How to find all Ascendant Chests in Destiny 2

It is within the Dreaming City in Destiny 2 that Guardians are tasked with hunting down hidden Ascendant chests. Whether it’s for triumphs or to grant one of Riven’s wishes, finding them can be a challenge if you don’t know where to look. But we do it.

This Destiny 2 city is full of wonders and mysteries. Created by Mara Sov with the help of Ahamkara’s wish granting, it is an important location in Destiny’s lore and a key battlefield for players.

This page will show you step-by-step how to find all Ascendant Chests in Destiny 2, from the top of Esila’s Garden to the depths of Harbinger’s Seclude and everywhere in between.

In this page:

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How to Find Ascendant Chests in Destiny 2

Ascending chests are scattered throughout the city of dreams. To complicate matters further, they are completely invisible and often float in the air somewhere completely inaccessible. Even if you do knowing where one is, it is generally impossible to interact with them or open them.

Okay, that’s not very encouraging, but the good news is you. can Find them and open them. First you just need a little encouragement.

Queensfoil tincture comes in a small bottle and drinking it gives you a special benefit called True Sight. According to the description, this “Opens your mind to the secrets of the City of Dreams.” Really what that means is that you can now see and interact with hidden objects, but only within Dreamin City. If you approach the Ascendant Chests or the hidden platforms leading to them, they will glow, allowing you to interact with them and, in the case of the chests, collect their loot.

There are several ways to obtain Queensfoil tinctures. They often drop as loot when you complete tasks in the Dreaming City, such as public events, lost sectors, and rewards. You can also just visit Petra Venj and buy some from her, if you feel like doing it the easy way.

Once you have a tincture (or more, you should grab a few), open your inventory screen to locate and consume it. The buff lasts about 30 minutes, so you better start hunting for treasure!

All Ascendant Chest Locations in Destiny 2

Here are all the Ascendant Chest locations in Destiny 2:

Bay of drowned wishes

When you get to the open area (where all the scree appears), look for this rock. Drink a tincture and you will see platforms appear. Follow them until you reach the chest.

divaline mists

From Divalin Mists travel to the entrance that leads to Blind Well. In the center of this corridor there will be a circular area, and here you should see the first platform. Continue with a long series of spinning jumps until you finally reach the chest high in the air. Some of the jumps are quite long, so you may want to adjust your subclass accordingly.

The spine of Keres

Next is the backbone of Keres. Exit Divalin Mists through the northwest corner. Head towards the large structure and when you reach the bridge jump down and to the right towards the mountain path. Follow the edge and a platform will appear. Use it to jump across the gap and turn left up the hill. Walk along the edge opposite the tower near this cave until you see the platform appear.

Jump towards it and continue until you reach a large circular plate. To the left there will be a small outcrop. Take a running jump to reach the next platform. From here you can jump from platform to platform until you reach the chest.

The thread

The next chest is near the Gazebo on The Strand (where Petra sometimes hangs out). As you approach the overlook, stay to the left and look for the rock outcrop that forms the back wall of the structure. Go up here and you can reach the roof of the viewpoint. From here the floating chest platform will appear.

Aphelius’s rest

Next is Aphelion’s Rest, the Lost Sector directly below the lookout. Enter the Lost Sector and head to the small corridor behind the area with the Lost Sector chest. Follow the wall on the right and it will take you directly to your destination.

Starlight Chamber

This chest is in another Lost Sector: the Vault of Starlight in the Rheasilvia region. Your goal is to reach this balcony. You can access this from near where the boss appears or by using a thread to get up. From here look out to see the first platform, jump to the second and the chest is yours.


Head to the northeast corner of Rheasilvia. Place your back towards the door of the large building. To our left is a cliff with a narrow path. Use it to go around the cliffs. Turn left at the large rock and keep going around until the end of the path. Now jump up (you may have to backtrack a bit) to the top of the hill.

Walk to the edge to see a platform appear. Follow this until you reach this narrow beam and take the path to the right. This will take you to the chest.

The Isolation of the Omen

Harbingers Seclude is inside the big building in Rheasilvia, that’s your destination. Enter and follow the hallways until you reach this large antechamber. Go straight ahead to reach another large room with a statue at the back. Stay right on the bridge near this statue to see the first platform.

Follow these and you will come to a point where the path diverges. Take the option that leads back to the room, away from the statue. The floating debris gets a little chaotic, but as long as you focus on an upward path you’ll eventually reach the chest.

The Confluence

At the back of Harbinger’s Seclude (see path above), just as you enter the room with the statue, there is a drop near the spiral staircase that leads to a door and an even longer drop to a large open area. A pair of Ahamkara skulls will be nearby that you can interact with. Look to the side of the room with the waterfall. On the right wall, as you face east, there will be a tunnel leading to a portal.

Enter the portal, exit and to your right. Continue straight past the statue as the path takes you to an area called The Confluence. As soon as you reach a circular room with some (very tasteful) flower pots, follow the perimeter until you see the platform appear. Jump and follow him around until you reach the chest.

Esila Gardens

South of The Strand, in the Dreaming City, are the Esila Gardens. Near the center of this region is the large balcony-like structure. Climb on it and hug the right side to see the first platform. Follow them counterclockwise and you will corkscrew to the top, where the chest awaits you.

Good luck finding all the ascending chests!

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