How to get the shovel in Sons of the Forest

It may not seem like much, but the Sons of the Forest shovel is one of the most important items in the game.

Although survival is your main goal, you will have to explore the island looking for ways to complete the main mission of the game. Part of the process of advancing the story is tied to finding certain equipment that allows you to explore different areas of the island.

And to help you finish the game, we have detailed in this article how to get the shovel in Sons of the Forest.

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The shovel in Children of the Forest explained

In Sons of the Forest, guns and bullets are extremely important to help you survive, but without certain items like the shovel you will not progress in the game. Having the shovel allows you to find not only consumables or coins, but also the entrance to some caverns or facilities that cannot be accessed without it.

More specifically, in case you are looking for the maintenance card, you will need to get the shovel first. There are a total of three key cards in the game that are needed to finish Sons of the Forest. The facility where the maintenance card can only be found with the shovel.

How to get the rope gun and rebreather in Sons of the Forest

Now, before you jump right into getting the shovel, there are a couple of places you need to visit to find the Rope Gun and the Rebreather. You will not be able to access the place where the shovel is without both elements.

First, Rope Gun is in a cave west of the central snowy region. Although it is quite difficult to get lost in this cavern, you will have to deal with a considerable number of mutants on your way. Once you pass a Sluggy blocking your path, continue straight until you are in a narrow tunnel that will lead you to a steep path that will eventually branch off. Follow the path to the left and continue forward to find the Rope Gun in a black box.

Your next step is to search for the Rebreather. Go north from where you found the Rope Gun. The entrance to the cave you are looking for is near the beach. Just like the previous place, getting lost in it is quite unlikely, since most of the time you just walk in a straight line.

Keep moving forward until you are in an area with many mutants and a light source pointing to a path to the right. At this point we turn left where there is a trail of orange jackets. If you continue straight, you will eventually find a room with a large area of ​​water where there is a shark. The Rebreather is at the end of this room.

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How to get the shovel in Sons of the Forest

Now, with the Rope Gun and Rebreather, you’re ready to go for the shovel. The cave where you will find it is east of the Rope Gun, at the intersection of three streams. It is easy to locate the place because there are three bodies in front of it.

Once you’re inside, you must interact with the rope on the left to slide to the bottom of the cavern. Where you land, to your left side, there is a pool of water that you must dive into using the rebreather. This section is quite simple, you just have to continue swimming down through the small spaces you find.

When you come out of the water, you will find yourself on a steep section with some mutants around. Follow this path and eventually there is a slope where you can slide and fall into a small puddle of water. Near you are three red boxes.

The next section is a large room where there are a couple of mutants. Continue on the right side to find the path that will take you to another large area with two light sources and some bodies on the ground. If you stay on the left side of the room, you can find a new path that leads to another pool of water that you will need to dive into again.

After leaving the water, you only need to continue straight to find, on a body at the end of this section, the shovel.

And that’s all you need to do to get the shovel in Sons of the Forest.

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