How to get the Music Box relic in Dredge

The music box is one of the relics that the collector will ask you to find in Dredge.

However, if you want to find the music box in Dredge, you must first complete the Hermitage quest by finding the family crest and, in doing so, unlock the packed explosives.

After doing so, you will be able to get the Music Box relic in Dredge. I’m sure the Collector needs it for completely normal reasons and has nothing to do with dark magic…

(I’m sure everything is fine).

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How to get the Music Box relic in Dredge

If you want to recover the Music Box relic from the ocean floor in Dredge, you need to visit Gale Cliffs, which is located in the southeast corner of the map.

The location of the Music Box.

The easiest way to get to Gale Cliffs from Greater Marrow is to head towards Blackstone Isle and, once you pass it, head southeast. The length of this trip will depend on the speed of your engines, but if you leave early in the morning you should be at Gale Cliffs before night falls.

The Music Box is hidden in a shipwreck located directly south of the town of Ingfell in Gale Cliffs. However, when you reach these remains, you will find them blocked by a line of rocks. At the moment, you don’t have the means to destroy these rocks, so instead dock in the small harbor in front of them.

The Music Box can be found by dredging the wreck found beyond these rocks. You just have to get there first…

There you will find a hermit and when you talk to him, you will ask him: “This place doesn’t seem safe.” Why do you live here? He will explain that he cannot return to Ingfell without his family crest, so you must agree to find it for him.

This means it’s time to stop thinking about the Music Box relic for now and focus on finding the family crest and unlocking charged explosives.

After unlocking the packed explosives, you’ll finally be able to blow up that troublesome rock wall and dig out the music box from the wreck. The Music Box will occupy six squares arranged in a rectangle, so make sure you have enough space in your cargo.

Once the music box is safely on board, it’s time to return to Blackstone Isle and deliver it to the collector. (Who still won’t tell you what the relics are for, but I’m sure it will be fine…)

As of this writing, we don’t know if the abilities the Collector grants you are tied to a specific relic or the number of relics you’ve given him. This means that while giving us the Music Box unlocked the Manifest skill, you may receive a different skill.

Either way, the Manifest skill is very useful as it allows you to instantly return to Blackstone Isle. This is great when you find a relic or need to dock quickly at a port, so you can rest and reduce your panic level. Just remember: it has a cooldown!

Good luck finding the music box!

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