How to ignite structures in Fortnite

Lighting Structures is a challenge that appears regularly in Fortnite that tasks players with setting buildings on fire.

While it’s pretty easy to get fire in Fortnite, there are ways to speed up the process of completing this challenge.

Below we explain how to light up structures in Fortnite and what you will gain by doing so.

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How to light up structures in Fortnite

To light up structures in Fortnite easily, collect fireflies and throw them at buildings.

As the fire spreads, you will destroy walls and “structures.” Because of how fire destruction works in Fortnite, there are some buildings that are better for this challenge. That is, the wooden ones.

In Chapter 3, Season 4, the Grim Gables house is a great place to complete this challenge, since it is mostly made of wood.

Head to Grim Gables to find a huge house made of wood.

Head to the location shown in the embedded map above and look for fireflies. They are usually found as ground loot.

Once you have fireflies, throw them into the house. Try not to throw several jars in the same place. Instead, go around the building and visit different locations. As the fire spreads, more and more structures will be destroyed.

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For the specific burning structures challenge in Fortnite, you will earn 15k XP. Currently, you’ll also earn progress on your Chrome Punk missions, which award exclusive items upon completion.

Note that while fireflies are the most common fire-based item in Fortnite right now, other weapons and items can be used to start fires. On the one hand, gas canisters can be launched and detonated to start fires. There are certain fire bows and even flamethrowers that are sometimes added as well. This all depends on the loot of the terrain. For now, opt for fireflies.

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