How to get Lucky Pals and the Lucky Trait in Palworld

Lucky Pals are the larger variants of the typical Pals that you will occasionally find in Palworld. Since Palworld currently does not have Pals with alternate colors, Lucky Pals are essentially the shiny variants of this game.

In addition to being quite large, each Lucky Pal has the Lucky Passive trait. Whether you’re planning your team or building a new base, this trait can be very useful in Palworld.

Below, you’ll learn how to get Lucky Pals in Palworld, along with everything you need to know about Lucky’s passive trait and whether you can breed Lucky Pals.

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How to get Lucky Pals in Palworld

Lucky Pals appear randomly throughout the Palworld desert. You’ll know when you’ve encountered a Lucky Pal by the sound effect of the bell and the sparkles surrounding said Pal. Lucky Pals are also larger than the normal Pals you’ll find and have a shiny icon next to their name.

If you are looking for a specific Lucky Pal, it is a good idea to visit a location where that species of Pal breeds in large numbers. The more friends there are, the more likely you are to meet a lucky friend. (Or you’ll randomly find one that has a paddle like I found the Lucky Lamball below.)

Image credit: Eurogamer/PocketPair

Get ready for a big fight when you find a Lucky Pal, because they are more powerful than the original variants. We recommend bringing some Giga Spheres and a fast weapon, so you can deal damage quickly. Ideally, you’ll also want to bring a friend who is strong against the Lucky Pal type, for example, an Electric type if you’re fighting a Water type friend, for example. Just remember to return said Pal to its sphere once the Lucky Pal’s health is low enough to avoid knocking it out! We have a Palworld type chart if you want to brush up on your knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of your types.

Image credit: Eurogamer/PocketPair

You’ll also earn some Ancient Civilization Pieces for capturing or defeating a Lucky Pal, which can be used to create useful items like incubators. Any Lucky Pals you catch will have a small shiny icon next to them in both your party and the Pal Box.

Image credit: Eurogamer/PocketPair

Lucky Trait in Palworld Explained: Can You Breed Lucky Pals?

Yeah! You can breed Lucky Pals in Palworld and the reason you might want to do so is Lucky’s passive trait.

Outside of breeding, this special passive trait can only be found on Lucky Pals. Since it increases a friend’s attack and work speed stats, this trait is useful in battle and at your base.

Image credit: Eurogamer/PocketPair

I hope you find some Lucky Pals soon! If you’re looking for more knowledge about Palworld, check out our guides on how to raise Anubis, the best base locations, and how to farm honey.

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