resource farming will be worth it as you can now see both directions and map markers on your HUD with Survival Compass!

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