How to locate Underboss skulls in Redfall and where to place Underboss skulls

Subboss Skulls are a special item in Redfall that can unlock bonus items and are also required for later sections of the main story.

They can be a little confusing if you haven’t figured out where to place the Underboss skulls yet, and perhaps even more confusing if you find where to place them but don’t have any in your inventory yet.

To help you get familiar with this spooky currency, below we explain where to place the skulls and where to find the Underboss skull locations in Redfall.

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Where To Find Redfall Underboss Skull Locations

Underboss skulls are located in special areas that contain tough ‘Underboss’ vampire enemies and many cult members. You must kill each sub-boss in order to loot a skull from their ash heap.

So where do you find the underbosses? Well, first you need to take a trip around the city and search for safe houses, as Underboss locations only appear on your map when you complete the side quests for each safe house.

For the Basswood neighborhood safe house, for example, we had to choose the ‘Vampire Cult Rally’ quest from the quest board inside the house, and then complete it before we could unlock the quest containing the location of the vampire Underboss in Basswood. .

You must unlock the safe houses in each neighborhood and complete their individual side quests to gain access to more sub-bosses and their skulls.

This is what you should do with these skulls when you get them:

Where to place Underboss skulls in Redfall

There are two types of areas where you can place Underboss skulls in Redfall:

  • lairs of the vampire god
  • Optional altars

The Vampire Gods’ lairs are tied to Redfall’s main story quests, so there’s no need to worry about them until you reach that part of the main questline. However, note that you must place three Underboss skulls at these God’s Lair entrances to progress.

The optional altars only require an Underboss skull and are hidden throughout the city. These altars reward cosmetic items such as outfits when you place a skull on them.

The item you get can change depending on the character you play as, but we got the ‘Bespoke Bloke’ outfit for Dev when we placed an Underboss skull on the altar under the island of the helicopter crash site in Shadetree Heights.

If you ever come across one of these optional altars but don’t yet have an Underboss Skull, we recommend using the ‘Ping’ function on your map to mark the location and then search for a safe house so you can complete their quests. then come back when you have the skull.

All the best on your Redfall journey!

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